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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
acoustic device for faithfully reproducing the sound of a human voice and an acoustic
2. Description of the Related Art Conventionally, there have been many methods for improving
the low range of a speaker device using a structure, but the improvement of the middle and high
range is generally performed by improving the unit itself. In this method, it is necessary to
develop a structure / unit corresponding to each sound range. It is also well known that it is
better to use a full range unit from the viewpoint of sound quality balance. Since long ago, when
using a full range unit, the bass reflex type is well known as a method for improving the weak
bass range. The bass reflex type is a system that enhances the bass range by adjusting the
diameter and length of the duct and resonating. The adjustment can be done from either side, but
the natural low-pitched sound range will have more natural spread if the diameter is made larger
and it is made a wide vibration plane, from the point of making the air around the whole
surroundings vibrate abundantly. Be However, when the diameter is increased, the amplitude at
which resonance occurs is reduced, and the reduction of the level becomes a problem. In
particular, in a speaker device mainly composed of a small unit, the diameter of the duct has to
be small. Under these circumstances, a speaker device capable of reproducing rich and natural
low-pitched sound, which is mainly composed of a small full-range unit in which the design of an
ideal middle-high range is advantageous, has been regarded as ideal. Also, even in the middle and
high range, the sound that occurs naturally in the natural world is generated from any place as a
sound source and dispersed around, and transmitted with spread and depth. There was a gap in
the sound of), and I had to admit the difference as an original. Now that excellent units can be
manufactured, it is thought that this gap is more likely to be due to differences in sound field
reproduction than differences in sound itself. The localization of the sound source can be secured
by the balance between the left and right, but for the reproduction of the spread and the depth, it
was necessary to use an electrical reverberation device or the like. However, even with such a
method, it is difficult to ensure natural spread and depth because the sound is electrically mixed
and linearly emitted as a part of direct sound.
[Problems to be Solved by the Invention] To generate a powerful natural bass which can not be
obtained only by the direct sound of the front speakers and a delicate and wide medium- and
high-pitched sound, and to provide a sound-field effect full of realism and liveness ,, to produce a
speaker device characterized.
According to the present invention, there is provided a speaker device having two independent
rooms and having a speaker for sound field improvement on a separator.
This device consists of a speaker device with a commonly known bass reflex structure (first
room) and a wedge-shaped isolated box (second room) which is released forward with a certain
inclination It is an apparatus.
BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION A separator is provided with a baffle hole
having a filter effect, and speakers driven in the same phase are arranged on an axis orthogonal
to the front speaker. The arranged internal speakers increase the duct sound pressure of the first
room and cause a phase shift, and mix and emit as a reverberation.
of a prototype device in which the effects of the present invention have been confirmed. It
consists of a first room with a bass reflex structure and a second room. The baffle hole which has
a filter effect is provided in the place where the internal unit of the partition board which divides
both rooms is arranged. One or more front units and one or more internal units both use full
range speakers. Wire all units as shown in FIG. 1 so that they are driven in phase. A duct will be
installed on the baffle plate for the front speakers to improve the low range. A signal is supplied
by a circuit for controlling an electric signal and a wiring cord through an input terminal board
[Effect of the invention] A powerful natural bass which can not be obtained only by the direct
sound of the front speaker, and a delicate and wide medium- and high-pitched sound are
generated to provide a realistic and live sound effect. In the example, the sense of breadth and
depth as well as the presence of the player were reproduced, and the same reproduction effect as
the sound field obtained by live performance was obtained.
The effect unit 4 for the first room, together with the unit disposed for the front, serves as a force
to vibrate the room air. In particular, the pressure on the back plate-A is spread and equalized
because the pressure is suspended from the axis orthogonal to the unit for the front face, and the
pressure around the duct that is diffused and homogenized to vibrate the wall around the room
Converted into pressure to vibrate. Due to this effect, a sufficient amount of air movement can be
secured, and a large-diameter duct can be adopted, causing the air around the entire area to
vibrate on the surface. It is possible to play natural low range.
The sound radiated to the room 2 from the baffle hole 5 having the function of controlling the
frequency and the level necessary for reproducing the sound field by changing the shape of the
effect of the sound radiated from the second room Is repeatedly reflected by the surrounding
wall surfaces -A, -B, -C, -D, and -E, and is emitted from the released 2-F. This radiated sound has a
slight phase shift and a different directivity from the direct sound radiated from the front unit,
and spreads like a flow involving the periphery of the device to generate a reverberation effect.
This effect reproduces a sense of expanse and depth, and provides a sense of reality equivalent to
live performance.
However, it goes without saying that sufficient development capabilities and tuning techniques,
such as medium and high range reproduction technology in the unit design, duct adjustment and
reverberation setting conditions, are required to realize the effects of the present invention. Also,
the gist of the present invention proposes a new factor as an element for obtaining a new
invention effect, and the actual effect is confirmed by a prototype device.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 Wiring diagram
Fig. 2 Cross section
Explanation of sign
Fig. 1 Wiring diagram
Fig. 2 Cross section
1st room 2nd room separator internal unit (speaker) baffle hole front unit (speaker) front unit
(speaker) baffle plate duct for front unit (10) structure reinforcement member (11) circuit and
input terminal board- A Back plate-A Surrounding wall of the second room-B 〃 C-C 〃-D 〃-E 〃F 開口 Opening
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