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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of the present invention, wherein 5 is a frame, 6 is a voice coil, 7 is a sound
absorbing and elastic material having air permeability, and 9 is a diaphragm.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention has a mechanical loss
supported by a sound absorbing elastic material like a voice coil all hollow machine, and this
damping suppresses the excessive vibration caused by the voice coil to all natural sounds. It
relates to the improvement of the speaker which is made to prevent. Conventionally, since the
area of the 碌 m plate is wider than that of the voice coil, flexing interlocking occurs in
accordance with the high frequency according to the high frequency. For this reason, a strange
movement of Nashin on the voice coil reversely causes a bell movement to be reflected and
transmitted, causing excessive vibration due to this phenomenon, distortion sound inherent to
the speaker (1)-yo,--- , T · 1 ° l-:: · is causing. In order to put the above-mentioned defects into
account, there are some that put a sound absorbing material etc. inside the voice coil itself to give
a loss, but by such a method. There is a problem that contact noise is generated because the
bobbin and the sound absorbing material are not completely joined, and a light equivalent in
performance is not obtained. ◎ The present invention absorbs sound in the outer peripheral
portion of the voice coil. It is supported by elastic material and made to have a large size, and by
this action, it turns from the junction of voice coil and @ sound elastic material to the frame and
then to voice coil [3 due to the bell movement caused by it! The A # -like backlash is totally
suppressed, and the distortion sound of the speaker 1111 is prevented, and the above-mentioned
defects are counted. An embodiment will be described below. (1) is a speaker yoke, (2) is a center
hole integrated with the yoke, (3) is a permanent magnet, (4) a wedge plate, and (5) is a frame
with a layer facing HC. 6) voice coil, and (7) sound absorbing and elastic material supporting the
outer periphery of the voice coil, without a complete disk shape t, in the material, in the form of a
bird's-clader such as ester wool It is formed by. (8) is a spider that fully supports the voice coil,
(9) is a return plate, uI is an edge, and 1111 is a tast character 1. In the speaker of this invention
that was configured to this work. Digging or flexing! Because the sound absorbing and elastic
material is supported on the outer periphery of the voice coil (6) even if l l l In order to suppress
all the excessive natural tones, it is possible to obtain a speaker with excellent performance.
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