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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
car audio speaker, and more particularly to a speaker connection structure which allows a user to
easily reverse the radiated sound phase of the speaker.
2. Description of the Related Art In a multi-speaker system using car audio, for example, a
woofer, a mid, and a tweeter, it is necessary to match the phase characteristics of the respective
That is, the electric signal before entering the speaker causes a phase shift by passing through a
filter such as a network, and the speaker itself has a phase characteristic, and the mounting
positions of these speaker units and the distance to the listener When is changed, the phase of
the radiation sound of each speaker at the cross point is changed, and if the phase is not
matched, an extreme dip or the like occurs in the frequency characteristic.
Also, if the phase characteristics are good or bad, all equipment must be installed in the vehicle
and auditioned.
Therefore, conventionally, in order to match the phase characteristics of the set of speaker units,
after the speaker unit is mounted in the car and auditioned, as shown in FIG. 2, the connection of
the high or middle range speaker unit is exchanged as shown in FIG. It was adjusting.
[Problems to be Solved by the Invention] In the above-described conventional car speaker
connection structure, the speaker unit attached at an angle is removed for phase alignment, and
the connection of the terminals must be changed, which is troublesome. Yes, it was not easy for
the user to do.
The present invention has been made in view of the above-mentioned point, and its object is to
provide a connection structure of a car speaker which allows the user to easily carry out phasing.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The car speaker connection structure according to the present
invention has two positions in which a resin case covering a high or middle range speaker unit is
rotated by 180 ° to a fixture fixed to a vehicle body. The two connection terminals provided on
the fixture are resiliently in contact with the two connection terminals connected to the voice coil
of the speaker unit, and are connected to opposite polarities in the locked state of the two
positions. Configured to be
[Operation] According to the car speaker connection structure of the present invention, the
connection of the feed line is reversed only by rotating the high or mid range speaker unit locked
to the fixture by 180 °. Therefore, the phase of the emitted sound can be inverted to be in phase
with the cross point.
speaker according to an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to
the drawings.
FIG. 1A is an exploded perspective view showing a connection structure of a car speaker
according to an embodiment of the present invention.
The fixture 2 is fastened to the cover 5 attached to the door mirror 6 with the screws 3 and 3
The fitting 2 is provided with two notches 2a and 2a at symmetrical positions from the center,
and two terminals 4 and 4 at symmetrical positions from the center.
The terminals 4 and 4 are made of leaf springs and connected to the feeder of the speaker.
As shown in FIG. 2B, the speaker unit 1 of the tweeter is provided with two claws 7a and 7a on
the resinous cover 7 and a voice coil on the printed circuit board 8 mounted on the back surface.
There are two lands 9, 9 connected to each other.
When the claws 7a and 7a of the resinous cover 7 are inserted into the notches 2a and 2a of the
fixture 2 and the speaker unit is rotated by 90 ° clockwise or counterclockwise, it comes into
contact with a stopper (not shown) and stops.
There is a gap between the cover 5 of the door mirror and the fixture 2 so that the claw 7a can
Thus, at the two positions where the speaker unit 1 is locked to the fixture 2, the lands 9, 9 and
the terminals 4, 4 are pressure-welded by the elasticity of the spring, and the speaker unit 1 is
connected to the feeder. Be done.
Further, by changing the position at which the speaker unit 1 is locked to the attachment 2, the
connection of the speaker unit 1 becomes a reverse pole.
Thus, only by rotating the speaker unit 1 by, The connection becomes reverse
polarity, and hence the phase of the emitted sound can be reversed.
After installation, the system can be easily adjusted, and the phase can be changed by a radio,
cassette tape, or other source.
Although the embodiment is configured as described above, the invention is not limited thereto.
For example, a terminal of a leaf spring may be provided on the side of the speaker unit.
According to the connection structure of the car speaker of the present invention, the phase can
be easily changed even after the speaker unit is attached, so that the adjustment operation is
As shown in the embodiment, when the speaker unit is attached to the door mirror, phase
inversion occurs even when the signal is stopped during operation, and the effect is large.
Further, the structure is simple and the manufacturing cost is low, and the mounting operation of
the speaker unit is also possible.
Furthermore, since no switch or the like is used to change the phase, the appearance is also
Furthermore, since the speaker unit can be easily attached and detached, speaker units with
different characteristics can be prepared and exchanged as desired.
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