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Howling prevention quirks by the name of the L-1 omnibus time honeysuing method! L--Person
address Kanagawa-Kan-54 nose buds (, 邑 WM5 .. Ding @ 11 Japan Victor Co., Ltd. Mr.
Uchishima 4 Subdivision II '(Ha or 3) Request for application ^ book attached-l-Name of the
statement Lll Ming's time of day Prevention device. Scope of claims-The sound signal obtained
from the micro computer is added, and the delay time of 70 transition time can be controlled,
and the means for controlling the delay time and the means for controlling the delay time By
applying a tuning signal to the above-mentioned 凰 path, the 凰 time is periodically varied about
a required constant value to make the above-mentioned acoustic 儒 4 ecaii time modulation be
different to prevent the howling prevention. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The
present invention relates to a howling prevention device according to a delay time recovery
method in an acoustic transmission system. Its purpose is to simplify the construction of this
type of howling prevention device, to obtain a sufficient sound volume without producing a noise
9 / a and to provide a sound field of 2 mm to the listener. If there is a problem, sound pressure
emitted from the speaker to the sound field enters the microphone, and it is amplified again and
re-radiated from the nine speakers to form a positive feedback loop. It is well known that howling
occurs. Therefore, as it is, the amplification degree of the loudspeaker can not be increased with
an umbrella or i, and a sufficient volume can not be obtained, and the howling is conventionally
prevented by some means. As these means, for example, the peripheral fluid number of the signal
input from the microphone is made to shift to a certain frequency (5 HgQ degree) and added to
the speaker, and the appearance is on the speaker. How to eliminate the feedback loop 1
between microphones, and how to reduce the frequency between the microphone and the input
signal, and spread the frequency spectrum to the apparent signal, and reduce the lll1l between
the speaker and the microphone In the case of the luster, the method of the person in the office
adjusts the signal from the microphone once by the M-BBBfC *, and in the case of the
synchronous test liquid, the oscillation of the fog cloud for demodulation with respect to the
number of peripheral liquid of K11l transmission. Try to make the test solution by shifting the
frequency for a fixed number of periodic solutions. The demodulation signal is input to the
microphone and -EndPage: 1-the frequency of the electric signal is shifted) to the latter. IK mg is
used to perform frequency modulation on the carrier wave at the time of synchronous test
solution so that the signal is subjected to frequency modulation to disperse the frequency
spectrum. It is.
However, the howling prevention device according to the above-mentioned method has a ten or
more complicated configuration, and adjustment of the device is also frequently required. For
example, a filter is used to make the mu-M-88B, but this (the luter needs high precision and high
stability, and further the bony nature of the 7.4 luter is ideal. Because it can not be obtained, it is
not possible to obtain complete M-88B. The demodulated signal is likely to contain disturbing
beat noise, and it is possible that ** @ Transmission #IL-There is a black ink by the former
method. Similarly, various disadvantages such as high side and high stability are required. In
addition to car, speaker by spectrum dispersion by frequency modulation! It is intended to
reduce feedback rate of Italo phone to prevent howling *, * By performing frequency modulation
in the slow rain time tone mode to prevent complexity of the device and to be more audible to
the listener It is an object of the present invention to provide a howling preventing apparatus
capable of providing a sound field. Detailed description of the present invention will be made
with reference to FIG. 1 in the following. In FIG. 1, +11 is a microphone installed in the intention
of a hole etc. + 2), a large acoustic signal is input from this microphone 1) and required by the
microphone amplifier (3). Amplified to level and added to the delay circuit (4. This delay circuit
(4 is a low frequency oscillator (5 to clock oscillator + 61. The operation is controlled by the
delay circuit controller (7). The signal from the mitarophone amplifier (3) is subjected to slow
rain time modulation. And the speaker (9) with the delay circuit (the signal after the rumor is
power amplifier + 8). It is further amplified until it can be driven, and the speaker (from the
example 12 intention K) is to be emitted K. The delay circuit described above (elements of the
rumor are cascaded and an analog memory group is also inserted into a memory by tke, a signal
into a memory), and then it is transferred to a memory between them IIK, its movement The time
to do is given from the outside and controlled by the frequency of the tatter signal. What is
shown in FIG. 3 is a function of the elements of this transition circuit (2), and in particular, when
a through sheet circuit controller m is passed from a terminal value group to give a way of
outputting a cross talk oscillator, In parallel with that, the me-49 moves from the input side to
the output side sequentially and goes! 1% delay ggi + path 14 delay spread-over frequency as a
function of the frequency, if this frequency modulation is applied to the couterf signal, the output
signal of the microphone amplifier (d) to be added to the terminal k al At the time of threshold
modulation at the time of grinding, the output terminal 4 can be obtained.
On the other hand, the frequency of the clock signal @ is modulated by applying frequency
modulation to the TARK oscillator @ with the frequency of the binary signal 蜜 周 周 振 振 、 、
、 こ の 関 関 i! In the Kushiro-go instrument (7), further Km-shaped shaping, voltage shift etc.,
line% fh, in conjunction with the control time clock signal, the output signal of the itahon
amplifier 1 through the Mu Dwe converter I, shift register A group of memos may be used and
manually operated, and may be configured to be performed again through the D-m converter
(all), each of which is a unit time, a number of memory units, and a memory transfer. Since the
number is proportional to &, delay time can be adjusted. Here, the delay time test is carried out,
and the nine modulated waves f (t) have a signal angular frequency of 1, one modulation angular
frequency so, a modulation index of m, and a non-modulation delay time of τ 0. Let t be the time
t, f (t) = cogs (, t-to o (l4m5insot)) = cost (st4sp'r, omstneot)---(a),-is a constant Since 0 is a
constant, the degree of modulation is in proportion to −, and the spectrum distribution is
expanded as the signal frequency is increased. Therefore, in the delay circuit (the signal
frequency-modulated by the delay time delay system in 4 has the frequency spectrum dispersed
as described above, the feedback ratio between the speaker (9) and the microphone / -1) is ■ ゐ
by reducing bloat, Howley EndPage: 2yl. As mentioned above, Mr. Urinda visits to the end of thisMing. An acoustic signal obtained from a microphone is added, and an acoustic signal is
periodically transmitted around a certain value by controlling the delay time of the b delay-the
delay time of the path-in an angular manner. I'm afraid to put a tone, so l! It does not become
complicated because it is not required to have high accuracy and bird stability in 1 system and 1
device and 9 devices simple compared with the coming person # &. Furthermore, the equipment
vh becomes very convenient at the end of the device which becomes almost unfolded at 11%. 1 *,
it is not necessary to electrically control the M-BfaB as in the prior art because it is a long-falling
sequel nectar system, and Ii & I It is possible to prevent the one 9y da and to obtain a sufficient
amount, and further, when it is converted to a wave broom, * V ** is in proportion to the signal
brow. Because the distribution of the Ill wave number spectrum tothm is a local wave, on the
other hand, the auditory function is also counter-fishing against the number of the peripheral
fluid, giving the listener a single place for hearing. It has the advantages of being able to
Brief description of the cabinet $ 111 811 is an example of the howling prevention device
according to the itintoxication method of the present invention. FIG. 9 is a functional diagram of
the delay circuit element in the embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. S is a crosssectional view of the delay path in the case of using a digit racer as the delay circuit element.
+1)・・・マイクロホン、+3)・・・マイクロホンアン1. (4 ... 這 、, (5) ... low frequency
oscillator, lump ... タ ロ 慟 ク 慟, 1)) ... delay 1 path system instrument. 181 ... power increase @
@, (@--speaker, al ... group of analog devices, II ... Taro Tsuta signal input car, 曽 ... Mu D *
converter, ... ... v-Sister,---p-converter. -O Ir 15 3 Figure EndPage: 3a の 一 一 考 秦 用 5, 5g, 667.
76S S 丁 11 地 ビ 日本 ビ ク タ ー-会 会 社 会 社 蟲 f f f fliN 層 1 1 Yama mm Yuuri '· Su', +
EndPage: 4
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