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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a structural explanatory view showing a
conventional skier device, FIG. 2 is a curve diagram showing frequency characteristics of the
speaker device of FIG. 1, and FIG. 3 is an embodiment of the speaker device of the present
invention. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of the example, and FIG. 5 is a curve diagram showing
an example of the frequency characteristic of the speaker apparatus of FIG. 11: Permanent
magnet, 12: Yoke, 13: Voice coil, 14: Dome support, 15: Upper damper, 16: Lower damper, 17:
Dome release Sound body, 18 ... sound insulation body. 1 Sθ 1 θ 〃 2 OC 30 threat 60 n OD 50
DO 10601) 2 # # (Hz) 1 43 real opening 48-2820 (2) Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
system for an illf. Conventionally, a high-pitched speaker device such as a dome-shaped sliding
plate as shown in FIG. 1 is O, ie, a dome-shaped vibration # j4 [IE1 is a damper for the opening
periphery so as to cover the permanent magnet 2 A voice coil between the h-kisu magnet 2 and
the ring 4l- is provided so as to function as a fork n 8t. However, since the dome-shaped
diaphragm l is supported by the I11 contact damper 1 and provided so as to vibrate directly by
the voice coil 5, there is a possibility that the stability may be false (in a large one, rolling may
occur. Also, there is a drawback that the directivity in the high-pitched part is not so good as in
the peripheral ah characteristic as shown in FIG. Note that 0 ', 80' and 60 'in FIG. S indicate
listening positions and square pieces of IL with respect to the front center of the speaker. The
present invention is a speaker apparatus which can make the structure stable and does not cause
rolling particularly in a large one, and can stabilize the frequency characteristics and can
particularly improve the directivity, because it is 2t in the above point. The purpose is to obtain
WIK. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with
reference to FIGS. 8 to 45. As shown in FIG. 8 and FIG. An IJ is provided, and in the vicinity of the
voice 3-coil 13, the top peripheral edge portion of the dome support 14 consisting of a
substantially west conical member is vibratably supported by the upper damper 1j. The bottom
peripheral edge of the dome support 14 is vibratably supported by the lower damper 16.
Further, the dome support 14 is configured to copy in response to an audio signal by applying an
audio signal current to the voice coil 13. A dome-shaped discharge body 12 is integrally provided
on the inner wall of the dome support 14 so as to protrude on the bottom island of the dome
support 14. In the vicinity of the bottom peripheral portion of the punitive dome support body
14, a portion corresponding to the Fillst and dome-shaped body 11 is opened 311! The f body JS
is provided so as to suppress the sound emission from the dome support J4 and take only the
sound emission from the dome-like discharge body 17 to the outside. Therefore, in the present
invention, since the dome-shaped discharge body 17 is supported by the dampers Is and ill at the
upper and lower sides through the dome support 14, the structure 8 is more stable than the
conventional speaker device having the dome-shaped image moving plate. In particular, even
large ones do not produce [1-rings, and furthermore, the frequency characteristics can be
stabilized as shown in FIG. 5, and in particular, the directivity in the fil 1 part can be improved.
In FIG. 5, the angle o ", soo, 60 ° in the figure 5 indicates the angle iv of the listening position
with respect to the front center of the speaker device. As described above, according to the
present invention, it is possible to make the structure stable, and even a particularly large one
does not produce [1-rings, and only makes it possible to stabilize the frequency characteristics,
and in particular, to increase the directivity by 10j. 4 can be obtained. . Simple description of the
four factors Fig. 1 is an explanatory view of a conventional speaker device in small size, Fig. 3 is a
curve diagram showing frequency characteristics of the speaker device of Fig. 1, and Fig. 8 is a
speaker device of the present invention. FIG. 4 is a curve diagram showing an example of the
frequency characteristic of the speaker apparatus of FIG. 8; FIG. 4 is the same <1 rtkI diagram;
11: Permanent magnet, 12: Yoke, 13: Voice coil, 14: Dome support, 15: Upper four-impact-11g:
lower tK, f-impact, 17 To-A shaped sound emitter 11: sound insulation. [11i] Tokyo Shibaura
Electric Co., Ltd. Osaka Acoustics Co., Ltd. Representative IP] Mr. Suzue Takeshi JS-'yF once 1 ¥54 y FZ (Ib) sω. ! tlM) alll-R-1-Riz # eai-Han) yF 3 @ 1; Seriously j-piece 4 Fig. 18154 ;; 711-1 F
512 13 11 312 12 5 r I! Jtlb) 3σ 1 # Maura 111 111 tlm (sec)-knee 7 ° no; Toshiba Susumu
Electric Co., Ltd. applicant S-II Deputy 8 715, 11 records of the attached documents + 11 proxy
letter 1 1) 1 statement (1) (4) Application form 1 copy 6, inventions other than the above and
utility model registration applicants or agents Recommender Kanagawa-shi Yokohama-shi
Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi ward Shinko Shicho address 67yg '! Ii λ 金 社 音響
工場 音響 入 府 日 1 1 音響 音響 音響 音響 音響 幸 幸)))) Utility model registration applicant
Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Asahi Ward Otomi Nishinomachi Ms Osaka acoustics type gold
company representative five generations Takeshi (2) agent address Tokyo, Minato-ku
Shibaishikubo Sakuragawacho Hl ground 17th, pill name (5743) patent attorney Takeshi Miki
address same name (6694 ) Fl'jul: Komiya or-Address same place,-I, Name (6881) fi 士 士 淳
Address No. 116 No. 116 Sakae 丁 名古屋 中 市 Name (7113) Patent attorney Sato strong 2 (L
puff fixed history! ・1(ぬK1mTo4841’? A '51 B' Patent 1 rl 'trj F: +, I: λ, 大大 大 ^ Ib
· · =: i / 赴 (Gino 215: @ tr + f, ゝ · · 礪-礪 L Ljl) 'Till f f (' MIll X J I 4 'G; F, i' %% B ') 1 residence, 9'
5 '; 5 =' a blind crest ': SrJ, 1' II,? , □ 75.
よ。 4 h'tt E f% A: I '1 tt 7 AlLL' fll J * /-1 '11 // @ / 9 k,' for 5 parts. Name ン ん キ ー 抹 式!
Representative five generations Takeshi RI! ! Cause of the Showa 4/6 noon 71 by the House
Display Act enforcement. Possible yoyo name '1 series ii' yj, II (jIt + / 1 ''-thidst shoulder 15 days
'' '' ° ° ''? “′1°A’:i−b K’ 、、j、、。 1*f’Fy)72/”’、l*?!
l’、’m)’a(ll/33J。 1M4 sum 4A 'q 2 b4, i11 l 〒 5 7 · 12 company plan 6
strokes va field-導 3 names changed! -The 1 'G case (D Seki 9 (A! ’r+i)・:’i’、イーシ
AT! rlino,) tl + 1 i Osaka + h Asahi L <ψ h! / L 'I / /, frr "/ Shino Sakao / ウ"% j + 2: y y old
name large 【41 ン キ formula ≦ 4. +11 representative five generations 艙 (4 attached -4 of 11
records i ,, "::: two: two Ding two": "/ 11 G = company W note? * Paper extraction, a4: i + tllifll
Wlyl R & b-· y + ;; 2: 2 to f '4 I "'" 7) 下 “'' '' イ 、, ′, 、, I I brass + N 轡One 1 r 111 'ts ^ ^ 44
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