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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are explanatory views of a conventional
tremolo generator, and FIGS. 3 and 4 are explanatory views of a first embodiment of the tremolo
generator according to the present invention, and FIG. FIG. 6 and FIG. 6 are explanatory views of
a second embodiment of the tremolo generating apparatus according to the present invention.
20.21 иии
ииииииииииииииии Loudspeaker 25 ? , 27.45 ииииии Motor, 28.46 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии. Cross section substantially
concave shaped member.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a tremolo
generator, and the tremolo rotor of the tremolo generator has a structure in which rigid bodies
which are symmetrical to each other are joined to reduce the number of parts of the tremolo
rotor, and It is easy to assemble, and the tremolo rotor can be precisely balanced to achieve a
good tremolo effect. Furthermore, it is possible to eliminate the resonance phenomenon due to
one sound emitted from the speaker, and to have a high sound pressure level. It is an object of
the present invention to provide a tremolo generator that can be obtained (1) 59 ? 4 "/ v j l f.
Conventionally, in the tremolo generator, for example, as shown in FIG. 1, a rotary reflection
plate 2 is provided for a fixed speaker 1. Incidentally, 3 is a motor. Such a tremolo generator may
use a large-sized speaker as a speaker when trying to obtain a tremolo effect with a large number
of sounds, but when the radiation sound pressure from the speaker becomes high, the reflection
plate resonates. As a result, the tremolo effect is significantly impaired because the sound other
than the sound emitted from the speaker is generated. Therefore, the tremolo generator as
shown in FIG. 1 has a fatal disadvantage that the maximum sound pressure level which is
inevitably allowed is small. In addition, since an indirect sound due to reflection is heard as a
tremolo effect sound instead of the direct sound from the speaker, the sound pressure drop
occurs due to the transmission loss and so a large volume can not be obtained. Further, as shown
in FIG. 2, the speaker 6 is attached to the foamable rotor baffle 5 which is open at one end, and
the rotor (2) 0. There is proposed a tremolo generating apparatus in which the i59-4 baffle 5 is
rotated by the motor 7 and the speaker itself is rotated to generate a tremolo effect. This type of
tremolo generator has an advantage that there is no reduction in sound pressure due to
transmission loss, as compared to the tremolo generator as shown in FIG. 1 because it hears the
direct sound from the speaker. However, if the speaker is enlarged to obtain a tremolo effect at a
large volume, the moment of inertia of the rotating system becomes extremely large and the load
on the motor becomes large, so a higher performance motor must be used. As the cost increases
and the volume is raised, the foam rotor baffle resonates to generate sounds other than the
sound emitted from the speaker, which significantly impairs the tremolo effect, which is
inevitable. There is a disadvantage that the maximum sound pressure level allowed is small.
Also, the foamed rotor baffle is not uniform in density depending on the location because it is
foamable, so it is difficult to adjust the balance of the rotor baffle, and the rigidity is small, so (3)
of the speaker) 1Failless mounting can not be done only with nut or tapping screw for mounting
on rotor shaft or mounting of rotor baffle, it is difficult to mount with high accuracy, and the
necessary number of parts is also required, so that tremolo rotor is generated The assembly of
the device becomes cumbersome and expensive. Furthermore, since the -11 property is small, it
is easy to be deformed by a slight force, for example, it may be deformed by rotation, and it is
also difficult to maintain balance. Furthermore, since the rigidity of the rotor baffle is small, the
rotor baffle itself vibrates due to the reaction of the speaker cone paper, which causes energy
loss, resulting in poor radiation efficiency from the speaker. The present invention eliminates the
above-mentioned drawbacks, and an embodiment thereof will be described below. FIG. 3 is a
partial sectional view of the tremolo generating apparatus according to the present invention,
and FIG. 4 is a perspective view of the tremolo rotor. In the same figure, 20.21 is a crosssectionally truncated member substantially symmetrical with each other, and this crosssectionally truncated member 20.21 is an example (4), too! 7 Fj 9 S: A rigid resin material such as
an ABS resin is molded by using a predetermined + S-shaped mold. Then, the cross-sectionally cut
and shaped members 20.21 are joined, and they are joined together by, for example, a suitable
adhesive or tapping screw, to form the tremolo rotor 22. Reference numeral 23 denotes a
speaker attached to a predetermined position of the tremolo rotor 22. The speaker 23 can be
fixed using a rib 24 or the like formed at a predetermined position of the cross-sectionally
truncated member 20.21. . The reference numeral 25 denotes a balance weight disposed in the
gap 26 constituted by the recess of the cross-sectionally shaped member 20.21, and the balance
weight is used to achieve overall balance. In addition, depending on the configuration of the
molding of the substantially broken ja-shaped member, it is possible to achieve balance without
providing a special balance weight. Reference numeral 27 denotes a motor, and 28 denotes a
rotary shaft of the motor. FIG. 5 is a partial sectional view of the embodiment of the pond of the
tremolo generating apparatus according to the present invention, and FIG. 6 is a perspective view
of the tremolo and the t199 Z '. In the figure, reference numeral 40.41 denotes a substantially
wedge-shaped member made in the same manner as the above embodiment, and the tremolo
rotor 42 is configured by combining the mutually symmetrical substantially wedge-shaped
members 40 and 41 with each other in cross section. doing.
43 is a speaker attached to a predetermined position of the tremolo rotor 42, 44 is a balance
weight, 45 is a motor, and 46 is a rotation shaft of the motor. As described above, in the tremolo
generator, the tremolo rotor is constituted by a large rigid member, that is, compared to the case
where the speaker is fixed to the small rigid tremolo rotor such as foam plastic, as in the present
invention. By fixing the speaker to a rigid tremolo rotor, energy loss is reduced and higher sound
pressure levels can be obtained. In addition, even if the sound pressure of the speaker is
increased, the tremolo rotor does not cause resonance, so that it is possible to add a large
amount of manpower to the speaker, and a more flat sound pressure level can be obtained. . Also,
as in the above embodiment (6)) i, иии ? ? p 9 ░ embodiment, when the tremolo rotor with the
speaker attached is sealed or phase-reversaled, as shown in FIG. The output sound pressure level
is much higher than that. Also, when making the tremolo rotor by molding, if the halves are made
as in the above example and these half rests are joined, the tremolo rotors can be made easily,
especially with the same mold with a half rest consideration. If you make them, the semi-identical
parts become completely symmetrical with each other. For example, even if the mold has some
distortion etc. and there is an unbalanced part in the molded product, in order to assemble facing
each other, the left and right The deviation of the center of gravity is canceled, and balance
adjustment becomes extremely easy. Furthermore, since the same half outer shape is the same,
the air resistance to the upper half rest part and the lower half rest part of the tremolo rotor
becomes the same, the lift force by the rotation and the downward pressure balance, and
vibration harmful to the tremolo effect. There is no occurrence of excessive load on the motor
etc. In addition, since the weight for balance is attached in the tremolo rotor, the appearance is
good, and furthermore, it is (7) и = = ") 390 ░ C. At the same time, the tremolo effect becomes
good without disturbing the air flow. Furthermore, when the tremolo rotor is formed of a large
rigid material, the shape of the tremolo rotor includes a speaker holding portion, a speaker back
cavity, a portion attached to a motor, a portion for attaching a balance weight, etc. Can be made
with high precision, and the displacement of the position dimension accompanying the
attachment of the individual parts is small, and the balance of the rotational system does not
largely shift. Furthermore, when a hole is made in the center of the tremolo rotor and fitted to
the shaft of the motor, the centers of the motor and the tremolo rotor coincide.
Therefore, for example, the tremolo rotor, the speaker, the weight and the like before being
attached to the motor can be balance-adjusted with reference to the center hole of the tremolo
rotor in the assembled unisit state, and the motor with the balance adjusted Even if it is attached
to the case, the balance does not shift and it is also good in terms of productivity. Also, since the
number of parts is small, the workability of assembly is very good. (8) '). As described above, the
tremolo generating apparatus according to the present invention is a tremolo generating
apparatus that generates a tremolo effect by rotating the speaker itself, wherein the tremolo
generating apparatus according to the present invention is substantially symmetrical with
respect to a joint surface substantially perpendicular to the rotation axis. Since the speaker is
attached to the tremolo rotor having a rigid body joined, the number of components of the
tremolo rotor can be reduced, which makes the assembly easier, and the tremolo rotor can be
precisely balanced and the tremolo effect is good. Because the upper and lower sides are
generally symmetrical with respect to the rotation of the tremolo rotor, the lifting force and the
pressing force are balanced, and no harmful vibration or the like occurs in the tremolo effect, and
the air flow is also disturbed. And because the tremolo rotor is a rigid body, the tremolo rotor
resonates due to the radiated sound pressure of the speaker Since there is no noise, it is possible
to put a large input into the speaker, so that the tremolo effect at a large volume can be obtained,
and the energy loss is also small, so the volume becomes even larger, and the sound pressure
level is much higher. The tremolo effect of (9) heart = n j no 16 '0 ". And low in cost.
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