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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1a and 1b are a front view and a sectional view of
a main part of a conventional speaker box, and FIG. 2 is a developed view of a body plate shown
in FIG. c is a front view, a side view and a perspective view showing an embodiment of the
speaker box according to the present invention, FIG. 4 is a developed view of a baffle plate and
upper and lower plates 12.13 shown in FIG. 3, FIG. It is a perspective view of a trunk plate shown
to FIG. 10 ииииии Baffle plate, 12.13 иии и и и Upper and lower plates, 15.16 и и и и и V groove, 17.18.19 и и
и и и и и и и и и и и 20 ... Body plate.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This Q) invention relates to a speaker cabinet that
prevents abnormal collusion due to standing ILx by making the speaker yk capital Q) wall surface
? and min, and it is also Ql. ????????????? Speaker kI11 as a pronunciation body!
It is Ql, but it is a stern part that determines the sound quality of the speaker Q). Fig. 1 ab is a
commonly used speaker cabinet 1-ha; '-() (11-Example 11r shows IE I and main part 1'. 4 pieces
Q) A chest piece is connected or all sides 91 m1 city / is formed, and this Q) body part / (/ llllI
surface part. Speaker jaw attachment Q) A baffle plate 3 in which holes -a and ab are formed is
provided, and a back plate is fixed to the rear of the body l. If this is h. @ Toru 1 is a ti 2nd show,
as shown in 2nd surface 2 sheets of wood grain patterns and other printed paper sheets or
laminated 1 sheet Q) trunk plate tar back ii1 @, decorative sheet Q) water pipe leaving water By
processing three V-shaped full 6t in the width direction in the capital city, four chest plates 7a to
7d are connected to form a barb. Further, in the meat 1i11 along the longitudinal direction of the
chest plate t, the puff full plate 3 and the back plate q are assembled with the ggra and rb to be
assembled. After pouring the adhesive into each V-shaped groove 6 by bending the body plate
made into a g + j-like shape, the V-shaped groove 6 (1) is folded and fixed inside. Quadrilateral V)
steel portion 9r * is formed. And 20) the chest / <11 front and rear grooves j, / b baffle plate 3
and back plate da g)-the projections provided on the sides, by incorporating heat by K 1 A
speaker box [consisting of opposing mt all parallel in front and rear, left and right, and up and
down directions is configured. In the case of Q), the baffle plate 39I size is determined by the
aperture diameter of the multi-grooved speaker, and the depth dimension is determined by the
low frequency reproduction same wave number band. However, in the speaker box according to
the above-described configuration, as described above, it is 41! Because 51E is being done, as the
number of cities increases, there is a drawback that the abnormal co-imaging due to standing
waves occurs and the sound is copied. Therefore, the purpose t1. It is an object of the present
invention to provide a speaker cabinet in which the number of components is small and
abnormal noise due to standing waves is prevented. In order to achieve this purpose, this U)
device is made to be a tetrahedron #i by setting it as an irregular P surface such as a loudspeaker
or a baffled plate l i j [+1-curved surface etc. A speaker box according to the invention is
described in detail.
3-.i Fig. 3a, b and e are speaker box Q1- ?-? 11%-showing the E-section, the cross-sectional view
of the main part and the oblique-side view, where io is a baffle plate made of a plate material
having no longitudinal folds t and a relatively thick Q) Kai (h hole lia, tib has been acclaimed last.
Baffle plate / IJ (/ l upper and lower, upper plate 12 extending backward and lower #I! / J are
connected. And in this case, the wood grain pattern etc. is printed on the salt 1r vinyl sheet in the
same manner as in the case of the buff tb plate to and the upper and lower plates l / jet gutter, as
shown in FIG. Cosmetic sheet or laminated plate / ? on the back surface, leaving the cosmetic
sheet 1) 1 l l t leaving a tree Rti + ?[V ?? / 3.14 in the width direction to be processed
[thereby baffle plate 10 (Terushima Island has upper plate 12 and lower plate 13 connected to
hrt 4m. In addition, a shell plate incorporating Q) groove 17 is machined along the side edge in
the multi-side portion of the baffle plate IO. Furthermore, upper and lower plates / 2. On the back
side of / 3Ct +, a semi-circular &) # lI / l, which is connected to the luff-processed OK / processed
? / 7, is processed. Buffer 1 plate 10 and upper and lower plates connected in series. /, 3-No.-2,
j V-shaped 11 atss, t4 vcm wearing 1) l ka flA n, after ft vc, V-shaped groove 13. It is bent inward
as a / 4 f platform, and the upper and lower plates / 10 are parallel and parallel. ???? In this
way, the n + baffle plate 10 (in the back of the i11, the sl plate X processed into a curved surface
as shown in FIG. 5 or its four sides is the baffle plate 10o) lj / 7 and the upper F @ i & + @ 1M , /
9 K is held fixed in the incorporated state. In addition, with respect to the baffle plate lO, a
speaker t (not shown) and a configuration Q in which the throat is provided from the front side
Q) In the speed box, the chest & i puff full J15! 10k- and upper and lower plates / 2. / J (Il # l / 7.
/ j, / = tKg should be fixed, and also if the speaker r is fixed to the baffle plate 10Ch back @, selfwritten 17) * @ evil prevention of air leakage It is good to be able to remove @@ by removing and
joining the pads. Q) In the speaker box made 1lF 51 E, it is composed of tetrahedrons and
compared with the speaker box composed of the conventional Q) parallel and plane combination
in view of the fact that the faJ plate has a curved surface structure. It has been proved that the
occurrence of standing habit and abnormal resonance Q) can be largely prevented.
If this Qr. The shape of the shell plate 10 is limited to a semicircular shape, but V). The conditions
may be set such that standing waves and abnormal pregnancy V are not generated by combining
the flat surface and the curved surface Q). Therefore, measures against sound @ Q + inferiority
against reverberation are also processed by using #tI material and shell plate Q) yarn without
using measures such as mingling on the inner surface of the sound absorbing speaker box Q) as
conventional Q-. I can do it. Furthermore, when the body shape XQ surface shape (/ + is not
sufficient, as shown by a dotted line in FIG. 3 as shown by a dotted line in FIG. / 1 You may deal
with the change in accumulation or sales. It is needless to say that the speaker box according to
the above Q) invention is applied to all 01 type speaker boxes such as closed type 1 phase
reversal type etc. and it is needless to say that the body plate Q) ITI shape is limited to curved
surface Also, it is not Q) that applies to all irregular surfaces other than planes. As described
above, the speaker box according to this Q) device is a baffle plate (a wall plate 6-1-1, 4 provided
by 11 + 1 is a lll1 formed by a 1 flk asymmetry it) and therefore it has a bass feeling Customers
can easily prevent the occurrence of anomalous resonance due to standing waves without
damaging them. ??? ? II by the breast & face of the dissatisfied ya face that was united
united with the city board and back plate! ??? In order to be able to c @@-r by four [ii'l] fewer
than before by [II'l] conventionally. The number of structural members decreases, and along with
this, it becomes a good idea, and the degree of freedom of the setting is increased, which has
various excellent effects. 4 Fig. Ii) Q) Brief description The 1st ma, b show the inside of the front
and the cross section of the main part shown in the conventional speaker box, the 2nd case
shows the 1st shell plate Qr shown in FIG. -1) -Clico (Il + invented speaker box (j + -t- ?)? 1 и k ?
? ? IfI ? ? ? ? ? 4 4 4 4 4 4 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Shown in FIG. 1c-- baffle plate, l-co, I3- upper and
lower plates, i5. ?????????? / J, 1%,-?, I]--body plate. , S-, =,-+ 9-, 7-12 * 1 year old
2zI,! ?????? 72 doo (two :. (3) (tL) g of 3 to c),--: [-mouth ? (7 ? = 2 JF ,,? Application 3kJ!
"X 4 и 2 2 2 2 6 6 other agent address ? ? 160 Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Nishi Shinjuku-T eye 25th
No. 1 Shinjuku Center Building 42F PO Box 4131 Susumu Noun name management Susumu
Murai Susumu Murai (7974) Telephone Tokyo (342) 4858 (representative) ', p7 "" =
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