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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a pager provided with an
embodiment of the volume control apparatus according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a
sectional view of the same, FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a volume control sheet, FIG. 4 is. It is a
perspective view which shows a sound volume adjustment state. 1 · · · Cabinet, 2 · · · sound hole,
4 · · · volume adjustment sheet, 5 · · · adjustment sound hole, 6 · · · volume adjustment knob.
[Detailed description of the invention] The device according to the present invention · · · pager
etc. (It relates to the volume adjustment device (と こ ろ C, and its intended purpose is according
to the calling noise, the use condition of the user, the use place It is an object of the present
invention to obtain a product which can be easily adjusted in FC-e amount. In conventional cents,
there is a thing without adjustment of space, and an thing that is adjusted by providing an
electric circuit and a changeover switch 7t is expensive in terms of cost and also has a problem
of requiring many man-hours. ○ (1) 1 Below, according to the drawing shown as one
implementation 1 of the present invention-, the four yellow ones will be described. +1 + is a
cabinet, and it has a plurality of sound holes (2) and a long hole (3) for a knob penetration
mentioned later in the upper surface. (1) is a toki blame adjustment sheet provided on the inner
surface of the cabinet (1) in which the sound hole (2) and the perforated portion are paired with
each other, and has a plurality of adjustment sound holes (5). 1: Volume adjustment knob
connected to one end of the cabinet (in 1+ j ↑ amount adjustment sheet (4) and has a chevron
shaped groove (7) on the end face. (8) “j” is a t-piece pressing spring fitted at the tip end with
the tooth-shaped groove (7), and is attached by a screw to a mounting boss 19) provided on the
inner surface of the cabinet. (10) The whole body is a body. This invention ih keep the structure
as follows: t, so the weight: A 'KL knob (61It. Presser spring, measure by being fixed by 8j,
measure against this spring force and contact with the sound pressure adjustment sheet 1 By
changing the position where the groove 17) and the spring (8) are fitted by sliding in the full
length hole (3) and changing the fitting position of the sound desire adjustment knob 16 being
read (in the weight adjustment sheet (4)). The adjustment sound hole provided with C (51 and *
fLt2i of the cabinet are overlapped or a part of the sound hole 2 is closed as shown in FIG. 4 IC)
so that the sound 4A can be adjusted. (2) Since the present invention has the configuration and
function as described in F, the user of the pager etc. opens the sound hole at maximum in a noisy
environment by operating the knob, and the surrounding area is quiet. 1: or in a place where
noise is generated 1: 1: Reduce the open area ratio of the sound hole, etc., depending on the
usage condition and usage location [((volume can be adjusted, yet relatively simple groove
structure And can be manufactured inexpensively.
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