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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the concept of
a speaker device, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of the main parts of the speaker device of
the present invention; 6 is a beat pipe, 8 is a pole piece, 12 is a pole piece A voice coil, 16 is a
long hole, and 17 is a magnetic fluid.
[Detailed description of the invention] Is this invention? Speaker device 1 with the shooter J9 = 1
In the case of a dynamic * type speaker having a general voice coil and a voice coil, the electric
sound conversion effect is not only a couple of a few percent, but most of the electric energy
becomes the Zeal heat generated by the voice coil. For this reason, when the speaker is used for a
long time with a large input, the temperature of the voice coil rises considerably, and the seeding
agent adhering the voice coil may be softened or the voice coil may be thermally destroyed. The
In addition, since the rise of 1jjAK of the voice coil 2, -J · / 2 ile is accompanied by the rise of the
resistance value, there is a drawback that the linearity of the output sound ratio characteristic
with respect to the input voltage is disturbed. On the other hand, since the heat generated from
the voice coil passes through both poles of the air gap formed in the field part and the total value
of the field Mi part = conductive or almost, the field lhK− = W Cooling means that the
temperature rise of the voice coil is suppressed 6 times. So, from Q, to prevent the 1 # late as
described above, and to change the above-mentioned shortcomings T: J: Kokusai & welfare case
dicrystal thermal conductivity! It has been proposed to connect yj during heat dissipation via a
heat pipe. 1 @ 1 Fig. 1 m7r: '1-0 in the figure, 111 is an electrodynamic speaker having a voice
coil, and 121 is a speaker (1) The field section, (3), the speaker (1: v interior bass reflex type
cabinet, 14) is provided at the front of the cabinet (3) and y is a cylindrical duct, and the back of
the speaker It is something which makes the area a slight increase. (5), this drunken duct (41
internal sound: ai! The duct 14 'is provided so as to completely cover the cover 14' with the heat
radiation effect large six porous metal inserted. In addition, this porous metal is gold I such as
Eriker! The lI + difoaming process is that of the pores, 4 by about 98%. 16) is a beat pipe
connecting the porous metal (5) and the field Fa portion [2) of the above-mentioned speaker (1)]
Repeat Jll l depending on the heat conduction from the high temperature side to the low
temperature side. In the above-described bass reflex type speaker device, as described above, the
spring-quality co-twisted yarn is made of the compliance of the cabinet-r) '31 and the mass of the
air in the duct 14). The flow of air in the duct 14) is very large, as a king produces low tones.
J! (2) The porous metal · 51 mounted in the duct 141 is a good thermal conductor and its
porosity is 98% 4 degrees, so its surface area is a general heat radiation Extremely larger than
the surface area of 7 non.
Therefore, the heat conducted to the porous metal (51 in the field part (21 to the abovementioned duct 14) of the speaker (1) according to the section 61) is shaken in the space F (4). 4
鑑 鑑 効率 効率 効率 効率 長 く 長 く. As a whole of the heat transfer * path consisting of such a
speaker device, a heat pipe 1161 having a field portion 12+, a high thermal conductivity T, and a
porous metal (6) having a large heat dissipation effect. The thermal conductivity is low in part
because of its low thermal conductivity. Therefore, each product mentioned above, heat transfer
at the junction of the two world capital city +21 and the top pipe 16i is one problem, the field
section (2) and the top pipe 16) Heat coupled with heat? 1 ′ ′ item 4] (for: field section 12 IC
long hole ζ class long hole 二 two components f ... T heat die 1 (the diameter of one end of 61 is:
5 I-, and it is 合 joined to both I'm sorry, but in the size 'fkl, a convoy is required, and the
workability is poor, which causes an increase in cost. The present invention relates to such a Q4i0 ° [invention according to the invention] Figure 2 (figure 2) showing the junction between the
field section of the speaker device and the heat hyphen. The same figure (in: C11 □ r) is the
center 1-1! (9) is a ring-shaped femite magnet placed on the bottom 7 ′ ′ ray) + 71, a · is a
massive 7 elite magnet (9 j, upper number 2) It is a placed todapu 1V-t, and forms a magnetic
gap equivalent to that of the earth pole (8). ■) is a voice coil (a coil bobbin wound with scissors,
on, ic! Magnetist gap (: self-insertion. (13 is a frame joined to the above-mentioned cover plate 1
α), and this] V-m (1, 31 open end outward facing is in the hole of the cabinet 131 C, the speaker
I'm watching cabinet +, S + c%. + 141 is an invasion slope that is 10 d d 2 呆 of the funome, and
Dumbar 09 共 l :: li :! Coil bobbins 01) are connected to each other. A long hole 11e is bored at
the lower end of the pole piece, and one end of a 2 ° 71 heat pie 116I is disposed and inserted.
On is a long hole I: light filled t 'is a sex fluid having a diameter of 10 OAN ff, y gnetite powdery
oil oil, and a mixture of 孟' in the form of coloy F. This magnetic fluid, for example, has a trade
name of Y. Furufu, a trade name made by Ferrofludigs of the United States, has excellent thermal
conductivity, and it is known that "C" is known. As described above, since the magnetic ball an
(the magnetic fluid an filled in the long hole 1161 having two holes is suctioned by the magnetic
ball + 81 v Iii <magnetic flux, there is no event that it scatters 6) Thus, the gap between the heat
pipe (one end of the heat pipe 61 and the stairwell can be completely filled 5 :).
Accordingly, the field portion (21 and the heat pipe 161 are coupled by heat in a conductive
manner by the magnetic fluid an). The speaker device according to the present invention includes
the field unit 1 of the speaker: heat by 1! In the speaker device having the heat dissipation means
coupled thereto, a long hole is pierced in the dragon ball which is threatened to the field part V,
and one end of the heat pie 1 is placed in the long hole and the magnetic fluid is loaded. Because
of this, heat transfer coupling between the heat pipe and the field part is very easy. Therefore,
the heat generated by the voice coil is efficiently conducted to the heat field from the ring at the
center of the field section through the magnetic fluid of high thermal conductivity, and the heat
radiation means coupled to the heat pipe Therefore, since the heat is dissipated in the air, the
temperature rise of the voice coil V is well suppressed, and the voice coil can be prevented from
thermal destruction, and the linearity of the output sound pressure characteristic with respect to
the input voltage is 1 m. Can. The dimensional accuracy of the diameter 2 of the field pole and
the heat pie 17 of the field MF is not good either, nor is the problem with the workability of
connecting these two completely solved = 1 = cost. It is also advantageous to non-fermentation.
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