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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram of a conventional speaker
device, FIG. 2 is a half sectional view of a drone cone used in the device, FIG. 3 is an equivalent
circuit diagram of the device, FIG. Is a sound pressure frequency and impedance characteristic
comparison diagram, FIG. 5 is a shelf schematic grooved view showing one embodiment of the
skier device of the present invention, FIG. 6 is an equivalent circuit diagram, and FIG. 1 is the
same sound pressure frequency and impedance characteristic diagram It is. 15 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и Speaker? Variable resistor. ?? 55 U.S. Pat. No. 50-55424 (2) FIG. 3 UR. Figure 4
Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 -56-
[Detailed description of the invention] This note is two frames five! ! Store the opening of air flow
a in Rie Sby ? ? completely sealed ring, add a signal to 1 sby * ?-11 air pressure by this @ i1
work or another sby * tmst In order to change the low frequency regeneration bone property by
changing the low frequency reproduction bone property, it is possible to change the low
frequency reproduction bone property by changing the low frequency reproduction bone
property from the outside 7- 'from the outside. It is something like 1 ? ░. A conventional K-K
speaker system is configured as shown in FIG. Reference numeral 1 denotes a box main body,
which is provided with 11 Kffi fronts and two breaking holes 2 and 3 on the front, an adsorbent
4 is provided in the inside, and a dedicated speaker 6 is provided on one side 2 of the speaker
mounting hole. A speaker with a drop y-cone is attached to the other Subey self-assembly hole 8
attached. As shown in FIG. 112, the drontoons beaker 6 is supported by the central Ilt damper 11
of the 111111 'c11 XTy 9 of the light frame 8 having the opening 7 for air current
communication and the vibration 11 o 1 And, in the middle 5 II III Da Yat Yaghu ff 1 tll! It is
constructed. The spouting ** s6c causes the electric signal to pass from the signal 1a through the
arrow 14 to the mark line Klk. This speaker device is driven by the speaker st, and changes in
barometric pressure in the box body 1! ) "- Nkonsu 1] Ku Feng $ 's Bee force 8 is intended to LD1
Yuoto roar play good in the radiation of the speaker of the loss 11o of 4iij, and. This speaker * t's
etc 1I 11! The path is as shown in FIG. In this one-way,--input terminal, B is one bundle @ degree,
meaning is voice twill chief, "Battle so-called yil [mage resistance, majestic speaker mechanism
resistance, theory I beka vibration system quality ?, L is a speaker 1's anth, av b is a main body
l's h: 1's compliance ,! The mechanical resistance of the 1 Mb Fi box main body, Y- represents the
resistance of the Danceau y machine resistor, the resistance of the Biron Dronku 7, the
compliance, and the drone represents the Dronko y (111 dynamic mass + a reflection mass. The
sound pressure circumference of this speaker device and the noise to I. Beep ~, 1k or in the
figure, the one shown by ?-1 accepts -41 of the completely sealed IIO Sbi writing device. It is a
book with a line, P-sound pressure single wave number characteristic line, 2 is in bime 2 m
characteristic-one. This Saki Wkl! The device is an image area 41! !
There is a time, 11tA way # I same wave number f ?? and high one II 4 horse liquid ? n button
to ? и 5 m 4 b middle Ami ? resonance frequency fR or less falls to the cyst, ░ ░ In the
following cases, the speaker ill of the 9th letter m *-shown by a broken line is better, so the
speaker device using the 07 channel is particularly useful during programming. It could have
been. The present invention is a conventional drawback such as ?! H ? in what to remove.
Below, this invention gold-drawing of the example of practice Figure 6-seventh garden LD! ??
IJll nourishment. Two speaker mounting holes 16, 1a are formed in IIIIii 4k of this box body 1S
in the box body made of 18rj wood, etc., and the eyelid material 1 $ in the inside II. Is in place.
The speaker 1 having a simple construction connected to the one speaker mounting hole 16 of
the box main body 16 via the No. 1 GK amplifier 20 is attached to the other speaker mounting
hole 17 as a drone cord y The speaker 22 is operated in order. The speaker 22 # i acting as this
tone = -n)) 6) conventional * 7:! -3 / Speaker: 1 ?, with a field section ░ and spoils, a ninevulnerable speaker ░ h 9, the Pois Carb xO @@ resistance of this speaker 22 is the woe limit. A
self variable resistor 2s is connected to the speaker 22 at the outside of the potter's main body
16 and a speaker which can change at 0 to 1 ? times m1 times the value of the DC resistance of
the poison coil is used. The speaker bone volume equal circuit of this configuration is almost the
same as that of the conventional one, as shown in FIG. 6), but somewhat different in resistance.
Here, l & 1 is a pois coil of a drone cone speaker, variable pillow value for 1 mM-, 1 'is a poscoy
of a drone cone speaker 16 @ at t # i dokun cone scaika, ? 15, ? "" "P # Vgwy *-Yxs' wing 2 1 1
1 of 41! It is in series with the resistance 10 radiation m resistance and the point is new. Here, 1variable, for example, in the case of le knee @, this expression is-(m's'j11 l (1'm ') # large 1 (lld
114, small officer (if it is 11 large m <?, almost complete ? ? ?, simple and sealed sec &.
Mata, K KNo-1plm tt9 is for 10011 @ W # C, the conventional drone cone speaker ? place 11 C
1 ?, variable resistance srs, as shown in Figure 7 low-time characteristics of this darkness It is
possible to have a glance at the recklessness and to characterize when it is appropriate for the
volume and playback sound field.
Thus, the speaker good and bad of this consideration can select and adjust the image area inertia
automatically, and the value of * M-like individual value is large. 4, a simple ll-? 1 Figure 1 is a
schematic block diagram of the conventional ? ? ? ? book device, 2 s is used in one device
Dronco yelli ? 11 ? 5 III is-place equal territory-Road, 4th The garden is sound pressure
frequency and Y-bida yx characteristics comparison garden, 5g1ss + is a schematic configuration
1 showing the embroidery storage of the device of the present invention of the present invention
1 Pressure mRm. Inbi dance inertia-because it is. 1 ? 1
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии W W A strange tK device. Name of agent Attorney Nakao Toshio Pickled or one
person ") ? 1 1 ? Figure 1 47413'2 ~! 21st! ??? ? 5; 2 3rd Il / 1-2 crocodile ditches' Rimw
1st. 2 = = Ear = 2 ? ?fLhjs between wave east agent name 55424g? f ? tlj11??5 other one
5111181520.96-1 ? / 3 ? 6 wJ ?] R rd s k Rs d 11 F s d s d Name: 54424V: Patent attorney
Toshio Nakao 1 other person 6 Agent address other than the above Address in Osaka Prefecture
Kadoma City Ogata Kadoma address 1006 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Name (6152)
Patent Attorney Shigetaka Kuwano, Hino L De
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