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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
magnetic circuit for an external magnet type loudspeaker according to the present invention, and
FIG. 3 is an enlarged view of an outer peripheral end of a ferrite magnet. .
[Detailed description of the invention] l Name of the invention of the invention-11g information
of the magnetic circuit for voices 1 Utility model No. # 1 Or # 6 of the magnetic circuit for the
external magnetic Jl loudspeaker that is characterized by giving a radius. 1 Detailed explanation
of the invention. The butterfly according to the present invention is a long term concerning a 6 of
the magnetic circuit for the purpose of reducing the magnetic flux that leaks to the outside of the
magnetic magnet type voice 4. 赫, there is a lot of noble facts about No. 6 of the town 'Z' ′ ′ 気
da 気 気 # ン 赫 15 15 、 フ ェ ラ イ ト フ ェ ラ イ ト フ ェ ラ イ ト フ ェ ラ イ ト フ ェ ラ イ ト
フ ェ ラ イ ト フ ェ ラ イ ト 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 考 案 に に 噴It is also a means of
providing materials and support. The details will be described below with reference to FIG. In the
past, @ / the figure shows the cross section in G111. 嗟 l 嗟 嗟 嗟 嗟 中空 中空 中空 中空 中空 中
空 中空 中空 中空 中空 中空 、 、 、 、 、 、, 47-3C13S-02 "· ·" with center ball on the bottom.
One night 6. °-spirit 1afl! It was # made with IJ, but @ 6 'h! In 3l I & 6, there are a lot of 6
departments VC @ 量 for East Japan, which has many advantages. , R2 near; · V 岬 、 他 の, this
other electronic components 1 ~ 令 in the close chamber of this # a circuit: q, qy ′ ′ II K K II
Khm leaked magnetism affects this book? , 0-5 can not obtain the O characteristics In the present
invention Fis its cross-sectional view shown in FIG. 2 m <, @ stone JJO outside If 4 end portion 0
0 taper or butterfly. □ ”: 1 by ar, a gas leak is light # L 4 upper λ section 1 lower S * iron core
I, ko JO outer taper end 1 lrl There is, but Ureshi □-JWl! J # c As shown in the enlarged view, the
scale of the 1 circumference of the stone was given a ten-n-point bar and a bar. 拗 C ·
Conventional O structure 漏洩 aK leak O Machine according to the present invention i ':: / Ij
Gauss III Gauss, 100 gm 1-d eO 12 OD 41! φ, inside! 1 J, 11 / I thickness 12 square ferrite
magnet 4 round edge KJm 6 taper 4, @@ 鑑 − − − I 廖 I 廖 廖 廖 、 、 、 、 、 、 、 In the side
of the corner, in the lower part of the lower part of the steel iron O, I- '4'- 4138-03' 4 ''-J- The
hole Wk 噺 is applied at the point where it is一 la 一 燗 N11 ttla L 'R :,% t) Chi. こo@l! -Shows
that the 1440 leakage flux density is reduced as an effect. Father, taper O cross 3, 3 '-' 'same' 0 'J
1' '' th 6 'r' 'II & figure in the figure has a soft or double outer edge with a taper or 1 and a tull
According to the III, the lower seven of the lower one will be 41,113'l.
The device according to the invention has a taper * a at the end of at least one facing of the
magnet 4 made of ferrite * a, a @ w @ e-a simple explanation 1-a rule #S, according to the outside
g It has the effect of reducing leaks by 5 ° III. Fig. 2 shows a conventional circuit O, Fig. Fig.Invention O for external magnetic resonance S for a pneumatic circuit O break-up view, and is an
enlarged view of a section 04 Jglam 7 in Fig. Real m * bulkiness-as @ entry "5" "'"' '' '' '' 'iP key *.
As! I-next part,-no 47-j! f'i 13 S = 04 2 "1 / J III / Fig. 2? λ ノ λ + 23 1st view O-:" Pa · · ·, +, 11 ·
1, 1. ・、、;。 °°・、’−;:S・、°−ル1】1J/”・° パ:2. -JJ Fig. 3 Utility
model i1 # 1 Applicant's generation * a1 m next part e ,; 嬶 471 471, 4 · 47-36138 = 05
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