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The present invention is a device that emits sound with a mechanism similar to that of a stringed
instrument or the like by resonating the box itself installed using a conventional speaker unit. In
addition, due to the structure of resonating the box, it is a new class of acoustic equipment that is
not restricted by the conventional shape of the speaker, the capacity of the box, the installation
place and the listening point
In the conventional speaker system, it is a taboo that the box itself resonates, and the quality of
the sound depends on the quality of the speaker unit and the structure and capacity (size) of the
box. Also, because most are stereo systems, there are restrictions on the location and listening
The present invention is not based on the concept of the conventional speaker system, and is
designed based on the idea that it is an acoustic device, an instrument as an outlet for sound, and
also furniture to be placed indoors. Therefore, it is possible to experience a sufficient spread of
sound even if playing in a monaural mode without installing a large-scale equipment audio device
in a room, and the appearance is not an inorganic shape like a conventional box-type appliance,
Satisfying aesthetics as an interior
In order to satisfy all the above-mentioned requirements, a structure for resonating the box itself
is devised and designed and designed using a material of a stringed instrument. This made it
possible to spread the sound close to omnidirectional, and became a compact and highly interior
acoustic installation
Brief description of the drawings
1 is a cross-sectional view of two typical structures of the conventional speaker system.
2 is a cross-sectional view and a plan view of the present invention.
Explanation of sign
1 Speaker unit 2 Sound flow
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