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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are longitudinal side views of first and
second embodiments of an enclosed type speaker apparatus according to the present invention,
and FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional device and an apparatus according to the present invention.
FIG. 4 is a diagram showing the frequency characteristics of the speaker device, and FIG. 4 is a
diagram showing the frequency characteristics of the speaker device with the volume of the
enclosure as a parameter. 1.5 ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Gas-filled bag, 6 иииииии Membrane.
?Detailed description of the invention? vl ? ?? ?? ll ll! Speaker device made! ???? For
example, in the closed-loop speaker enclosure of sealed-type speaker, a closed-type speaker ii
placed as VW into which at least the specific heat ratio of air is also smaller than that of air. ? ?
nm anm ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? l l l l l l l l l l ??? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1 An object of the present
invention is to provide a closed-type speaker device having a ridge structure capable of
miniaturizing an enclosure without causing any falsification or low-frequency characteristics. If
you want to improve K, use a speaker with one large-aperture speaker, or if you can not afford a
speaker and a nicklet, increase the number of one in a six-diagnosis system and make the lowest
resonance m #! The low-pass t ? ? ground is made to be a few fot and the low-pass t ? ?
ground is 0, and the large-diameter speaker rt is large and the dimensions of the speaker system
are large. (There was a drawback that the efficiency was lowered.) The present invention was also
able to improve the low-range characteristics without the disadvantages of the ship, and it is also
0. First of all, the bone property of a general sealed speaker device will be described. The circular
part of the conventional closed speaker enclosure is made of metal with specific heat ratio r
(isostatic specific heat Cp / isosteric specific heat Cv) or air of 1.4g 8 similarly, sound absorption
material such as felt material inside the kernel? It was filled with stone. The lowest resonance
frequency f, which is generally referred to as the low frequency reproduction limit frequency in
the speaker system lc2, is an edge. Tampa-and in the enclosure! ? ? ? ? 10 10 ? ? ?? ?
? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 0 0 ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?It can be said that
the lowest resonance debris number fo depends on the air stiffness of the enthala circle.
Therefore, it can be said that an O type speaker system 0 enclosure is an air spring which is an
aperture of a speaker and a piston. In this air spring, if the movement of the piston is fast
enough, the spring setting @ is expressed by the following equation: OrXpgXA "k- ? ... ?)
ILILIXV. Here, r: specific heat ratio Po2 atmospheric pressure A: piston area Vu: port defined by
volume of the enclosure where Pg, A, Vg is a fixed ata device, and the specific heat ratio r
intensifies 1k It turns out that you can make the whale a fossil.
Therefore, the value of the specific heat ratio r is that of the specific heat ratio of air / "и insertion
of pregnancy gas, it can be reduced to less than kk @ kk @ kk 6 17 Constant k (can also be called
snuff of the enclosure) is represented by a quartic ? и ? ? ? ? ma fo "X ... @" subdivision ~
118 buildings, 1 where:-: quality of the speaker vibration system lB: coefficient one: air added
material hS :: speaker vibration system step 7 Ness: enclosure stiffness. Here, since step 7 of the
nicklet corresponds to the above ((11 equation's spring constant klc), it is apparent that the
above-mentioned @ 1 equation (10) makes it possible to reduce the spring constant kk to reduce
the processing frequency. f. Can be lowered, and the low frequency characteristics can be
falsified. Describe the practical example of the speaker device according to the present invention
based on the above arrangement. Show. It is attached to the front opening of the enclosure 2
having a speaker #iF 9 + constant volume t?. ????????????????? IK is the
same as this enclosure 3bO volume I! There is a gas-side inlet bag 8 containing polyvinylidene
chloride O polymer film which is more than +1. In this bag 3, the specific heat ratio is smaller
than that of air (for example, l # L, S) gas is inserted 1 at a pressure substantially equal to the
atmospheric pressure, and as shown in the drawing, the outside aiit + of bag 3 The gap between
the cover and the inner wall surface of the enclosure s is eliminated as much as possible, and the
cover is substantially occupied by the enclosure 20Pl I part or the bag 8 yen # C filled with
trapped gas. Cone paper of entrapped gas that will occur when penetrating into the specified O
gas ttiiiit enclosure. The clearance of the edge, the damper and the enclosure is completely
prevented. The b6 m2 figure shows the @ 3 example of the uninvented device, and the enclosure
4 is highly airtight and no leak of gas occurs. A practical example in the case of the structure is
shown.-In this slider case W, the only part where the enclosure * y 3 ░ gas may leak outside is
the part of the speaker 5, so the speaker 50 back part is the polymer film 6 KL It is covered with
6111 SIt4 to the extent that it does not interfere with shaking of the cone. Thus, in the
embodiment of the airtight sound enhancement 7 of the enclosure 4 yen, the enclosure itself and
the speaker in which the gas whose specific heat ratio is smaller than the air specific heat ratio is
enclosed at substantially the same pressure as the atmospheric pressure is enclosed in the
enclosure 4FF3. Cones, edges, and dampers where the air tightness is high and there is no risk of
leakage c & l! , 1iI 6t-not provided properly gas into the enthaler [11 agent can be inserted 01!
11 is an internal volume 5 to O (2) (2) 1 to an enclosure 4 with a diameter of Bhtxn speaker tlit L
* speaker apparatus in a single enclosure III or a second scene 0 (filled with air The jl wave
number characteristics are shown for the case and for the case where the specific heat ratio is
filled with a gas smaller than that of air. In the figure, the curved edge A indicated by a broken
line is a model of a custom-made round-circle enclosure or air-filled one? Shows the device
performance characteristics. The curve B indicated by the solid line is a graph showing the
frequency characteristics of the Sufbika apparatus according to the invention, in which the inside
of the enthaler is filled with freon-based refuse having a specific heat ratio O (for example,
trichlorfluon metamethane CCJlSF (specific heat ratio 1.134)). It is obvious that in the case of a
speaker apparatus into which freon-based gas has been inserted, the low frequency characteristic
is lowered to% and the low frequency characteristics are counted, while the efficiency over the
entire number of the speaker apparatus alla In the case of the conventional apparatus and held in
the lit box, FIG. 4 shows the characteristics of the internals of the closed book case apparatus in
accordance with the stiffness oa-sa-enclosure volume. In the figure, the graph ?, @, ?, ?
indicates that when the speaker is LL) t \, the volume O pebbles is t 0% + sequentially when used
as an enclosure; Region's chest count characteristics are deteriorating. Therefore, if you want to
work as it is without improving the frequency characteristics of the low frequency region, insert
the above-mentioned gas into the engineering cloner as described in (1) above. C and KL can save
the material of the enclosure 0 Note that the low-pass characteristic is represented by the value
of current-carrying Q C, and Q- &? Is said to be the 4 most desirable Q- &? Is said to be the most
preferable, 8 is the best, and in order to obtain these effects sufficiently, it is desirable that the
specific heat ratio of the gas introduced into the enclosure is about 14 or less. In the bag 3, a
sound absorbing material such as acetate wool is added to the gas 0 having a small specific heat
ratio and the like C, and the effect of the gas is not impaired by the sound absorbing material. 1)
The speaker device Kk, which is the second example, and the enclosure Kfi, the sound absorbing
material, the gas-filled bag, or the #ILeecz case as in the second case, as in the case without each
being affected #The enclosure volume increases and becomes equal to ninety. According to the
43 ? closed type speaker device which is effective for lowering the fo ? and not conceived as
the above-mentioned O, the low frequency bone can be used without lowering the t ?? while
using the same nack closure and the speaker 1 If you can improve the quality, and if you want to
lower the frequency range ? @ t 01 01-? ?? can be miniaturized ? 4 can have a U% length 0
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