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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a general skiaker device, and
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a speaker device according to the present invention. In the
figure, reference numeral 1 is a speaker box, 2 is a speaker mounting hole for low tone 1.3 is a
speaker mounting hole for medium sound, 4 is a speaker mounting hole for high sound, 5 is a
level adjuster, 6 is a baffle plate, 3 'is It is a speaker for medium sound.
The present invention relates to a speaker box, in particular to suppress vibration of a baffle
plate. Most of the discussion Hi-Fi speaker devices use a rectangular box with a plurality of
speaker units mounted as shown in FIG. The baffle plate (6) of this speaker device is made of a
plate material having a uniform cross-sectional thickness, and an opening is provided in the
mounting portion of the speaker unit. In the example of FIG. , Fi + are provided. The strength of
the baffle plate is reduced due to this opening. In operation, complex resonance phenomena
occur. (1) Strike 1: J, 71-/ For example, when the diaphragm of the speaker is moved in the
forward direction, that is, the hole (2) of the baffle and the hole (the middle part of the hole 31
moves in the entering direction and the hole (3) The middle part with the L hole (4) produces a
partially different movement such as moving in the outgoing direction. Furthermore, in many
cases, mounting of the level adjuster is also provided with the holes (5), resonance of the baffle
plate is promoted. These resonant frequencies originate from low frequencies of 100 to 200 H2.
The vibration of the plate in this way means that the plate emits a vibrating sound, which is an
obstacle to high fidelity reproduction. In addition, due to the plate vibration, doppler distortion is
applied to the mid-tone and high-tone speakers to degrade the reproduction sound quality. In the
present invention, the vibration of the baffle plate is hard to occur, and the deterioration of the
reproduction sound quality is prevented. The present invention will be described below with
reference to the x plane. In the present invention, the unit attachment is intended to improve the
strength of the plate at the central portion of the baffle plate (6) where the holes are present. For
example, as shown in FIG. 2, (2) central portion rather than the peripheral portion (6a) of the
baffle plate. The purpose is to increase the cross-sectional thickness of (6b). In the figure, the
change in thickness shows a straight line example from the peripheral part to the central part,
but there may be a step change such as, for example, a plate is partially adhered inside the
central part. The attachment of the speaker unit can be applied not only to the part but also to
other opening parts. Since the present invention makes the cross-sectional thickness of the
central portion of the baffle plate V larger than that of the peripheral portion as described above,
the strength of the baffle plate is prevented from decreasing due to the opening, and the central
portion of the baffle plate at the resonance frequency or The plate root movement in the vicinity
of the unit (7) is reduced, thereby reducing the distortion sound before and after the plate
vibration and improving the reproduction sound quality.
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