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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are sectional views of a conventional
external magnet type speaker, and FIG. 3 to FIG. 5 are sectional views for explaining an
embodiment of the present invention. 1 ...... permanent magnet, 2 ...... yoke, 2a ...... central
magnetic path, 3 ...... magnetic gap, 4 ...... voice coil, 5 ...... corn, 6 ...... frame, 1 ...... keyhole
windows, 8 ...... magnetic shield plate, the front of the a ...... yoke, l ? иии Shortest leakage magnetic
path length, 12.13 иииииииииии Distance.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a low magnetic
leakage speaker with low magnetic leakage and thus high efficiency of the inner magnetic circuit
and good acoustic properties. 1 and 2 are sectional views of a well-known external magnet type
1-#-V (six heal force, FIG. 1 is a magnet open type speaker, and FIG. 2 is a magnet closed type
speaker. In the figure, 1 is an annular permanent magnet, 2 is a yoke for forming an annular
magnetic air gap 3 with the permanent magnet 1 in the outer magnetic path and the central
magnetic path 2a, 4 A voice coil disposed in the magnetic gap 3, 5 is a cone, 6 is a frame, and 7 is
a squash window. In the magnet-opened speaker shown in FIG. 1, since the magnetic path length
in the outer magnetic circuit between both poles of the magnet 1 is long, the outer magnetic
resistance becomes high to increase the magnetic efficiency in the inner magnetic circuit, and
Although the acoustic characteristics are also good because a large window can be opened on the
supporting frame 6, the magnet 1 leaks from the magnet 1 because the magnet 1 is exposed. , It
affected color television and was the cause of distorting images, color tones, etc. On the other
hand, since the magnet-sealed speaker shown in FIG. 2 covers the outer peripheral surface and
the back of the speaker by the frame 6 integrally fixed to the yoke 2 on the back of the yoke 2
Air leakage can be prevented and the influence on other devices can be eliminated, but the
magnetic path length between the pole on the front side of the magnet 1 and the frame 6
becomes short, and hence the reluctance in the outer magnetic circuit There is a drawback that
the magnetic circuit becomes smaller to lower the magnetic efficiency in the inner magnetic
circuit. The present invention has been made to overcome the disadvantages of the prior art as
described above, and will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings. By the
way, parts having the same functions as those in FIG. 1 are denoted by the same reference
numerals, and the detailed description thereof will be omitted. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view
illustrating one embodiment of the present invention, in which a magnetic shielding plate 8
integrally formed with one yoke 2 for shielding the magnetism leaking to the outside of the
magnet 1 is used. It extends from the bottom surface of the wheel 2 to the outside front of the
yoke 2 to a height substantially the same as the front face A of the wheel 2. Is the distance 12,
13 between the magnetic shielding plate 8 and the outer peripheral portion of the front surface
A of the yoke 2 equal to the shortest leakage magnetic path length l ? from the bottom of the
yoke 2 to the outer peripheral portion of the front surface A of the yoke 2 Or, if it is provided
long, the magnetic resistance of the inner magnetic circuit is made smaller than the magnetic
resistance of the outer magnetic circuit by -3 = -one ', and the magnet 1 is not reduced from the
magnetic efficiency in the internal magnetic circuit. Magnetic leakage can be prevented.
FIGS. 4 and 5 are cross-sectional views illustrating another example of the embodiment of the
present invention shown in FIG. 3, and it is apparent from the figures that the example shown in
FIG. The magnetic shield plate 8 integrally formed with the yoke 2 is curved from the bottom of
the yoke 2 to the rear outside of the yoke 2, and further, the front of the yoke 2 is the same
height as the front surface A of the yoke 2. In the example shown in FIG. 5, the plate-like
magnetic shielding plate 8 separately from the yoke 2 is integrally fixed to the back surface of
the yoke 2 as shown in FIG. It has the same effect as the example illustrated in FIG. As apparent
from the above description, according to the present invention, it is possible to prevent the
magnetic leakage without reducing the magnetic efficiency of the internal magnetic circuit, and
by reducing the size of the window of the frame, the low magnetic property with good acoustic
characteristics. A leaky speaker can be provided. ??
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