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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional
example. FIG. 2 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of the present invention. Further,
in the reference numerals used in the drawings, 11 is a speaker cabinet, 14 is a woofer, 16 is a
side, and 17 is a passive radiator.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a loudspeaker system KK
comprising passive loudspeakers provided in a loudspeaker cabinet, which is particularly suitable
for over-computing. Loudspeaker R11 <a speaker system with a passive radiator, the sound
pressure of the cabinet inside by the sound of the second low cedar area radiated to the rear face
of the sneaker and the pressure of one tree of the cabinet. The passive radiator is made to
resonate at a sufficiently low frequency, and the bass music special order expansion
(strengthening) is made to be bamboo-like. It is necessary to make it sufficiently larger than the
OI of this passive passive generator, or the C effect of a single end, otherwise the amplitude of
the passive radiator is larger than that of the woofer.釡 il + m-m-3k シ (/ 2 chanting 1. The
amplitude φ is less than 1/1. Fig. 1 shows a relatively small speaker system with a conventional
puff bragita and a fc shown in Fig. 1. However, the Banful & 121 K tweeter (3 !, Woofer-41) of
the speaker cabinet (1) is conventionally used. Attach the throat. Under the woofer-41, the
woofer (41 was biting in the same plane as the passive radiator (51). Therefore, there is a need to
use the baffle machine (21-minute sumo wrestler to make it easy to crack). As a result, the entire
cabinet il + has become very large, and the size of the cabinet fil has been limited. If you consider
the small size of W W on a passive radiator + 510 ジ ェ? I could not make C too big. Because of
that Panshifufusushiaita (51 惨 惨 フ ァ 1 C C C C C 41, 、 振 土 會 ii * 低下 低下 會 會. The
present invention has been successful for the purpose of preventing the above-mentioned l and 1
defects, and it is extremely effective in the extremely small speaker system by throating the
passive lanator to the track [11] of the speaker cabinet 21q4 like bass reproduction% Note
expansion (enhancement) can be planned. It is possible to achieve a remarkable reduction of the
amplitude て and to hear very good sound quality. An embodiment of the present invention will
now be described with reference to FIG. 2. The baffle plate α3 of the speaker cabinet U is idled
for the tweeter 113I and the six-foil. The former speaker cavity 1 is very small, and for example 1
is suitable for a speaker of the formula. Passive rageta α7t has been spared on sic @@@) of this
speaker cabinet old) 911 @ ub).
Therefore, there is no fil- ger to make the speaker cabinet Lt) 1) larger in order to attach the
patch radiator L17), and this passive radiator avc writes a sufficiently extended (reinforcement)
section of the custom-made sound card. Moreover, since the effective area of the 11 + 11 faces of
the speaker cabinet (old) is effectively removed from the 11 11 It is large enough to be larger
than it is. (31 Lt-Pani? Therefore, the width of the passive radio JQ 71 can be made sufficiently
smaller than the woofer's swing, so that the width can be reduced, and the sound quality can be
remarkably improved. As described above, the present invention is the side of the speaker
cabinet that has a passive radiator, so a large-area passive radiator klGI can be attached without
increasing the size of the speaker cabinet. Therefore, for example, the wall loss can be extremely
effective in a very small speaker system such as a speaker of the formula. Moreover, because the
area of passive lageta is enlarged and C and the width of ya are made sufficiently smaller than
the width of the woofer's street come, the width of the ◆ is extremely low and 1 very good one?
Superior C can be done. In addition-藪 like? In the case of a speaker system with an open face R
cedar, C / 21 (when the resistance to the line from the face of the speaker plate to the point from
the face of the speaker cabinet to 11) is taken as C / 21 ( However, (4) 9-1 at castle speed (1 td
below the decision number, the sound pressure is canceled at less than 1 ti I number, and it
becomes difficult to reproduce the low crush non-electricity, it is large on the low volume
reproduction) It is a problem. In this case, it is thought that the Panci Bragita also has a throat C
on the rear surface of the speaker cabinet, but the moving table configured in this way becomes
longer by the distance 1 and the phase of the front speaker (woofer) rear surface patch radiation
In order to play the bass, it is not a great T5 to play bass, but in the present invention the badge
flange 1-ta is a speaker cabinet 1llilvcH With attached C. Purge brush l-ta? Compared with the
surface of the cabinet of the sneaker cabinet, the above-mentioned W 峠 becomes extremely
short as compared with the time to wear, and the rehearsal of the low-pitched sound is a young
boy or a person, a disastrously small-sized speaker system, an egg as a speaker system The
enemy is heavily 汁 但 ト 但 但 → 強化 強化 強化 L L 、, 生 揚 Q].
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