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The present invention relates to a plate that can be used as a speaker cabinet side. In the speaker
gear vignette, when a manual signal is applied to the speaker, the speaker's paper will vibrate,
and sound waves will travel in both the front direction of the speaker and the back direction that
is out of phase, but the sound wave emitted in the back direction will be the front It causes
interference with the traveling wave. A speaker cabinet is used for the purpose of absorbing the
sound waves generated from the back of the speaker, as interference is undesirable for sound.
Therefore, in addition to the need to absorb the sound wave generated on the back of the speaker
cabinet, the following conditions are necessary. ■ Amplitude of the cabinet is small ◎ When
resonance occurs, it attenuates ◎ If the cabinet is not vibrated, r old 11 is large Generally as a
material of the speaker cabinet, a natural wood board is used Although it is possible to use a
plate, plywood, or a birch clerd that has been thermally hardened with wood chips, it has low
specific gravity, low rigidity, low internal gIS loss, and high resonance frequency. Mari, Jl (L
sound characteristics are inferior, there is a drawback that howling is not a bully. In order to
solve such a drawback, in recent years, plastic with IJt I, which has been compounded with tJa I
before: / 1 filler, or Ijt 1, is used in the speaker box as having a balance of specific gravity,
rigidity and internal loss. Provide a more powerful sound. However, to the point that it has been
put to practical use, the plastic sheet containing the quality-enhancing agent is either dead or
dead and lacks in brilliance. The present invention is to improve such a defect of the inorganic
filler compounded plastic, and a plastic plate material layer [(A) layer] compounded with hollow
spherical fine inorganic filler and non-hollow '1114 machine Quality of life J! The present
invention relates to a sheet material that can be used as a speaker cabinet material comprising a
plastic sheet material layer ((B) layer) containing three agents. As the hollow spherical fine
inorganic filler to be compounded in the layer (A), for example, those obtained by molding
alumina, silica, zirconia, shirasu, sodium silicate, etc. singly or as a main component into a hollow
shape are exemplified. Be done. The particle size of the hollow spherical filler is preferably 30 to
300 μ (sieve fraction is determined by test). As such a filler, for example, Fillite II (manufactured
by British Fil 1- Co., Ltd.) or commercially available J'l is used, and the other hollow spherical
filler j1'4 agent is also fixed with Fillite into one unit 4M. .
(B) The non-hollow inorganic r- filler blended in 111 is i! A solid filler may be added to a speaker
cabinet 1-JfJ-like phase consisting of i (m-filled Jm ′ i-agent-blended plastic or it may be a
mixed filler such as calcium carbonate, 111. Acid, barium, silica 4f. Both the CA) layer and the
03) layer are obtained by curing or solidifying a resin composition in which each inorganic light j
↓ ′ ′ 4 agent is blended with a thermosetting resin j 111 □ and / or a thermoplastic resin. It
may be any as long as it can be used as a speaker cabinet plate material. Among them, the
specific gravity of the cured product 4f or solidified product, or 1.05 to 1.5 in the (A) layer, (II)
71 "! In +, one or more are preferable. Examples of thermosetting resins include (A) employment,
(l () phase phase JL, for example, unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy resins, etc., and
examples of thermoplastic resins include (A) employment, (B) For example, polystyrene, A, BS1
polypropylene and the like can be mentioned for both employments. As the curing agent,
peroxides (benzoyl peroxide, dicumyl peroxide), amines (diaminodiphenylmethane), etc. may be
used alone or in combination depending on the type of the resin i. cA) The compounding amount
of the total mineral filler in the resin composition for I open is preferably 40 to 60% by weight,
and the hollow spherical filler contained in the total mineral filler has a 10-heavy star or more,
preferably 15% or more. The blending amount of the non-hollow spherical inorganic filler in the
(third) employed resin composition is, for example, 45 to 80 wt. In the resin composition of (5)
layers and (T3) employment in duplicate, a self-known reinforcement agent, a fiber reinforcing
agent (organic fibers such as glass fibers and carbon fibers, organic N ^ such as polyester fibers,
etc. Is preferable, and if desired, a curing accelerator, a pigment and the like may be added. In
addition, the resin composition for (13) JI '= 1 is described, for example in Japanese Patent
Publication No.4-5094. (A) Specific examples of the resin composition employed include, for
example, the following compositions: unsaturated polyester resin 34.0 parts by weight benzil
peroxide 0.5 zinc stearate 2.2. 1-37,0 // calcium carbonate 158 〃 glass fiber 7.0 〃 Also, as a
specific example of the resin composition employed (B), for example, the following composition
may be mentioned:
Unsaturated polyester resin 15.0 parts by weight Dicumyl peroxide 0.5% Zinc stearate 10
Calcium carbonate 40.0 Barium sulfate 40.0 // Glass fiber 10.0 // or 1)-Explained by drawing .
FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the plate material of the present invention, wherein (1) is the (A)
layer, (2) is the (B) I bit 1 or (A) j 1 As shown in FIG. 3, at least one layer (3) made of a sound
absorbing material may be provided. As the sound absorbing material, a known sound absorbing
material may be used, and specific examples thereof include natural wood board, synthetic k,
birch rock, expandable plastic (for example, expanded polystyrene) and the like. It is preferable
that the sound-absorbing material layer is provided as 1 to 3 J made of the same or different
materials. In the plate material according to the present invention, for example, a plate material
obtained by molding the resin composition for (A) Jt = I is drawn in a concave mold, and a brimix
of CB) phase is placed thereon to use a convex mold. A method of forming blood pressure, or
forming both plate materials by known means, respectively, and manufacturing them by bonding
them to means such as adhesion and adhesion. Further, by providing a sound absorbing material
on the (A) layer of the two-layer plate material f47 as described above by a known means (for
example, by adhesion and adhesion), a plate material having a sound absorbing material layer is
obtained. Be The JV-ness of the 2Jiη plate material according to the present invention is usually
7 to 25%, preferably 10 to 2071771, and the thickness of the (A) layer is usually 2 to 10 mm,
preferably 4 to 3 nnn. The sound absorbing material layer is usually 2 to 8 mm, preferably 4 to 6
per layer. The plate material according to the present invention can be used as the speaker
gahine 1 to the plate material, and by assembling the layer (A) with the inner side, it is possible
to obtain a speaker gear vignette having a string and an effect. In this case, it is not necessary to
form all the curves with the plate material of the present invention, and at least one curve,
preferably the front plate or baffle plate, particularly the back plate, is made of the plate material
of the present invention It may be made of a plastic plate containing a curd or an inorganic filler.
$ 21Ai is a real / + tu mode of a speaker gear vignette using the example of the present invention
plate as an example, that is, using the plate material of the present invention as a back plate, (1)
and (2) are as shown in FIG. Similarly, (8) is a speaker.
When manufacturing the speaker cabinet by using the plate material of the present invention 11
", the top plate, the side plate, the first plate, the baffle plate, and the front plate constituting the
cabinet are formed as separate plate materials, and this is used as an cabinet using an adhesive. It
is also possible to obtain in advance a cabinet molded only with a plastic compounded with an
inorganic filler, that is, the layer 03), and later adhere or adhere the layer (A) to the desired inner
surface of the cabinet. The speaker cabinet assembled by using the plate material according to
the present invention: ■ has a sound effect, has a good sound insulation property because it
absorbs sound, or has a sound insulation property, and ■ has a vibration due to the sound
pressure of the speaker because it is a specific gravity or a dog. It has excellent acoustic
characteristics such as less occurrence.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is an embodiment of a plate according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal
sectional view of an embodiment of a speaker cabinet using the plate according to the present
invention as a back plate, and FIG. It is one Example of the board | plate material which concerns
on this invention which provided the elastic material j-.
■ · · · (A) Layer 2 ... 03) Layer 3 ... Speaker 4 ... Sound absorption 4'3 EI I 'd Patent application
applicant Kudo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Takashima-
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