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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a partial sectional side view seen from the direction of FIG. 1--, and
FIG. 3 is another embodiment. 4 is a partial sectional side view seen from the direction of FIG. 3
IV-IV. 1 иииииии Speaker unit housing, 2 иииииии Speaker, 3, 3 и и и и и и и Frame support frame, 4 и и и и и First
frame, 6 и и и .... second frame, 11 ...... rotary horn, 14 ...... motor, 16 ...... belt, 1T ...... PCB, 18 ... ....
Heat sink for power transistor.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a tremolo
apparatus for an electronic musical instrument, which is compact and can be housed in an
electronic musical instrument main body, in which a speaker, a rotary horn, a motor, an electric
component for motor drive circuit and the like are integrally incorporated. There is widely known
a tremolo apparatus in which an electronic musical instrument is provided with a rotary horn at a
fixed speaker @ ? so that a tremolo effect can be produced by "y-327 every 2208-f + 1".
Therefore, conventionally, in the tremolo device of such an electronic musical instrument, the
motor for driving the entire rotating horn and the electric component for motor drive circuit are
separate from the speaker unit to which the speaker is attached. As it is fixed to the motor unit
holding member, the overall device becomes large, storage in the electronic musical instrument
main body is impossible, and there is a meeting cost to separately provide a motor unit holding
member, so the number of parts increases. As a result, the assembly is also troublesome, the
productivity is poor, and the cost amplifier is disadvantageous. In order to solve the abovementioned drawbacks, this invention supports the frame supporting member attached to the
corner of the speaker unit with -i or both ends of the frame for supporting the rotating body
disposed on the front of the speaker, and the frame supporting portion A motor and a motor
drive circuit for rotationally driving the rotating body are provided on the surface of the crucible
on the side of the rotating body. The invention will be described by means of an embodiment of
the attached drawings. 2208 ? 1 light. 1 and 2, 1 is a speaker unit housing in which a speaker 2
is fixed inside, 3 is a frame support as a frame support member having a shelf 3a fixed to a
corner of body 1 The frame 4, the first frame fixed at both ends with the speaker 2 of the
housing 1 and the opposite 1il11i ? screw 5, is fixed to the one end kk body 1 with the screw 7,
and the other end is the frame support frame 3 A second frame accumulated with screws 8 and
nano h 8 a in the shelf 3 a, and The second frames 416 are provided in parallel on the top and
bottom in parallel on the housing 10 diagonally. 9, 10 is the first one. A bearing 11 provided at
the center of the second frame 4, 6, a rotary horn 11 whose rotary rod 112 is rotatably
supported by bearings 9, 10, a boom 13 fixed to the rotary shaft 12; 14 is a motor fixed to the
inside of the frame support frame 3, 15 is a pulley fixed at t 'to the motor 40 rotation shaft, 16 is
a belt stretched between the boots U 13 and 15, and 17 is a frame support frame 3 The printed
circuit board held by the heat sink 18 for the tougher transistor is fixed to the facing side.
Next, FIGS. 3 and 4 show another embodiment of the present invention, in which frame support
as a frame support member is provided at two corners of the housing 1 facing the diagonal edge.
A frame 3 3 'is provided, and on the shelf portions 3a 3a', both ends of the second frame 6 are
screws 8 8 'and nuts 8a respectively. In this case, the motor 14 and the printed circuit board 17
incorporating the motor drive circuit may be fixed to either frame support frame 3, 3 '. This
device is configured as described above, and the motor driving the rotary horn and the drive path
of the motor,-Sveikakauniso 1ftl L body relatively in the space in the extra space и in the corner
portion 1 Since the size of the housing can be minimized since the arrangement is made, and the
drive members are attached to the support members of the frame for supporting the rotary horn,
the holding members such as the motor are separately provided. There is no need to install it,
and the number of parts can be minimized and the assembly can be easily done with 6D to
improve the productivity, and the production cost can be reduced by one billion. The heat sink
for the power transistor, which holds the printed circuit board on which the motor unit side
circuit has been incorporated, is also attached directly to the frame support member, and the
frame support electrode is connected to the frame that supports the rotating horn. Therefore, the
heat radiation effect is extremely good, and it is not necessary to spoof a large heat sink
separately, and its practical effect is extremely large.
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