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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a sound pressure characteristic diagram, 6 is a
main part of a voice coil bobbin, 7 is an appropriate number arranged in a ring. A hole 8 is a nonair-permeable elastic material, and 9 is a viscoelastic synthetic resin layer. One color-89-Japanese
Utility Model Application Model No. 51-939 (No. 2 Fig. 121, 'Y' / one to AN'l lt lt Ha ;, '111 ?? 72
Now 61024610000246! 1 liquid bottle H1-90
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a speaker voice coil & i.
Form an appropriate number of holes arranged annularly in the core part of the speaker voice
coil bobbin, and register non-perspirable shoreline material from the outer cylinder edge (inner tI edge or inner and outer bottom edge) of the part. 7. Add a 豹 elastic synthetic resin layer to
each hole portion of the voice coil bobbin by heat-pressing. (II) each hole ') elastic loss effect' ear
° 4 '*' 7 (71 'l (1) write a mechanical loss to the core to lower the resonant frequency of the
voice coil itself to achieve resonance Reduce Q and prevent a 1-character correction abnormal
resonance caused by half-bell vibration caused by bowing coil in a bow coil, eliminate a sharp
resonance flaw generated in a high range and also prevent an abnormal occurrence caused by a
hard material property of a bobbin The purpose is to be zero. With a conventional speaker (-i%
motional point, the driving force of the voice coil fixed inside one moving point is transmitted
through the vibration movement of the diaphragm to generate sound or the vibration filter
temporary bending of amVC As a result, the voice coil moves in half-bell mode, causing abnormal
resonance to occur in the core of the voice coil, thereby promoting abnormal vibration of the
diaphragm. A sharp resonance peak is generated in the high-pitched range, and an abnormality
due to the material property is generated for 71-character training using a hard material because
the bobbin 4 degrees is high y. Voice can be distorted to cause adverse effects on the sound
quality characteristics to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks. Voice coil 3-character
insertion bobbin t / (F !! Do you apply a chemical field or use a reinforcing material? (2) In
addition, this method has a drawback that it is difficult to prevent the resonance sieve due to
abnormal vibration. The illustrated embodiment will be described below. (1) is Sbi Kayori, (2) is a
center ball integrated with the yoke, (3) is a permanent magnet, 44) is a speaker play), +51 is a
frame fixed to the notebook, (6) Is the speaker voice coil main part of the invention, (7: an
appropriate number hole formed in an annular array formed on the core part iIc of this bobbin,
(8) is the outer peripheral edge (inner peripheral edge or inner or outer peripheral edge) of the
voice coil bobbin Lay out non-air-permeable elastic material from them, or place a viscoelastic
synthetic resin layer in the hole part by laminating or thermo-compression bonding, remove the
two-letter shape, and S). The speaker coil is integrated with the speaker coil, the company's corps
character insertion is a spider that supports this moving plate voice coil and prevents wobbling,
the face shakes a dustproof cage; the speaker voice coil of the present invention is a bobbin A
non-air-permeable visco-elastic synthetic resin layer is provided in each hole provided in the core
portion of the voice coil, and the elastic action of each hole suppresses the transient vibration of
the voice coil, and the voice as shown in FIG. It is possible to prevent the occurrence of sharp
resonance peaks due to the suspension * and movement of the coil (3) and also to prevent
abnormal noise generated by the hard material property of the one-character correction bin, and
good results can be obtained Because of the effect of 1-character deletion-the title is thick (eight
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