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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
airtight and waterproof speaker damper.
BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION In recent years, the demand for speakers used outdoors has
increased, and some waterproof speakers intended for outdoor use have been proposed.
However, from the viewpoint of performance such as sound quality efficiency, dynamic speakers
are used. It is common to waterproof. Since the electrodynamic speaker has a structure in which
the movable coil is installed in a very narrow magnetic gap, normal operation can not be
obtained when water intrudes into the magnetic gap, and the electrodynamic waterproof speaker
is magnetic It is common to make the circuit a closed structure. However, in order to form a
magnetic circuit in a sealed structure, it is necessary to make a damper which is a finger holding
member of a voice coil airtight and waterproof, and conventionally, a plastic film is molded into a
damper shape or cotton impregnated with a phenol resin or the like. Alternatively, a latex or the
like is applied to the surface of a thermoformed article by using a woven fabric of polyamide
yarn and used as a damper.
In the above-mentioned damper formed by the plastic film, the mechanical stiffness of the
speaker is high due to its high stiffness, so that an acoustically suitable speaker can not be
obtained, and it is preferable as a speaker. If the stiffness of the plastic film is reduced to Q0, the
rigidity of the damper is also reduced, and there is a drawback that the function as a damper for
appropriately supporting the voice coil position can not be provided. On the other hand, dampers
obtained by applying a waterproofing agent such as latex or the like to a woven fabric molded
product are disadvantageous in that their manufacturing process is complicated and inexpensive
and dampers of a certain quality can not be obtained.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A damper for a speaker according to the present invention
comprises a cotton, a polyamide yarn and / or a woven fabric obtained by mixing yarns of these
and a thermoplastic resin film, the damper being impregnated with a thermosetting resin. It is
characterized in that it is airtight and waterproof by being formed by laminating the
[Operation] The damper for a speaker according to the present invention can be made extremely
thin in order to secure its rigidity by the woven fabric portion by forming a laminated structure
of the woven fabric and the thermoplastic resin film. In addition, since the air tightness and
waterproofness are secured by the film portion, it is possible to obtain an air tight and
waterproof damper without increasing the mechanical Q0 value of the speaker.
Also, the setting of the lowest resonance frequency (fo), which is an important element of the
speaker performance, can be adjusted by the thickness of the woven yarn or the number of
implanted fibers, the concentration of impregnated resin, etc. .
EXAMPLE A # 40 cotton impregnated with a phenolic resin and a polyamide fiber were
laminated with a nylon film having a thickness of 0.03 mm, and hot pressed to obtain a damper
having air tightness and waterproofness. In FIG. 1, the damper 1 is formed of a woven fabric
layer 2 and a thermoplastic resin film layer 3.
The damper 1 obtained according to this embodiment has sufficient rigidity to support the
proper position of the voice coil and compliance suitable as a speaker damper.
As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to easily and inexpensively
obtain a speaker damper having airtightness and waterproofness by laminating and combining a
cloth and a thermoplastic plastic film. Can.
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