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3. Patent applicant address (location) Meguro-ku, Tokyo Meguro-ku, Meguro-ku, Meguro-ku 1st
name (name) (501) Pioneer Corporation representative Y. Ishizuka '3 ■ ■ Japan Patent Office
■ JP-A-51-1406 Sho 51. (1976) 12.3 り 3Z〆11 Specification 1, Title of the Invention
Inside Yabinetto for speakers
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker cabinet having
an opening for a screw. Baffle plate (1) K round, square when making an opening for bass reflex
in the normal cabinet. Although slit-like notch holes Q11 are provided, the above-mentioned
baffle plate (1) K heat τ is difficult to form a notch hole housing having a complicated shape
because the plate thickness is considerably thick and the speaker attachment There is a
drawback that the strength as a whole of the baffle plate (1) is lowered because the elongated
mechanically weak low strength portion α can be generated between the hole α and the notch
hole (111). Moreover, although the acoustic resistor (2), such as a felt for obtaining an acoustic
resistance, is stuck on the back surface of the cutout 9. This acoustic resistor (2) has
disadvantages such as cost increase and cost increase and cost recommendation. The present
invention was made to correct the above-mentioned drawbacks, and the purpose of the ml is for
a speaker that can easily obtain a Bazref opening of complicated shape without lowering the
strength as a baffle plate. To provide a cabinet. EndPage: 1 or a second object of the present
invention is to provide a speaker cabinet which can be mounted with a member for an acoustic
resistor, attached with an acoustic resistor, and the like. Next, an embodiment of the present
invention will be described with reference to the drawings. (3) is a front plate which is a plate
excellent in airtightness or a film made of synthetic resin or the like, and is formed with a round,
square, slit or the like notch hole 6 and a speaker attachment hole 0 邊. (4) is a strong open-cell
foam such as foam concrete and foam aluminum, and a speaker attachment hole is formed at the
same position as the speaker attachment hole Oa of the front plate (3) described above. When
using a plate for the front plate (3), the notch hole clυ. The speaker mounting holes are
processed in advance, and this is adhered to the foam (4) with an adhesive or the like, and in the
case of a film, the foam (4) K coating film and at the time of coating Threatening of the surface
corresponding to the notch hole an and the speaker nitrogenation hole ω is performed. By the
way, as the foam (4) is foamed concrete, foamed aluminum or the like, 1 mechanical strength is
large and slope vibration 1ll (co-retraction) occurs. In addition, resonance is less likely to occur
even if the longitudinal loss (sound wave) generated in the material is large because the internal
loss of the foam is large. In the case where the cabinet is constructed using the above-mentioned
foam (4) father. The volume of air occupied in the base material is large, and it is effective as an
internal volume up to the outside dimension of the cabinet, so the equivalent soundness of the
cabinet can be lowered below the lowest resonance local wave number and the bass reproduction
ability is large. Further, the foam of the open cell has a sound absorbing effect, so that the
amount of the sound absorbing material used inside can be smaller than that of the conventional
one, and it has features such as b.
Therefore, as in the present invention, if the foam (4) is not cut off, the mechanical strength of
the cabinet is deteriorated regardless of the shape and size of the notch r3il for bass reflex in the
front plate (3). Absent. In addition, the foam is an open cell, and when the air passes because of
the structure in which the air chamber is continuous with fine pores. An appropriate loss occurs
and acts as an acoustic resistance. As a result, a moderate braking effect can be obtained, and it
is possible to reproduce bass with good conversion efficiency as well as high transient
characteristics in the low range. Further, as a result of this effect, the speaker does not need to
perform harmful wide-spread operation with respect to an ultra low-pass signal (for example, a
signal due to a record sled etc.) even though it is a bass reflex type. Therefore, there may be
effects such as reduction of intermodulation distortion and increase of allowable input. Since the
present invention utilizes the foam with high mechanical strength as described above, the
formation of an opening of free shape and size does not cause deterioration of the mechanical
strength, and an open cell foam Thus, when the cut-out portion for bass reflex is provided only
on the front plate, 1) The foam has an effect of making the effect as an acoustic resistor.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIGS. 1 and 2 show a baffle plate in a conventional speaker
cabinet, and FIG. 1 is a front view. 8g2 is the same l-1 cross section as above. Figures 3 and 4 t!
FIG. 3 is a front view of a baffle plate, and FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line P /■ in FIG. 4. (3) ...... front plate Jiupushiron ...... notch Rankoku ...... speaker mounting hole (4) ......
foam Kit ...... speaker mounting Hole Patent Applicant Pioneer Co., Ltd. Representative Hideo
Kuwano 10EndPage: 3
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