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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional speaker
box in which a phase inversion duct is closed by an auxiliary plate, and FIG. 2 is a finish of the
high-tone speaker and the phase inversion duct in the same shape frame FIG. 3 is a perspective
view of a conventional speaker box, and FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 are perspective views of a speaker
system according to the present invention. 1 ...... speaker box 4 ...... opening, 6 °°°°°°
auxiliary Panfuru plate, 7 ...... phase inversion duct.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a speaker box. Users have
been able to freely add speakers to the speaker box, and many have been able to improve sound
quality from the past. That is, as shown in FIG. 1, only the mid-low range speaker 2 and the hightone speaker 3 are attached to the baffle plate of the speaker box 1 so that a high "speaker can
be additionally installed according to the user's preference. The opening portion 4 is provided in
advance, and the base for the additional speaker preparation hole 4 is n at 5 in the normal line
auxiliary 1 and the like. Also, even when this aperture 1114 is used as a phase inversion duct, it
is densely closed in advance by an auxiliary plate etc.), and the phase inversion and density are
made according to the user's preference on the sound quality. The choice between the two types
is closed. These chairs n also have the auxiliary plate 5 and are not preferable in appearance. As
a result, the cost of the auxiliary plate 5 has been relatively high. Furthermore, as shown in FIG.
2, there is one in which the high-pitched speaker 3 and the phase inversion duct 7 can be
interchanged, but this fL is a drilled case. The purpose of this is to correct the sense of stereo
when placed on the left and right or to balance the design appearance on the left and right with
the purpose of changing the installation of the 6 squirrel beaker or duct. The purpose of this
invention is true to the above-mentioned conventional device, and provides a speaker system in
which the phase inversion duct for enhancing the bass and the super high tone speaker for
enhancing the treble can freely be converted and attached according to the preference of the
user. It is to be. In the present invention, the super high-pitched speaker for high-pitched
enthusiasts and the phase-reversal duct for low-pitched enthusiasts have the same frame shape,
and the same screw solid foot position with respect to the baffle plate of the speaker box) 4 '
Depending on the user's preference, one-sided gold mounting is made possible by taking the size.
The speaker system according to the present invention will be described with reference to FIGS.
3 and 4 according to an embodiment shown in FIG. 4. The speaker system according to the
present invention will be described in the following. And the opening 4 is provided, and the super
high frequency speaker 8 or the phase inversion duct 7 is attached to the opening 4 according to
the preference K of the use n1. The super high-pitched speaker 8 is attached to the auxiliary
baffle plate 6 and the n-speaker 8 itself is sVc inserted in the opening 4 and the n1M auxiliary
baffle plate 6 is screwed to the speaker box 1. In addition, the duct 7 for phase reversal is made
cylindrical and attached to the auxiliary baffle plate 6 9, the outside diameter of the duct 7 is
made equal to the diameter of the hole of the opening 4, and the duct 7 is opened. Insert into the
inside of the hole 4 and screw the auxiliary baffle plate 6 into the cabinet 1iC.
Thus, a person who likes V tube sound can use the super high tone speaker 3-8 and a person
who likes bass can use the phase inversion duct 7. This device uses the same speaker box to
make it possible to respond quickly to the taste of the user, and the high-tone and low-pitch
corrections can be easily exchanged without being unsightly on the appearance, and the highquality high-pitched user's taste preference is clearer If you are focusing on the super high
frequency speaker, jazz and rock tone in the eight that is important, you can easily change the
low frequency enhancement with the same speaker box in the phase inversion for those who are
focused on the bass in the rock tone.
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