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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a conventional
speaker, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing an embodiment of the loudspeaker
according to the present invention. In the drawing, reference numeral 1 denotes a diaphragm, 3 a
cap, 5 a voice coil, 7 a plate, 8 a magnet, 9 a pole piece, and 12 a resonator. In the drawings, the
same reference numerals indicate the same or corresponding parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to the improvement of a
loudspeaker. Heretofore, there has been shown such a speaker as shown in FIG. In the figure, (1)
is a diaphragm, (2) is a diaphragm (the edge of 11, (31 is a dustproof cap attached to the
photographing plate IllK, (4) is a damper, (5; a voice coil, (6 ) Is a claim, (7) is a play), +81 is a
magnet, +9) is a pole piece, and the above play) +71. A magnetic circuit is configured by the
magnet 18 (and the pole piece (9)). 0(す/9・り/? "" Is an absorber which is
filled and enjoyed between 9 surrounded by a frame (6), a plate (7) and an imaging plate. (11 (in
the air gap provided by the pole piece 191 and the plate +71 vc, the voice coil (5) fixed to the
vibration plate in the magnetic field of this air gap is the flange (4) and the edge of the vibration
plate ill (2) It is held by-. The damper (4) is in contact with the plate + 71 r; the edge (2) is in
contact with the frame (6) fixed to the plate. In the furnace thus constructed, the voice coil (5) K
vibration is generated by the input applied to the voice coil (5), and the imaging plate and the cap
(3) are simultaneously moved. And by the vibration of the cap (3). An internal collusion of '25
below the cap (3) occurs, and this resonance has the disadvantage of causing full vibration on the
cap and giving an adverse effect on sound quality. This cap co 4fiz? In the past, the cap (3) had
all the loss such as foamed plastic fixed in order to prevent it, but with this, there was a
disadvantage that the level became low F due to the increase of darkness. (2) This view is 11-d in
order to eliminate the drawbacks of the conventional one as described above, and the hole heat
source 19) has a Part f open location and a resonator Cz. Resonator -112) @Fabric gold
exhibition (14 is loaded, thereby reducing the nitrogen buildup which occurs under the cap (3),
preventing the bad influence to the sound pressure and producing in the voice coil The purpose
is to provide a heat sink that can be used to dissipate a larger amount of heat from the heat sink
K so that it can be added to the heat sink. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention
will be described based on the drawings. In FIG. 2, (11 to FIG. 11 are similar to those in FIG. 1,
and thus the description thereof is omitted. u21 is a resonator provided in the hole heat 191, and
the tip of the pole piece I9), that is, the cap 11111 has a small diameter and the bottom surface +
fill has a large diameter and a redundant diameter.
Ci) it siresonator (120 large diameter part is closed, and it is a key for forming a retort-ー ー ー
form). The large diameter MK- of the resonator v1 is filled with a thermally conductive saponified
metal (such as nickel (-),-(55), e.g. nickel formed from nickel. The operation of this invention will
now be described. By the voice coil i5jK added input group, lava root and camp 13) Vc same
pregnancy east is transmitted. Nausea of De of the cap (3) produced by this shooting motion
causes both-, but the ball heath! Due to the sound absorbing action of the resonator 02.0
coextensive dust elephant and the foam gold I- provided on the 91, this air co-imaging 1d1m is
left ≦≦. At the same time, it generates heat from the voice coil, conducts it from the pole piece
to the heat conductive foam metal, and deceives it during phi study. It is lower. しlネーターは。
It is possible to set the well voice number M wave number to 119 by changing the length 1
volume of the aperture and the opening of the resonator by changing the length of the aperture
and the opening of the resonator. な2. In the above example, the cornthle force-has been
described, but without this vc limitation. Of course, even with a dome-shaped sneaker, you can
create a city-wide effect (4). Like this, according to this person! In addition, the voice coil can be
prevented from causing air consonance to be generated by the sound of the cap at the end of the
voice coil T without rising.
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