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Abstract: A small external speaker such as a mobile phone is mainly for ringtones, and there is
acoustic dissatisfaction to listen to music and enjoy it. When listening to music, it is common to
use an earphone, and although it can be enjoyed individually, it can not be enjoyed by multiple
people. An external speaker can be connected for multiple people to enjoy, but it requires power
and is not convenient to carry. In the improvement device using the acoustic box which is the
prior art, the low frequency is improved but the high frequency is lost. A mobile phone is placed
on a table and covered with paper so as to cover the mobile phone. If music is played from the
small external speaker of the mobile phone in this state, the high frequency and low frequency
acoustic characteristics are improved compared to when there is no paper, and a plurality of
people can enjoy the music. If you use newspaper or underlayment instead of paper, the
frequency band to be improved will change. Each music can be enjoyed by selecting the material,
thickness and size suitable for the genre of music to be listened to. [Selected figure] Figure 1
Simple sound improvement device
The present invention relates to an apparatus for simply improving speaker sound.
As a conventional improvement apparatus, as shown in FIG. 3, there is one in which an acoustic
box 4 is installed in a speaker 1.
This is intended to improve the sound quality specifically for low frequencies.
Unexamined-Japanese-Patent No. 2007-081831
However, according to the above technology, in order to perform resonance amplification in the
closed space of the acoustic box 4, the frequency band that can be improved is specialized to low
frequencies, and conversely, the sound pressure of high frequencies is lowered.
Also, in order to create a closed space without gaps for the speakers, the structure was
complicated, and it was difficult to cope with all the various mobile phones with one device.
Then, this invention makes it a subject to provide the apparatus which improves simply the high
frequency and low frequency acoustic characteristic of a speaker.
In order to solve the above problems, a first invention is an apparatus characterized in that a
speaker is sandwiched by flat plates. In the second aspect of the invention, it is possible to select
a frequency band to be improved by the vibration characteristics of the device sandwiching the
speaker and the size of the sandwiching space, and to improve the acoustic characteristics aimed
at any music. A device characterized by
According to the first invention or the second invention, sound in a specific frequency is
amplified by resonating in a narrow space by a device in which a speaker is sandwiched between
flat plates. This mainly improves the sound on the high frequency side. Moreover, the vibration
propagated to the device is amplified by the vibration characteristic of the device and is also
produced from the device itself. This mainly improves the low frequency sound. In addition, the
point sound source is changed to a plane sound source by sound being heard from the device
itself or the outer periphery of the device, and the sound image is also improved. By the above,
high frequency and low frequency acoustic characteristics can be improved.
It is a perspective view showing one embodiment of this invention. It is a side view showing one
embodiment of this invention. It is a side view showing a prior art.
One embodiment of the present invention is shown in FIG. The speaker 1 built in the mobile
phone is placed on the flat table 2 and the speaker 1 is covered with the paper 3. Thus, the
speaker 1 is sandwiched between the table 2 and the two flat plates of the paper 3. This is the
improvement device. By making music flow from the speaker 1 set in the improvement device,
the acoustic characteristics are improved compared to when the paper 3 is not present.
[Effects of the Embodiment] According to this embodiment, music can be enjoyed by a plurality
of people using one which can be easily prepared indoors. The space is simple and the place is
not limited because the device is simple as compared with the prior art and setting of an external
speaker. Because it is a structural acoustical improvement device, not electrical, no power supply
is required. [Other Embodiments] In the embodiment of FIG. 1, the two flat plates were the table
2 and the paper 3, but in the other embodiment, it is a near-flat plate shape, either flooring,
concrete wall or underlaying newspaper But it is good. However, although the effect is reduced in
carpets and lawns having a sound absorbing property, for example, it can be coped with by
placing the speaker 1 with two sheets under the sheet and putting it on that.
1 Speaker 2 Table 3 Paper 4 Sound Box
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