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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker according to the
present invention, and FIG. Fig. 9 is a cross-sectional view showing another embodiment of the
speaker according to the present invention. 30
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии и ring, 44 ...... edge retainer, 60 ......
rear sound insulation ring.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In order to lower the lowest resonance frequency
and achieve the same as low-range physical properties, this passive diaphragm is attached to the
outer periphery of the frame on which the active diaphragm is attached. The present invention
relates to a speaker provided with a shield ring so as not to be directly excited by the vibration of
the active diaphragm. Conventionally, in the case of a dynamic speaker or a composite speaker in
which a low sound range speaker and a high sound range reproduction speaker are combined,
these speakers are arranged to expand the low frequency reproduction band by lowering the
minimum resonance frequency fof. ?01b03 (1) A cabinet in which a phase-reversal baffle plate
with duct If formed is used, or a drone cone speaker of the same weight as the above-mentioned
speaker and having the same diameter as the effective copying diameter of the above-mentioned
speaker attached doing. It is difficult to design such a Doron cone speaker or to install it if it is
difficult to design, or it takes time and effort to manufacture, and it also becomes a cost city in
terms of material costs. In addition, in the case of arranging all units of multiple speakers such as
a speaker for naive sound and a speaker for low frequency in one panfull plane, phase
interference around the crossover frequency between the high frequency speaker and the low
frequency speaker or In consideration of the above, it is necessary to take an appropriate
distance between the high-pitched speaker and the low-pitched speaker, and the cabinet can not
be made compact, and the size thereof is restricted. In order to achieve such design difficulties,
easiness of manufacture, or (to make the system compact as a speaker system, it is passive on the
outer periphery of the frame attached with the active photographing & as shown in FIG. A
speaker provided with a vibration plate (2) 9 has been proposed. This speaker will be described
according to FIG. 1. A magnetic circuit portion 1 is formed by joining a laminated body of a yoke
3 provided with a center pole 2 and a ring shaped top plate 5 like a ring shaped magnet 4. In this
magnetic circuit portion 1, an air venting window 6 is formed on the outer periphery pedestal p
in a circle shape, the outer peripheral flat portion 7 is broadened, and the air venting window 8 is
also formed on the flat portion 7 An active diaphragm 12 formed in a conical shape with a gasket
11 at the ridge portion 10 is bent at the boundary between the outer peripheral portion of the
frame 9 and the flat portion IO where the frame 9 is coupled. Are attached and fixed, and further,
this diaphragm 127) extends the peripheral edge and forms an interval between the inner edge
? j and the outer edge portion of the two ENOs / 14, 15 and extends cleanly on the flat 8181 of
the frame 9. ,That With circumferential end gold force Sukesoto 16 are Katatamari the outer
peripheral edge of the flat portion 7.
An extension portion of the active diaphragm 12 located between the two gaskets 11.16 is
configured as a passive vibration (17). (3) And a weight 18 is attached to the lower TI 1 of the
passive diaphragm 1T. In addition, a coil bobbin 20 on which a voice coil 19 is wound is hung
from the neck portion of the active diaphragm 12, and an intermediate portion of the coil bobbin
20 is supported by a damper 21. Furthermore, a dust cast 22 is disposed at the center of the
diaphragm 12. . In this way, if the speaker is attached to a cabinet or the like by configuring the
speaker, when the active lift & 12 vibrates, the striking pressure radiated from the back surface
of the diaphragm 12 acts as an air vent window, and 8ffim to passive vibration 4ff117. The
passive diaphragm 17 is imaged in a form opposite to the movement of the active diaphragm 12
so as to obtain the same effect as that of the speaker with the dron-two / speaker attached.
However, when configured as described above, it is possible to provide a compact, easy-tofabricate speaker, but the passive diaphragm is recommended only with sound pressure radiated
from the back of the active diaphragm and the phase reversed. (4) Shake field Without being
roughened, the sound pressure radiated from the front is excited to the passive diaphragm, by
wraparound or directly by the vibration of the active diaphragm, etc., causing unnecessary
frequency band, ie, Lowest resonance frequency f. It is not possible to perform good phase
reversal operation by exciting even with back pressure such as mid-range that can not be lost.
Therefore, in the speaker according to the present invention, in which the passive diaphragm is
attached to the outer peripheral edge of the foam attached with the active diaphragm, the sound
pressure of the active diaphragm is directly transmitted to the passive vibration ml and
unnecessary resonance does not occur with the lowest resonance frequency fo A sound
insulation ring is provided so that a good phase inversion operation can be performed without
the sound pressure being transmitted to the passive diaphragm. Hereinafter, specific examples of
the invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 2 shows an example in which
the present invention is applied to a composite sneaker in which a low range reproduction
speaker (woofer) W and a full range reproduction speaker (tweeter) T are coupled to a core 7
dial. (5) In the figure, 30 is the same as the yoke 32 provided with the center ball 31 and the
ring-shaped magnet 33 (the woofer W (Q magnetic circuit portion constructed on the laminated
body of the ring-shaped tonoplate 34 The magnetic circuit portion 30 is formed in a substantially
circular shape, and an air venting window 35 is formed on the periphery thereof, and a frame 3b
made of an aluminum alloy or the like is joined.
The active diaphragm 37 driven by the magnetic circuit unit 30 and the passive diaphragm
vibrated by the row circuit in which the active diaphragm 37 vibrates and radiates from the back
thereof are oscillated on the frame 36 38 is attached. The active moving plate 37 is formed in a
substantially conical shape, and the voice coil 39 is wound around the neck portion 1 and the coil
bobbin 41 supported by the frame portion 36 is suspended and the outer peripheral edge is
supported. An edge 42 is joined to the part. The active diaphragm 37 is flanged 43a K * of the
five-sound ring 43 which is also an intermediate stay formed in a substantially cylindrical shape,
in which the above-mentioned edge 42 is disposed in the middle portion of the frame 36. The VL
for fixing the edge 42 to the flange portion 43a of the prayer ring 43 is held between the flange
portion 43a and the edge portion 44 which also serves as a sound insulation ring formed in a
substantially cylindrical shape so as to open outward. It has been done. In addition, the
attachment of the sound insulation ring 43 of the frame 36 is attached to the frame fa4 ti in
which the air venting window 45 is formed, which is further penetrated from the part. Two
essonos 47 and 48 are joined together at an interval of one pair on the inner peripheral side and
outer peripheral side of this batho / bu vibration handle 38, and the inner peripheral side] is the
above-described 47 of force of t'n statement. The frame 3b is attached by attaching the combined
lever 43 with the edge presser 44 and closing the edge 48 of the above-mentioned other force to
the flange portion 49 formed on the outer periphery f # of the frame 36 with the cover 50 by
close fitting. The yoke is attached to the outer peripheral edge of the yoke so as to be surrounded
by the active diaphragm 37 in the front of the magnetic circuit portion 30 of the woofer, that is,
in the direction in which the active flat plate 37 is disposed. (7) A magnetic circuit unit 51 that
can be examined from the magnet temple. The voice coil b, the vibration part composed of the
diaphragm 53, etc., and the horn 54 and the horn 55, and the horn 55 and the equalizer 55 are
all fixed. . By configuring the speaker as described above, the sound pressure radiated from the
front of the active diaphragm 37 cuts off the sound pressure that is transmitted to the diaphragm
diaphragm 38 by the edge clamp 44 having a long sound insulation ring. . Also, the sound
pressure radiated from the active diaphragm 37 is similarly blocked by the sound insulation /
gub 43 disposed in the middle part of the frame 36, and the ban diaphragm 38 is directly excited
by the active diaphragm 37. There is no
That is, the passive vibration 38 is radiated only from the previous time of the active diaphragm
31, and is excited only by the sound pressure that is transmitted from the air venting window 45
again when it is transmitted through the flame tAUJ 35 of the frame 36. Therefore, the bang
diaphragm 38 vibrates in a phase opposite to the vibration of the active diaphragm 37, and the
lowest resonance frequency (8) -1 \ fo all "F" is excited and excited in an uneasy frequency band.
There is no deterioration in the number characteristics. The upper MU noise isolation ring 43 is
radiated from the active diaphragm 3T if it is formed so as to be inclined to the external force
toward the base end portion of the frame 361I111 as shown in FIG. Sound pressure ? It is
possible to prevent anti-discrimination and eliminate unnecessary resonance noise. Furthermore,
the rear sound insulation ring 60 may have the rear sound insulation ring 60 attached to the
pullout force 1111 of the frame 36 attached to the rear end of the rail base which is inclined to
the external force. The tip portion 63 is fixedly attached to the frame 36 (D rear surface. At this
time, the enone 4) of the active diaphragm 37 and the single-piece enone 41 of the Banon
vibration part 38 can be taken over by the fran-corrected seven-figure portion 43aK of the ring
43 via x- = ': pLtq. ing. Even with this configuration, the pressure radiated from the active
diaphragm 37 as in the case of the above-mentioned lift-is pressure-insulated by the l ring 43
and the rear loose ring 60, and the passive diaphragm 38 In the above (9) above, the wave
pressure of the active diaphragm does not directly wJ due to the sound pressure of the
diaphragm, and it vibrates in the form opposite to the vibration of the active diaphragm, and the
lowest interference frequency f. And the frequency characteristics are not degraded by being
excited in an unnecessary circumferential slope range. As described above, according to the
present invention, the passive diaphragm is not excited directly by the sound pressure of the
active diaphragm, and the back pressure radiated from the front does not wrap around the
passive diaphragm. Good phase reversal operation through the compliance of And the lowest
resonance frequency f. The upper band can expand the low band regeneration band limit.
Further, by configuring the speaker in this manner, there is no need to form a shield plate or the
like in the cabinet to which the speaker is attached. In addition, in the name implementation
color of the upper d mark, the case where it passed to a compound speaker was mentioned or it
explained and a passive diaphragm was attached to the outer peripheral part of the frame
attached to all the active pregnancy boards without sleeping in a compound speaker It goes
without saying that it is sudden.
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