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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a prior art example, FIG. 2.3.4 shows an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the device of
the present invention, FIG. The figure is an exploded view of the figure explaining the coupling
state of the rotating body and the rotational shaft of the motor, and FIG. 4 is a sectional view
taken along the line OA-A 'of FIG. In the drawings, 11 is a rotating body, 13 is a horizontal plate,
15 is a drive lever, and 21 is a motor 200 rotation shaft. -69- Japanese Utility Model Sho 5212528 (2)-70 Private Utility Model Sho 52-12528 (3)) 173 ml & Sawa 蓼 l 87 '' 51 "'/ 7- 71
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a tremolo device
for applying a tremolo effect to musical tones generated by various musical instruments, and
relates to an improvement of a drive device for a rotating body rotating at the front of a speaker.
It is. Conventionally, to give a tremolo effect to musical tones-a rotating body is disposed in front
of a speaker, and rotation of this rotating body causes d change in the amount of musical tone
emitted from the speaker to obtain a tremolo effect. b. Then, to drive the rotating body, as shown
in FIG. 1, the boom IJ- (3) is rotatably attached to the upper end portion of the rotating shaft (2)
penetrating the one rotating body (1) , The boom IJ- (3) and the pulley (6) rotatably mounted on
the upper end of the rotation shaft (5) of the motor (4) by suspending the belt (7). The rotation of
6) is transmitted to the boom IJ- (3) by the belt (7), and the rotating body (1) is rotationally
driven in a fixed direction. However, in the above-mentioned conventional drive device, since it is
indirectly performed by boo IJ- (3) (6) and belt (7) to drive the rotating body (1), Not only wear
occurs on the belt and the pulley but also non-slippage occurs, and aging of the belt causes the
belt itself to loosen or damage, and one accurate drive is the rotation shaft of the rotating body
(1) (2) In addition to the possibility of uneven rotation, the joint of the belt (7) also generates
uneven rotation and noise, so that it is not possible to achieve an acoustical optimum tremolo
effect. The present invention overcomes the disadvantages of the prior art, and in driving the
rotating body, the conventional unibody '2 Lute pulley is not used, and by driving the one
rotating body directly with a motor, acoustical engineering is achieved. Also, the present
invention provides a direct drive device of a rotating body in a tremolo device which generates
an ideal tremolo effect. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described based on
the drawings. Ql) is a rotating body, and a horizontal plate α [with] is installed below the both
side plates 0 and 02 of the rotating body αη, and two through holes Q4 are provided at an
approximately central portion of the horizontal plate Q3. It is to be installed. Reference numeral
<16> is a drive lever, and a protrusion (g) is erected on the upper portion of the dry plate 8-0,
and the lower portion has a hollow joint portion C17). -Insert the rubber plate / tube into the
through-hole 041 of the above-mentioned horizontal plate (13 through-hole, and insert the
protrusion of the drive lever α into the through hole a of the rubber push QS. (G) by inserting
the rotary shaft Qυ of the motor (i) into the joint portion Qη of the drive lever a9 and bringing
the head (support) of the rotary shaft (2) into contact with the tank [Ql , And the rotation axis Q]
of the motor 翰.
i On the other hand, insert a substantially T-shaped 1 ° metal bracket (C) into the center of the
upper plate (B) of the rotating body 0 and fix it. Insert a support plate (A) to which the bearing
(A) is attached to the substantially T-shaped metal fitting (C) and fasten the support plate (A) to a
mounting frame with a spacer (2) It is. 翰 is the hole for musical tone passing through the upper
plate (2) of the rotating body Q1)-is the acoustic reflecting plate-(61) is the supporting plate of
the acoustic reflecting plate ... (32) is the rotating body It is a notch provided in the lower plate
(36) of the 0υ. Since the drive lever Q0 inserted in the rotation shaft e] of the motor rod is
driven by the drive of the motor rod and the motor rotates in the m = fixed direction, the rotor q
is mounted on the support plate (i). Since it is supported and driven by the above-mentioned
bearing (i) and rotates in a fixed direction, the musical tone emitted from the speaker passes
through the hole portion of the upper plate @ of the rotating body 0 、 to the acoustic reflection
plate (1) It is reflected and produces a tremolo effect. In the embodiment described above, the
drive lever 09 is used to couple the rotary body 0υ and the rotational axis L2'D of the motor (i),
but the rotational axis of the motor (i) is directly connected to the rotary body a. 121) may be
combined. 4 'As described above, without using belts and pulleys as in the prior art, the rotating
body is coupled to the rotating shaft of the motor via the drive lever-directly transmitting the
rotation of the rotating shaft of the motor to the rotating body Since the rotating body is driven
to rotate-all the drawbacks caused by the belt and the pulley are eliminated, and the tremolo
effect optimum in acoustic engineering is exhibited. 1fc-Since obstacles such as pulleys and belts
are removed in the path through which the musical sound passes as in the prior art, the tremolo
effect is further exhibited without the musical sound being reflected by the obstacle.
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