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Specification 1 and title of the invention Double gap type loudspeaker In an electrodynamic
loudspeaker having a central pole and an annular magnetic pole with an air gap around the
center pole, the two magnetic poles face each other across two upper and lower air gaps, A
speaker made by inserting a chair coil.
2 Claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention improves the long voice type and
Shogo Toss type loudspeakers in the conventional electrodynamic type loudspeakers and makes
the voice coil smaller than the long voice type loudspeakers, thereby reducing the short disc type.
In contrast to the above, the present invention is intended to provide a new speaker which has a
smaller magnetic circuit, has a good linearity with respect to an input signal, and has less
distortion. The cross section of the main part of a conventional long disc type loudspeaker is
shown in FIG. 1 is a central magnetic pole, 2 is an annular magnetic pole around it, and 3 is a
voice coil. The voice coil can obtain a linear driving force with respect to the input signal, that is,
the voice coil must widen the winding weight tL of the wheel 3 in the same magnetic field, so the
coil mass, L, R, etc. Adversely affect the characteristics. The cross section of the conventional
short) chair type is shown in FIG. Each part of 1.2.3 shows a central magnetic pole, a wedgeshaped magnetic pole, and a voice coil as in FIG. In this case, the amplitude X at which the discoil
can obtain a linear driving force with respect to the input signal. To make the width Tp of the
annular magnetic pole large, the magnetic circuit for that becomes huge. The present invention is
intended to eliminate the above-mentioned disadvantages of both types, and the embodiment is
shown in cross section in FIG. Also in this figure, 1.2 and 3 are respectively FIG. As in FIG. 2,
there are a central magnetic pole, an annular magnetic pole and a discoil, but the two magnetic
poles are opposite each other with a gap between them, and the discoil 3 is inserted in the
middle . When configured in this way, EndPage: 1 coil can obtain linear driving force with respect
to the input signal. The amplitude XW is xw "" tw "" / 2 (13 where tW is the volume of the voice
coil 3) Heavy, TPw is the height of one of both magnetic poles. Eight tVV = XW ten pw / 2 (212
Lw = 2x, + "Pwf 21 'Comparing this with the case of long voice, the voice coil winding weight in
the case of long voice tL = Tp + 2 XL (3) and the shear p = Under the condition of Tpw% xL == x,
7L = TPw + 2XW (41, J, (21 ', (21. If the equation is compared, 21., H = LL, this invention double
gap is obtained to obtain the same amplitude) In the case of the type, a 1/20 width of the chair
with the chair type is sufficient. In this case, although there is a disadvantage that the height path
of the annular magnetic pole is increased, it is an advantage that a large amplitude can be
obtained with a smaller voice coil.
On the other hand, as compared with the chair type, the shorting type can not reduce the
winding weight of the voice coil in order to obtain efficiency in the chair type, and a huge
magnetic circuit is required to obtain a large amplitude. Therefore, when a large amplitude is
required, the double gap type is advantageous in terms of the size of the magnetic circuit. In
summary, according to the double-gap loudspeaker of the present invention, a smaller driving
coil can be obtained with a smaller steering coil, whereby distortion,! 4! It is possible to
improve the characteristics such as the sex. FIG. 4 shows the overall construction of the
loudspeaker according to the present invention.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 shows a cross-sectional view of the main part of a
chair with a long chair, and FIG. 2 shows a cross-sectional view of a main part of a jortgease-type
speaker and a cross-sectional view of a main part of an embodiment. ] ... Central magnetic pole, 2
... Annular magnetic pole, 3 ... Voice coil, 4 ... Magnet Patent applicant Matsushita Electric Power
Industry Co., Ltd. EndPage: 2
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