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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
electromagnetic speaker which is used for sound emission (call, notification, alarm, etc.) in
various industrial fields such as home appliances, office automation equipment, car 2 watches
and the like. 2. Description of the Related Art In recent years, with the cleaning of circuit boards
such as home appliances and office automation equipment, as a sounding body mounted on the
circuit board, a wash-resistant type has attracted attention. Heretofore, the method of cleaning
resistance of the electromagnetic sounding body has been a method of shielding the sound
emitting hole provided on the upper surface of the electromagnetic sounding body with a tape
having an adhesive layer and removing it after cleaning. Therefore, the structure of the
conventional anti-washing type and the sound emission principle will be described based on FIG.
A coil 4 is fixed to a magnetic circuit consisting of a magnet (a permanent magnet) 3 and a plate
(yoke) 5, and a metal diaphragm made of a diaphragm 8 and a suspension 9 having high
magnetic susceptibility i3 is provided via a narrow gear tube 20 There is. This metal diaphragm
is attracted and supported in advance by the plate 5 for the direct current magnetic field by the
magnet 3. However, when an alternating current signal is applied to the coil 4 through the
terminal 10, the alternating current magnetic flux is superimposed and the attraction force is the
alternating current signal The metal diaphragm vibrates to generate noise because it changes in
response to the frequency of. The generated sound is amplified by the cavity 19 between the
resonance cases 1 and emitted to the outside through the sound emission hole 11. In addition,
one day is a shield tape. Problems to be Solved by the Invention However, in the above method,
the user lacks the ease of use of the user's case in order to remove the shield tape, or because the
shield tape is required, the number of parts and the number of processes increase and the cost
The present invention, which has the problem of leading up, is intended to provide an
electromagnetic speaker that can solve this problem. Means for Solving the Problems To this end,
the present invention provides a plurality of sound emitting holes at the lower side of the
resonance case. Function The function by this technical means is as follows. That is, by providing
the sound emission hole at the lower side, the inflow of the cleaning liquid accompanying the
cleaning of the circuit board is significantly suppressed, and the discharge hole is divided into a
plurality of holes for the inflow of the cleaning liquid. The spill rate can be greatly improved by
the principle of Embodiments Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be
described based on the drawings. FIG. 1 (A) is a cross-sectional view of the sound-proof member
for cleaning of this embodiment, and FIG. 1 (B) is a plan view thereof. In the structure of FIG. 1,
the same parts as in the prior art are given the same reference numerals.
By providing the sound release holes 11 at the lower side in FIG. 1, the inflow of the cleaning
solution is greatly reduced. Further, even when a part of the cleaning solution flows in, the
cleaning solution is blocked by the waterproof film 7 and does not flow into the internal field
portion, but flows out from the sound emission hole 11 provided in the lower part of the side
surface. FIG. 2 shows a method of cleaning a circuit board (the cleaning-proof electromagnetic
type sounding body mounted on the board is the above-mentioned example embodiment hole). In
FIG. 2, 13 is a jet of a washing liquid, 14 is a washing liquid jetted from the jet 13, 15 is a sound
generator according to the embodiment shown in FIG. 1, 16 is each circuit component formed on
a substrate 17. It is. As apparent from the figure, since the sound release hole 11 does not face in
the ejection direction of the cleaning solution 14, the inflow of the cleaning solution 14 is
reduced. According to the present invention, the inflow of the cleaning liquid can be significantly
suppressed by providing the sound release hole at the lower side. Further, by providing the
sound release hole on the side, a surplus space is generated in the upper part of the
electromagnetic sound generator, which leads to the miniaturization of the circuit board main
body and the miniaturization of the product main body such as installation of other circuit parts.
Further, from the viewpoint of cost, since the shield tape is eliminated, the cost can be reduced
by reducing the number of parts and the number of processes.
Brief description of the drawings
1 (A) is a cross-sectional view of the cleaning-proof electromagnetic type sounding body of this
embodiment, FIG. 1 (B) is a plan view thereof, and FIG. 2 is a circuit component including the
cleaning-resistant sounding body of this embodiment. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the
conventional anti-cleansing sounding body of the prior art.
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и Sound emission hole. Name of Agent Attorney Nakao Toshio 1 Base 1 Fig. 3-Magnet 9Suspension 4-Coil 70-Terminal S-Plate / I-Sound Release Hole 6-Film 111-I 9-Capitol 2 Theta-Gap
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