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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic explanatory view showing the
back surface of the flat diaphragm speaker system according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is
an enlarged longitudinal sectional view of the same portion, and FIG. 3 is an enlarged sectional
view of FIG. FIG. 1 ...... diaphragm, 11 ...... bass portion of the diaphragm, 12 ...... mid portion of
the diaphragm, 13 ...... treble portion of the diaphragm, 14 ...... super treble portion of the
diaphragm, 2 ...... suspension mechanism, 21 ... ... voice coil bobbin, 22 ... ... voice coil, 23 .....
damper mount, 24 ...... Eyagyappu, 25 ...... damper, 3 ...... magnetic circuit, 31 ииииии magnetic circuit
component, 32 ... ииииии Magnets 33 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Inner circumference
frame ... central frame, 44 и и и и и и и и и и и connection frame.
The present invention relates to a flat diaphragm speaker system, and more particularly to a flat
diaphragm layer speaker system with high heat dissipation effect. The flat diaphragm has a
relatively flat sound pressure characteristic over the entire frequency range, and features such as
being able to enjoy 1-Y ? ? i reproduction sound with a stable sound image are recognized, and
a speaker using this A system has come to be provided. As a speaker system using this flat
diaphragm, one having a speaker system in which a low sound portion, a middle sound portion,
and a high sound portion are attached to a baffle plate is known. A characteristic of the speaker
system using a flat diaphragm is that the movement of the sound image is very small, but it is
attached to the baffle plate. In the case of a two-way, three-way speaker system, a coaxial speaker
system can further improve the sound image. Therefore, although a coaxial speaker system using
a flat diaphragm is configured, it is different from a cone speaker that the heat generated from
the magnetic circuit system is properly processed. In the case of the 11111 type speaker system,
in particular, in the case of using a flat type diaphragm, the voice coil as a heat source is at a
position relatively close to each diaphragm, one is a diaphragm and the other is a configuration
of a magnetic circuit. Because it is surrounded by a member and placed in an airtight sealed
environment, there is no room for heat to escape, so it tends to be hot, and the fidelity of the
reproduced sound also decreases. Therefore, in the present invention, the other end of the
damper supporting the voice coil bobbin is supported by a damper mount formed of a high heat
dissipation effect, and heat is dissipated using the surface of the damper mount. For this purpose,
the damper mounting base is attached to an outer component member of the pair of component
members constituting the magnetic circuit. The details of this invention will be described below
with reference to the attached drawings. First, in the figure, reference numeral l is a plane
diaphragm in which a skin material is attached to a honeycomb core made of aluminum, and
from the outermost periphery to the diaphragm of the bass part //; Wi treble vibration [/ / the
arrangement is arranged at the wish of-41]. The six diaphragms are supported by a suspension
mechanism. For example, the diaphragm ll of the bass portion is formed by a pair of magnetic
circuit components 3 / a voice coil n attached to the voice coil povin U being self-aligned Three
magnets are fixed to one end edge of the magnetic circuit component member 31 while being
located at a multi-near gap ?, and the other end edges of the magnetic circuit component
member 31 are mutually connected by a yoke 33 to Configured.
Then, along the outer member of the magnetic circuit component member 31, the damper mount
base force formed of a high thermal conductivity material such as aluminum or copper is fixed,
and one end of the damper mount base force is fixed. The voice coil bobbin 1 is supported by an
anchor Aw whose edge is fixed. The damper mounting base force has a length along the
longitudinal direction of the magnetic circuit component 31, and the damper of the voice coil
bobbin V and the plane Ua closely attached to the magnetic circuit component 31 and the flange
JJb mounted on the end surface It has a cross-sectional shape having a mounting surface JJe in
order to adjust the level to the mounting portion. These diaphragms l and the suspension
mechanism co. The magnetic circuit 3 is attached to a frame made of aluminum and j + 51, and
the diaphragm // of the bass portion is supported on the outermost frame ? /. On the inner side
of the outermost frame 7+, -4- и J, there is an inner frame, and in the center, there is a central
frame 3 and they are mutually connected by an appropriate number of connected frame cups. (I
will be in a connected configuration. Since the flat diaphragm type speaker system of this
invention is configured as described above, the heat generated from the voice coil n is conducted
to the damper mounting base force attached to the magnetic circuit component 31 to open the
space. Heat is dissipated reliably from a certain damper mount. The distance from the voice coil
bobbin U to the mounting surface 23c of the damper mounting force is determined to give the
damper 2 a dimension capable of following the piston movement of the diaphragm //. As
apparent from the above description, the flat vibration plate type speaker system according to
the present invention is provided with a damper mount formed of a material having a high
thermal conductivity i along a member constituting a magnetic circuit. Since one end of the
damper supporting the coil bobbin is fixed, the heat generated from the voice coil is S-radiated
from the damper mounting base 4 in a simple manner.
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