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Description 1, title of the invention
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a novel speaker box, in
which the resonance point of the composite speaker is lowered, the driving force of the
diaphragm is increased to prevent mechanical distortion and distortion of reproduced sound, and
a bass range Can be increased widely and faithful reproduction of deep bass can be achieved. The
bass reflex type speaker box known in the prior art is enhanced from the rear side of the speaker
to the front side through the resonance duct of the low range. The resonant duct resonates only a
specific frequency and inverts the phase of the bass from the back of the speaker to increase the
bass range to match the phase of the front sound of the loudspeaker. Although there has been a
drawback that distortion and distortion of reproduced sound can not be prevented, bass range
can be enhanced extensively, and faithful reproduction of bass range, especially 50 H2 or less,
can not be realized. As a result, the present invention has been obtained without such
disadvantages. In the following, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to the drawings with reference to EndPage: 1 and an outer wall 5.6 which divides the
inside of the box 1 into chambers 3.4 of the same or different volumes by partitions 21C, and
constitutes each chamber 3.4. Preferably, cylindrical resonant ducts 7.8 having different internal
volumes are provided in the central part of the preferably facing outer wall 5.6, the front shape
of the resonant ducts 7.8 being rectangular, square , Circular, oval, etc./- 82 normal preferably
same-power, same-diameter cone-shaped speakers 9.10 facing diaphragms 11, 12 by
appropriate means at the periphery of frame 1 瓜 14 It is fixed at 1 飄 16, filled with a relatively
hard and light foam 17 of open cells such as polyurethane, polystyrene etc. between vibration J
[11,12] and adhesively fixed to the vibrating film 11.12 with an appropriate adhesive. Composite
speaker 18 None the Torumado 19Vc bored this compound loudspeaker 18 to the partition wall
2, it is made by fixing by suitable means to project the back 20.21 each compound loudspeaker
18 on both sides of the chamber 3.4. The vibrating film 11.12 of each speaker 9.10 vibrates with
the foam 17 in the same direction. The voice coils 22. 23 on both sides of the composite speaker
18 are ones in which audio current flows in the same direction, and are connected in series or to
individual amplifiers. The present invention divides the inside of the box 1 into two by the
partition wall 2 and provides the resonance ducts 7.8 with different internal volumes on the
outer wall 5.6 constituting the respective chambers 3.4, as well as the two speakers 9.10 The
vibrating membrane 11.12 faces each other and is fixed, and the foam 17 is filled between the
vibrating membranes 11.12 to form a composite speaker 18, which is a through window 19I7i in
which the composite speaker 18 is perforated in the partition wall 2! : Because the backs 20 and
21 of the night party speaker 18 are projected and fixed to the chambers 3.4 on both sides, the
resonance point of the composite speaker 18 falls and the driving force of the diaphragm 11.12
is increased. By preventing the mechanical distortion and distortion of the reproduced sound and
appropriately selecting the inner volume of the resonant duct 7.8 and shifting the respective
resonant frequencies, the bass range can be enhanced in a wide range, and the bass tone is
faithful. Be able to achieve
Similarly, a plurality of composite speakers may be attached to the bulkhead 2.
4. Brief Description of the Drawings FIGS. 1 and 2 are sectional views of two embodiments, FIG. 3
is a right side view of FIG. 2, and FIG. 4 is an enlarged sectional view of a composite speaker. 1
box, 2 ... partition, 3, 4, ... room, 5.6 ... outer wall, 7.8 resonance duct, 9.10 ... speaker, 11.12 ...
diaphragm, 17 ... foams, 18. · · Multiple speakers, 20.21 · · · Back EndPage: 2
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