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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are a plan view and an elevation view
schematically showing the construction of an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. 2a
and 2b are other embodiments of the present invention, respectively. FIG. 3 is a plan view and an
elevation view schematically showing the construction of the present invention, and FIG. 3 is an
elevation view showing the construction of another embodiment of the present invention. 1 ......
bass speaker unit (woofer), 2 ...... woofer dedicated cabinet, 3 ...... midrange scan heating mosquito
unit (squawkers), 4 ... mountain squawkers dedicated cabinet, 5,7,9.10 ...... support member, 6 ......
treble for the scan beaker unit (toe 1-data), 8 ...... box-shaped length run.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker @ for
forming a reproduction system using a multi-way speaker system. Heretofore, many of the
speaker devices for this type of multi-way system mainly form a cabinet in consideration of the
characteristics of a low-frequency speaker unit (woofer), and in this cabinet, for example, in the
case of a two-in-one system, the woofer And high-pitched splay 46 ░ 2, 72 noa) 4 t-no-caninite
(tow eater), and in the case of an 8-in-one system, the woofer, tweeter and mid-sound speaker
unit (skouka) etc. are attached respectively In this case, the speaker unit itself often has a back
cover or the like which forms a bank cavity acting as a dedicated closed gear vignette on the
back side of the squawker, tweeter or the like. If not likely (for example, when using a full-range
speaker as a squawker-8) j ? is formed in the back of the cabinet @ in the back cabinet 4 of ?
? ?-c valley speaker unit each one properly I want to do it. However, in such a conventional
speaker device, the woofer, squawker, tow eater, etc. are attached in a solid cabinet, so that the
cabinet design is not easy, and the cabinet itself becomes larger than necessary. There were
many cases. Further, for this reason, a considerably large space is required for distributing the
speaker device, and in the case of two general passengers, there are many cases where it is
difficult for the distribution location of the speaker split 1. Since the woo-71, squawker, toe eta,
etc. are provided in one cabinet in history, the positional relationship between the speakers is
fixed, and the directivity characteristics as the speaker device and the phase characteristics of the
radiated sound from each speaker unit are heard. It was not easy to make it the best for leisure
people. The present invention has been made under such circumstances, and is easy to design
and has no C 7 that is larger than necessary, and it is possible to properly arrange the container
in the directional characteristics and each The purpose is to provide four speaker devices that
can make the phase characteristic between the speakers be a good figure for the user. In the
following, some embodiments of the present invention will be described with reference to one
screen and one screen. @ 1 mj &), fl) 1 An example of the case where it is configured for the 8-in1 system is shown. In the figure, 1 is a woofer, and this woofer is a dedicated woofer formed to
fully exhibit its characteristics. Attach to cabinet 2
A squawker cabinet 4 with a squawker 3 mounted on the top surface of the woofer cabinet 2 is
removable via, for example, a leg-like support member 5 and arrows A and B shown in the
drawings. Attach to the woofer as the relative position variable as shown in C. In addition, the
upper surface of the cabinet 2 dedicated to the curve piwoof 7 is provided with a back capite,
and the tow gear 6 is, for example, a goose vinegar through the support member 7 in the form of
arrowheads and arrows shown in FIG. Furthermore, a box-shaped saran 8 or the like is formed
above the cabinet 2 of the worker wheel so as to be foldable with the lower surface as an
opening, as shown in the figure. And the tweeter 6 to be configured as follows. With such a
configuration, it becomes a round shape floating between 9 with respect to the squawker
dedicated cabinet 4 with the squawker 5tal and the woofer dedicated cabinet 2 mounted with the
toe eater 6 woofer, and moreover, can be detached from the woofer dedicated cabinet 2 And
since it is attached as a relative position, it is possible to easily lower the frequency of each
speaker unit phase TLIIJl, and if desired, the dedicated cabinet 4 and the tweeter 6 can be used
as the dedicated cabinet for the woofer. For example, it can be placed in a bag or the like. That is,
in the stereo reproduction etc., the localization of the Yayoi sound, the stereo feeling, etc. are
determined mainly by the toe 6 and the squawker 3 etc., and the woofer does not appreciably
reflect the sound localization and the stereo g. If the room is too small to allow light separation
between the left and right loudspeakers flll1M, etc., place only the toeita 6 and the squawker 3
etc. with the necessary spacing on the left and right inside, etc. The cabinet 2 (in the vicinity of
the front, etc.) can be placed close to any suitable place to enable relatively good stereo
reproduction. Also, generally, the direction of the tweeter 6, the squawker 3 etc. is more
directional than the woofer Although it is sharp, the orientation of the toe gear 6 and the
squawker 3 can be changed as desired, so that the fist for adjusting the orientation according to
the listening position makes the woofer dedicated cavi In the history where you can easily
perform the senoteinog according to the listening position without changing the direction of the
tot 2, the adjustment of the distance to the listening position of the tweeter 6, the squawker 3 etc.
with respect to the woofer, -1 J listening position Since it can be performed by a child, it is
possible to use the phase characteristic between the speakers as the darkest condition. In
addition, since the dedicated woofer cabinet 2 can be used to evaluate only the woofer regardless
of the squawker 3, the toe eater 6, etc., it can be easily designed including miniaturization and
enlargement. It is possible to make a cabinet that is suitable for 1 and not to grow larger than
In addition, the packaging during transportation can also be smaller than in the prior art by
removing the cabinet 4 for squawk rumor, the toe 6 and the like and keeping the saran 8 folded.
As described above, according to the present invention, it is easy to design and does not increase
the size more than necessary, so that it is possible to easily arrange appropriate layouts and
directivity characteristics and each speaker. Between 1v! @The speaker iron can be provided with
a speaker iron that can make the characteristics best for the listener. The present invention d1
The above-mentioned and the fist defined only in the example shown in the drawing, and the
season I do not change the business scale I! ! ! ? which can be deformed individually in the
house! For example, in the case of the upper end of the upper housing, the tweeter 6 is attached
to the upper surface of the cabinet 2 for the woofer 4 with the support bending material 7
having a columnar shape. ), See rb + on the upper surface of the dedicated cabinet 4 dedicated to
the leg 4 of the loom shaped lapping material 9 to see the toeta 6 as a v-neck scooper 3 as an
elbow x x x as You may shield me. Furthermore, in the configuration shown in FIG. 8I, a tweeter 6
is provided between the thousand-javette 4 for the Sukoka world and the cabinet 2 for the
woofer in a taste shown in the figure, and this configuration is casted in the woofer dedicated
cabinet 1 via the entire support member IU. Also, in the above description, the squawker 3 is
mounted on the stud box nose cabinet 4, but if the back cover is formed by the back cover on the
squawer itself, the squawker dedicated cabinet 4 is used. Become unnecessary. In addition to the
above-described 8-way method t, vcQJ, an 8-way unit, a 4-in-one method or the like can also be
carried out in the same manner as described above. WP in four figures Figure 1 (al and fbli,
respectively) plan and elevation showing the configuration of a single example of the present
invention in a pipeline form, Figure 2al and fbl are respectively present FIG. 3 is a schematic plan
view and an elevation view schematically showing the configuration of another example of four
British alphabets, and FIG. 3 is a four-sided view showing one configuration of another series of
quotients in the present discussion. J и: Takeda speaker unit (Woofer), 2 и Woofer dedicated
cabinet, 3 ииииииии Medium sound speaker unit (Skoka), и 4 и и и Skoka dedicated cabinet, 5, 7, 9.10 и ... the support member, 6 ...... Tsutsuoto speaker unit (Touita), 8 ... box-shaped Sarang = Kizuda
story Nemurido, t b ? child r3 Mizunoe Engineering dithionite Nakatomi), , ""-"F)") j <the east
mark ;; 9 pruning, rohe 33 east-1 d-square low 93 east a) a Q c DO "1 1-1 (? square 1 ')
(butterfly number 11:? (lij ;, * (1) S position Ll!
J (2) Specification 1 (3) Drawing 1; IR (4) Application Subsidiary IJ-6 Inventors other than the
above, practical p1 laughing ? Yu, ? applicant or substitute l ?11. ? ? ? ??????
Agent's Address Higashi-Zutoko Port 1 M Shiba j, +; 7 Works ? ? ? 1 ? l ", 1 '2' Lino ? 'f 17
Mori Building 11 (: R (5743) (-Tlp 4 23 "l" "t p = ffIL 11'-C: f (6881)) (., 1-1 piece Z-square 1 (] ?;
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