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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a speaker system which is small in size, high in sound
quality, easy to produce, and freely installed. SOLUTION: A sound path is formed by using a
double pipe of an inner pipe and an outer pipe to guide a sound wave on the back of the speaker
unit. In the sound path, the sound wave repeats reflection, attenuates and disappears. In addition,
at the time of bass reproduction with large amplitude of the diaphragm, the air inside becomes
an appropriate spring to suppress excessive swing of the diaphragm, and therefore, it is possible
to reproduce highly responsive sound from bass to treble. Even in a narrow enclosure, almost no
standing waves occur inside, and no sound absorbing material is required. Vertical, horizontal,
diagonal, etc. can be installed freely. The sound path can be easily created by winding a thick
strip around the outer peripheral surface of the inner pipe, cutting it into a triangle along the
sound path side wall of the outer peripheral surface of the inner pipe, and inserting it into the
outer pipe. [Selected figure] Figure 1
Speaker system with double tube
The present invention relates to a speaker system.
It is an application of the reverse horn system which is a conventional speaker system.
As shown in FIG. 1, the reverse horn system requires a long sound path, and generally the
enclosure becomes large and the installation method is also restricted.
A double pipe was used to bend the sound wave at the back of the speaker unit at a right angle
on the back side of the housing and lead it to a tapered spiral sound path from the sound path
inlet made between the outer pipe and the inner pipe.
The external shape is a simple cylindrical shape, and it can be used upright or upright, can be
used sideways, or can be inclined at a free angle by using a metal fitting for gripping the outer
tube, etc. it can.
Small size, high sound quality.
The installation method can also be freely selected.
An embodiment of the present invention is shown in FIG. 1 The sound wave from the back of the
speaker unit 1 passes through the inner pipe 5 to reach the back baffle 9 and at the same time to
the sound path inlet 11 between the outer pipe 7 and the inner pipe 5 Led.
The sound wave entering the spiral sound path 10 from the sound path inlet 11 ascends while
rotating the spiral sound path 10 formed between the outer pipe 7 and the inner pipe 5 and
repeats reflections inside the sound path to attenuate and disappear Do. The distance between
the sound passage side walls 6 narrows at a constant rate in accordance with the distance from
the inlet 11 in accordance with an exponential function. The sound path is closed at the end by a
shielding plate 4 which is a doughnut-shaped disc. Therefore, this speaker only listens to the
sound from the front of the speaker unit 1, and can hear a clean sound which is not affected by
the sound wave from the inside of the enclosure. In addition, since the sealed air acts like a
spring on the diaphragm of the speaker unit 1, it suppresses excessive swinging of the
diaphragm in the easily swayable bass region of the diaphragm and reproduces a high response
bass. can do. The spiral sound path 9 is produced by winding a thick band (eg paper band)
around the outer peripheral surface of the inner pipe in several layers to form the sound path
side wall 6 and using the side surface of the inner pipe as the sound path side wall 6 If this is cut
into a triangle along the length and inserted into the outer tube 7, a spiral sound path 9 and a
sound path entrance 11 are completed. The outer shape of this speaker is a very simple
cylindrical shape, and can be used vertically with the speaker unit 1 facing up or horizontally laid
and used horizontally. Also, the outer tube 7 is used. It is also possible to use it by tilting it at a
free angle, using the holding hardware and the like and its legs. In the cylindrical structure, since
the front baffle 2 has a small area, there is no diffraction of the sound wave by the baffle, the
point sound source becomes clearer, and the sound image becomes clear. Moreover, unlike the
usual box-shaped speaker, the sound field also makes it easy to see the spatial expression.
[Effects of the Embodiment] According to this embodiment, the enclosure can be made extremely
small, and while maintaining high sound quality, the enclosure can be reduced to an internal
volume within a range not greatly departing from Vas (equivalent conversion volume)
determined by the speaker unit. be able to.
Other Embodiments The free space on the back of the speaker unit may not be taken depending
on the selection of the speaker unit.
If you put up a putty etc. 3 as a reinforcement in this space, the sound quality will be the best. In
addition, a conical reflector plate 8 may be formed on the rear baffle plate 9 with a putty or the
like, and the effect of reinforcement can also be expected. The outer pipe 7 and the inner pipe 5
may be square pipes or the like instead of round pipes.
It is a sectional view showing one embodiment of this invention. The periphery of the inner pipe
is shown in an external view. Arrows indicate the direction of travel of the sound wave. It is
sectional drawing which shows a prior art.
Explanation of sign
1. スピーカーユニット 2. Front baffle 3. Putty etc. Shielding board 5. Inner pipe 6. Sound
path side wall 7. Outer pipe 8. Reflector 9. Rear baffle 10. Spiral sound path 11. Sound path
entrance 12. エンクロージャー 13. Sound path
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