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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
speaker used for various audio equipment.
2. Description of the Related Art A conventional general speaker is constructed as shown in FIG.
That is, the frame 6 is coupled to the upper portion of the magnetic circuit 5 constituted by the
lower plate 2 having the center pole 1, the ring-shaped magnet 3 and the ring-shaped upper
plate 4. An edge 9 coupled to the outer peripheral portion of the diaphragm 8 is bonded by
bonding or the like, the voice coil 10 is adhesively bonded to the central portion of the
diaphragm 8, and the intermediate portion of the voice coil 10 is held by the damper 11 The
lower portion of the coil 10 is fitted into the magnetic gap 12 of the magnetic circuit 5 without
eccentricity, and the dust cap 13 is attached to the central upper surface of the diaphragm 8.
In such a conventional speaker, a rubber-based adhesive was used to connect vibration-based
components such as the diaphragm 8, the edge 9, the voice coil 10, the damper 11, the dust cap
13 and the like. Since the adhesive of this type contains a large amount of organic solvent, it
takes a long time to volatilize a certain amount of solvent and to have an initial strength, and
there is a disadvantage that environmental pollution and mass productivity are lacking due to
volatilization of organic solvent. there were.
Furthermore, a rubber-based adhesive degrades due to heat generation of the voice coil 10 in a
large-input speaker because heat resistance is lacking, and when used for coupling the voice coil
10 and the diaphragm 8 because the hardness is low, the voice coil 10 Since the vibration of the
vibration is attenuated and transmitted to the diaphragm 8, a sufficient sound pressure can not
be obtained.
For these reasons, epoxy-based adhesives and acrylic-based adhesives are used as adhesives with
excellent heat resistance and high hardness. However, since these adhesives are usually twocomponent reaction type, problems with mixing or There are many problems such as a problem
that the application amount is increased and the weight of the vibration system is increased to
reduce the sound pressure, and a problem that it takes a relatively long time to cure.
Therefore, moisture-curable urethane-based hot melt adhesives as described in Utility Model
Registration No. 186788 have recently been used instead of these adhesives.
This moisture-curable urethane-based hot melt adhesive comprises a resin having a
polyisocyanate having two or more isocyanate groups and a compound having two or more
active hydrogen groups, for example, a polyol, and this resin is air Since it has the property of
being crosslinked by water in it, it is melted by heating before this crosslinking and used as a hot
melt adhesive.
After fixing as a hot melt adhesive, the moisture content in the air causes a crosslinking reaction
to reach a final strength.
Therefore, since the moisture-curable urethane hot melt adhesive does not contain an organic
solvent and can be solidified (initially bonded) in a short time like a hot melt adhesive in a onecomponent reaction type, it can substantially solve the conventional problems. It was a thing.
However, the conventional moisture-curable urethane-based hot melt adhesive has a very high
final strength after crosslinking reaction with moisture in the air, but the initial stage of
solidification is as follows. In the speaker operation test in the final step of the assembly line of
the speaker, which is carried out in a state where the crosslinking reaction of the adhesive does
not progress sufficiently due to the small adhesive strength, the amplitude stress is particularly
large for the speaker with large input resistance. There was a problem that it could not withstand
and it would break down adhesion.
The present invention solves the above-mentioned conventional problems and provides a highperformance speaker with good mass productivity and excellent durability by using an adhesive
capable of exerting a large adhesion in a short time even with a small coating amount. The
purpose is to
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to solve the above problems, a loudspeaker according to
the present invention comprises at least a combination of a voice coil and a diaphragm, a
combination of a diaphragm and an edge, and a moisture-curable urethane used for coupling an
edge and a frame. Tackiness is imparted at the time of solidification by mixing a certain type of
additive to the hot melt adhesive, and the additive is compatible with a moisture-curable
urethane hot melt adhesive, In particular, low molecular weight urethane polymers are desirable.
[Function] With this constitution, in addition to the adhesion of the conventional moisturecurable urethane-based hot melt adhesive upon solidification of the molten adhesive, the initial
adhesion is greatly improved because the adhesive property is obtained upon solidification. Can.
Therefore, even in the operation test of the speaker performed about 15 minutes after bonding
when manufacturing the speaker, this initial adhesive strength can sufficiently cope with this,
and the time for the adhesive to newly absorb and react with moisture in the air It is not
necessary to provide it, and a high-performance speaker with high mass productivity and
excellent durability can be provided.
embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing the structure of a speaker according to the present
invention, and in the present embodiment, a conventional moisture curing type is used at two
junctions of a diaphragm 8 and edge 9 and a junction of edge 9 and frame 6. 20 wt% of
urethane-based polymer, which is a tackiness inhibitor compatible with the above-mentioned
adhesive with an average molecular weight of 3,000 or more and 10,000 or less, was added to
the urethane-based hot melt adhesive to improve the adhesiveness upon solidification The
adhesive was used to assemble the speaker.
In addition, as a comparative example, the adhesion of the loudspeakers assembled by bonding
the same portion with a conventional moisture-curable urethane hot melt adhesive which did not
improve the adhesion upon solidification was compared. .
The adherend measures 180 ° peel adhesion strength using galvanized steel sheet which is the
material of frame 6 and SBR rubber latex coated cloth which is the material of edge 9, and the
measurement is after 15 minutes and 24 hours from bonding I went twice.
The results are shown in Table 1.
As apparent from the above measurement results, the comparative example having no tackiness
when the hot melt is solidified has a small strength 15 minutes after solidification, but the
present embodiment is such that the tackiness is obtained at the solidification. In the case of the
example it can be seen that even after 15 minutes the strength is sufficiently high, which is more
than twice the required strength.
Therefore, it can be used enough for the bonding part of this example where the amplitude stress
of the diaphragm 8 is applied at the time of the operation inspection of the speaker performed in
the assembly line 15 minutes after bonding, a small amount of application, no solvent, short It
becomes possible to provide a high-performance speaker that can be fixed in time and has good
mass productivity and durability.
As described above, the speaker according to the present invention has a small amount of
application, no solvent, and short in order to bond the vibration system parts with the moisturecurable urethane-based hot melt adhesive which has tackiness when solidified. It is of great
industrial value that can be fixed in time and can provide high-performance speakers with high
mass productivity and excellent durability.
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