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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional side view showing a
conventional phase-reversal speaker system, FIG. 2 is a phase-reversal speaker syscam according
to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIGS. The longitudinal side view and front view
which show one Example of the duct for bass resonance with a radiation fin by this invention.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... center ball, 2 ... plate, 3 ... magnet, 4 ... voice coil, 5 ... voice coil
bobbin, 6 ... dust cap, 7 ... cone, 8 ... edge 9 Frames 10 Dun 'pars 11 cabinets 12 temporary sound
materials 13 bass resonance tact 14 boats 15 radiator fins In the drawings, the same reference
numerals indicate the same or corresponding parts.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a phase-reversal speaker
system. The structure of the conventional 1 phase inversion type speaker system is shown in Fig.
1 ◎ 1 in (1) is the center pole, (2) is the great, + 3) is the magnet. Nakaji /! 2772 wide + 41 F! ボ
イスコイル、+51flボイスコイルボビン。 (7) is a cone, (9) is a frame, otl 扛 tamper-1 U is a
cabinet, and 1131 is a tact for bass co-image. Now, when input is applied to the speaker, most of
the energy is spent on heat energy, and the temperature of the voice coil (4) rises. Because heat
conduction voice coil bobbin 15 + tries to transmit to cone (7) or tamper [phase] or these
materials are often used because of poor heat conductivity of mine or cloth or glass, heat
radiation effect I'm not sorry. Therefore, it is transmitted to the center hole and the plate by the
heat 4 of most heat rri, radiation and magnetic af &, and from there there is further 9 air inside
the a-contact cabinet, magnet (3) or frame + 91't- It is also transmitted to the air inside the
cabinet. However, the air flow around the center hole is poor, as it is in the conventional phase
reversal type sneaker system. Because heat is accumulated, if a large input continues, there is a
risk that a thermal noise will occur in the voice coil. j (2) two ways 1! In the case of 1; ¥, the
center of the speaker cabinet and the center of the tact for low frequency co-image shift from the
center of the speaker unit. A hole was made in the center hole in this device to eliminate the
above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. (H) Th connection is made to provide an excellent
sneaker system that withstands large input and is capable of sound localization with setting the
tact for bass resonance. In the following, one embodiment 1p11 of the present invention will be
described according to mischief. The 211st! In J, the mountain is the dawned center hall, and 11
itself is the horde connected to 8 of the center hall. Now, when the input to the voice coil + 41 is
heated and heat is generated, much of the heat is generated by the radiation or magnetic
conduction in the magnetic gap as a medium -t! Transmission to the pole and plate. However, the
heat transmitted to the center ball is low in the hole created in the central part of the center ball:
y becomes part of the tact and I / '16, so that the bass collusion j (3) = Uraso-i- "When shaking!
Circulation of air occurs and is cooled.
Further, the heat is also transmitted to the plate 7 and the heat is also cooled so as to transmit
the magnet to the center hole "+". Furthermore, as the material of the hood to be connected to
the hole of the center ball, the heat transfer rate gold JI 4 is used, and as shown in FIG. 3, the
radiation fin is formed inside the hole S or the center hole of the hood. If it does, the cooling
effect will rise more. In addition, because the center of the low-pitch resonance tough is in line
with the writing center of the speaker unit, it is possible to obtain a good sound of lt body
localization, to Era on 0a, in this invention the center ball of the speaker unit By making the hole
completely open and containing the hound to make a low neck resonance tact. It is possible to
obtain a large smoker system capable of withstanding large input and having a mineralization
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