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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
and FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view, FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional view of a main part of
FIG. 2, and FIG. It is a front view. Further, in the reference numerals used in the drawings, 1 is a
speaker cabinet, 3 is a duct, and 6 is an attenuator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
system having a seven-tenanter (resistive attenuator). Conventionally, in the case of attaching an
attenuator ft to a speaker cabinet, most of them are attached on a baffle plate by means of a
tethered sleeve @, or attached on a terminal plate. By the way, although it is usually used for
sound pressure level alignment with a woofer and a tweeter for an attenuator. During operation
of the speaker, the built-in tube n7c resistor generates heat significantly. For this reason, it is
necessary to use a heat radiation effect of% 7 +: for the heat sink 41. However, in the mounting
of the 7c cuvette described above, there is almost no heat radiation effect in the structure, and
the force 1Mml ░ 111 image-2 zo- There was a defect that the service life of the work machine
was shortened to 1 ? 9-1 иии 1 heat. The present invention is designed to correct a defective tube
as described above, and can perform extremely effective heat dissipation of the attenuator by
utilizing the flow action of 9 air in the duct or port portion of a single phase inversion type
speaker box. It is an object of the present invention to provide such a speaker system. 4) ei 11
phase inverted type (bass reflex type) speaker cabinet, wherein the lower end of the baffle soft
(2), for example, a predetermined position tKH is a cylindrical shape, for example. (3 + Father is a
boat) is provided. The woofer (4) and the tweeter (51 speaker etc.) are attached to the baffle &
121. And, for example, an attenuator (61) is provided to make a sound pressure level nozzle with
a single tweeter (51 to woofer 4). By the way, as is well known, the phase inversion type speaker
cabinet 1lltff is well known that the resonance of the mass of 1ifIIt of the bass region radiated on
the back surface of the speaker, the volume of the cabinet 111 and the mass of (21--4 Dac-1
1311 or boat) provided on the front surface In this case, 180 ? ? phase inversion is used, and
the sound is radiated to the curved surface of the cabinet in phase with the sound wave on the
front of the speaker to extend (enforce) the bass reproduction band. Therefore, in this phasereversal type speaker cabinet il +, during the operation of the speaker, a flow of nine air flows in
the duct (3 ? (or boat)), that is, a so-called breathing action occurs in the duct (3Ic) (or boat). By
the way, in this speaker system, wheat flour is used in the above-described iI d) t 311 or at the
port] in which the Keiiii F end design plus 61 pieces are narrowed. With regard to the throat
attachment of the attenuator (6), specifically, for example, by a plurality of support companies (8)
radially disposed at the central portion in the opening of the duct t31 + or the boat), for example,
The part (9) is provided with six not only this support I 618 + and the boss part (9 v can be riL
shaped integrally with the duct (31, for example).
And means for screwing the boss 11t9 + K attenuator + 61 appropriately (IIIIK, duct (31 (or boat)
and # 11 saw axis 31-,). It is a bit of At this time, at this time, the adjustment shaft 111 of the
attenuator (6) is penetrated through the boss portion (91) to bite the adjustment screw .sigma.
For example, high, medium. The knob adjustment display & 05 having a low display is placed on
the front of the boss portion (9's and fixed by screwing means (ltlK, joint tightening, etc.). Then,
as described above, when it is placed in the attenuator (6) t duct (31 [or boat), the air flow
(breathing action) K in the above-mentioned duct i3 + or the boat) is added to the abovementioned speaker. The heat sink function of the attenuator (61: the heat of the cabinet (1:
dissipated to the outside, nl of the end) is extremely effective. Therefore, the wet layer rise of the
attenuator (61 is suppressed, and the performance deterioration due to the heat storage KL is
prevented. At this time, the support part of rt + shaft number (The effect of the radiation fins is
given to the 81, and the radiation fins vil-provision f'L of the number in the case ? (3; (or boat))
is an attenuator The heat radiation effect of i61 can be further improved. Book ?ijt proposal a as
described above. Phase reversal shadow speaker caviar 417-1 field-(. An attenuator was placed in
the duct or boat of 11 nets, and it was configured to perform extremely effective heat dissipation
of the attenuator by utilizing the flow action of air in the duct or boat that can be removed during
operation of the speaker. Because it is a thing, the temperature rise of the attenuator is
suppressed. The performance deterioration due to heat storage can be prevented, and the life can
be significantly increased. Moreover, since the puff-full machine can be drilled without a pipe, it
has the effect of reducing the number of man-hours and is also effective in maintaining the
strength of the baffle plate. Furthermore '! 7t is preferable in design terms.
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