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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment
of a dough mold force according to the present invention. Explanation of main figure number, 1
..... Vibrator, 3 .... Center ball, 6 ..... Metal porous body.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of dome shaped speakers. In general, a dome-shaped speaker includes a diaphragm formed in a
dome shape and a voice coil wound around the diaphragm, and the voice coil is formed in a
magnetic gap formed by a dragon pole and a rotor of a magnetic circuit. The diaphragm is placed
on the C and the voice coil is driven by the magnetic circuit, and the diaphragm is simulated to be
a blue tatami mat and black. The vibration of the diaphragm generates a pressure (back pressure)
on the back of the diaphragm in the space between the back of the diaphragm and the upper
surface of the center pole due to ratAr input to P co It is necessary for the board. Therefore,
although there is no space in the portion where only normal back pressure is generated,
unnecessary reflections and standing waves are generated as the back pressure is generated, and
the operation of the diaphragm is incomplete. I assume. Conventionally, in the dome-shaped
speaker box 8, a sound absorbing material such as a space 1 felt which is W and Q is disposed by
a diaphragm and a center pole, and unnecessary pressure due to the reflection, standing wave
and the like is attenuated. Although the movement of the diaphragm was improved, the sound
absorbing material absorbed the necessary back pressure of the diaphragm, so that the
movement of the diaphragm could not be completed. Also, felts and the like used as a sound
absorbing material have the disadvantages that they can not be bonded uniformly to a center
pole, even if they are fixed form or very inconvenient to handle. The present invention has been
made in view of the above-described points, and will be described below with reference to the
drawings based on the embodiments. Looking at the figure, (1) is a dome-shaped diaphragm, (2)
is a 3 cough diaphragm (! Voice coil wound around the end of (3), the center pole of the magnetic
circuit, (4) is a black square, (5) is a permanent magnet, and (6) is on the center ball (3) It is a
pressure equalizer of the metal porous body mounted and fixed. A porous metal body is
produced by rolling and sintering a powder of a metal such as steel, nickel, iron or their alloys
and is characterized in that it has a high porosity of 90 to 98%. All of the pores of the body are in
communication with each other, and the diameter of the winter pores can be freely selected in
the range of α08w to 3 °. In addition, the metal scrap porous body is solid, and has excellent
characteristics 8 on the processing surface that press molding and the like can be easily
performed. Therefore, as shown in the figure (a porous metal body (6) having a hollow porosity
and processed into a predetermined shape such as a hemisphere or a hollow hemisphere, a
center ball (3) and an am plate (1) By disposing in the space formed by the above, it is possible to
prevent the generation of unnecessary back pressure such as reflection and standing wave.
At that time, due to the porosity of the porous metal body (6), it is possible to keep the pressure
in the space 4 flat and smooth without acting on the normal back pressure of the diaphragm.
Furthermore, if one conductor having high conductivity such as steel is used as the metal porous
body (6), the back electromotive force can be suppressed. That is, when the diaphragm (1) is
moved by an external force, an electromotive force is generated in the voice coil (2), and an
alternating current magnetic field by the electromotive force adversely affects the direct current
magnetic field by the permanent magnet (5) and causes φ generation. However, if a metal
porous body (6) made of a conductor such as steel is used, the alternating current magnetic field
due to the motive force is consumed as an eddy current in the metal porous body (6), and
stabilization of the DC magnetic field is measured. Distortion can be prevented. As described
above, the dome-shaped speaker according to the present invention is practical with various
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