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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a structural cross-sectional view of a
conventional receiver having an acoustic element configuration, and FIG. 2 is a structural crosssectional view of an exemplary embodiment receiver having an acoustic element according to the
present invention. 1 = Fig. 19-real opening 51-110408 (2)-20-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is directed to a part of a
frame (two small holes to form a neck resistance and an acoustic mass) for a telephone #i
telephone and receiver (hereinafter referred to as a handset). Improving the structure 1- *.
Conventionally, the neck resistance and storage mass of a telephone feature handset use @il K or
a mesh or 4 & (a gap according to 2) of wire mesh. For this reason, it is necessary to look at the
number of pieces of goods, and to look at or tighten 111 gauges or wire nettings, etc. There were
drawbacks such as instability of receiver characteristics. The present invention eliminates the
above-mentioned drawbacks and provides uniform acoustic resistance and neck mass by FiF, T (-therefore uniforming of handset characteristics and improvement of productivity. The details will
be described below with reference to FIG. FIG. 1 shows an example of a cross-sectional view of a
conventional handset, in which 1 is a protection plate, 2 is a fine movement plate, 3 is a frame, 4
is an outer pole, 5 is an inner pole, 6 is a coil, 7 is a magnet, 8 is a hippopotamus, 9 is a rope or a
net. The outer pole 4, the inner pole 5, the coil 6, and the magnet 7 are compared by 4 minutes
from the frame 6L, and the micro-motion plate 2, the frame 6 and the cover 8 are narrowed by
[proportion] from the protection #i sheet. One is added. A portion surrounded by the moving
plate 2 and the frame 6 and the outer pole 4 (-therefore, a first back air chamber is formed and a
5 g 2 air vent is formed in the portion bent by the frame 3, the inner pole 5 and the cover 8 1
back air room and the second he air is the inner circumference of the fret 6, between the outer
pot (-(hole 1- spanned 1 From the thin cabinet position has formed the neck resistance and taX
amount. @IIt or wire mesh 9 may be one frame only General 1. -2 or 3 pieces are required, and
attachment by means of binding or comparison is extremely inefficient and not suitable for mass
production. In addition, there was a problem that the characteristics of the handset were unstable
due to the variation of No. 2 resistance and sound mass due to the variation of P ¥ business. Also
in the case of the transmitter, the width-frame (-the small hole C having a small hole C membrane
or a wire mesh attached thereto) has the same problem as the 11 receiver. FIG. 2 shows a
sectional view of the receiver according to an embodiment of the present invention, wherein 1 is
a protective plate, 2 is a diaphragm, 5 is a frame, 4 is an extra, 5 is an inner electrode, 6 is a coil,
7 is a magnet. , 8 is a hippo. The outer pole 4, the inner pole 5, the coil 6, and the magnet 7 are
separated from each other by the frame 3 by QIII, and the fine plate 2, the frame 3 and the cover
III have the protective plate 1L-- due to the intoxication (2 ° C). The diaphragm 1 and the frame
6 are divided by surrounding by the outer pole 4 to form a first chamber [(a)] 7-6, inner 6-pole 5,
and a portion surrounded by the cover 8, the second rear chamber The first rear air chamber and
the second rear air chamber are made of the same material as the inner frame and the outer
frame of the frame 3. The thickness of the inner chamber and the outer chamber is thinner than
either the inner or outer cavity. Shiho formed molded Shimokai element (more than two lead.
The sound resistance and the amount of sound writing are set between the first rear air chamber
and the second rear air chamber at the rear of the diaphragm 2 from the same material 1M + −
as the frame 3 supporting the diaphragm 2 A substantially central portion 3 'of the frame 3 (a
plurality of small holes are formed (-formed). The air in the first rear air chamber can be added to
the second rear A'M + two free through this plurality of small holes (by means of the appropriate
diameter and length of the small holes through the two small holes) A receiver (a suitable
second-order book, a letter i, a single letter or a letter C) as in the case of the first letter C is a
frame three-piece body t'-a letter book, a mortgage and a cashier Q) Hunt the temporary
punishment-) 旨 旨 旨 二 element (('' '' 6 6 符 符 符 符 符 均一) uniform 1 均一 威 −1 (-1 l: I j
telephone handset送 借 = 送 = = = = = 送 送 t t t t t t 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 場合 場合 も も も
も も も も も も も も も も も も も 送 送 送 送 t t t t t 場合 場合 場合 器 器 器 器 4 Easy to be
applied (-no possible). 4 Fig. 11 (1 υ) Brief description xi is a structural cross-sectional view of a
conventional 苔 1I-based handpiece 受 戎 受 受 第 第 2 2 2 は ((((f f 実 施 実 施 実 施 実 施 実 施
実 施 実 施 実 施It is an analysis 1 figure. Utility model registrar-human body type soka company
Nakayo construction bias machine 5-year-old eyes / j 24, LB 47 o 2 UfJl 524 also for 8 days 673
'husband' tj S ',' r 'A,-two o'clock-7, 1oA'- 8 * E 庸 m, fT: 14 Attachments (1) Request for
application m 1 for 12) Application examination request 1) 1113) 1 statement (41 drawings 1)
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