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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the structure of
a da 4f mix beaker, FIG. 2 is a diagram of a conventional corrugation, and FIG. 3 is a diagram of a
corrugation damper of this invention. 5 'is a corrugated yarn +, 7 / is a warp, 8' is a weft, X-X and
Y-Y are oblique directions, and A and B are widths. Figure 1 ‒ Figure 3 ‒ 3-481 (2) 3 × Figure 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a dynamic beaker, the
core V of the beak. メイナミッタスピーカー/#! In-, the bobbin 3 was wound in an annular
magnetic gap of narrow width as shown in FIG. Y, Yui N #, glued to the perimeter, aw-A,-town: l ~
W-F dump damper! And support by cone paper t large amplitude "":! Since the suspension is
carried out so as not to touch the inner and outer walls of the magnetic air gap even if the
perturbation is applied, (the cogging VW damper d and the cone paper 6 have vibrationally,
axially symmetrical confined properties) Strictly required. そして、これにさらにkK&、%。
Add high humidity resistance requirement #E. 7-Li) "-L No. 2 True Corrugated y1 Bandar 5 is a
cotton cloth in which the cotton cloth woven with one another in the direction of" A "as in -r 'in
Fig. One! Which hygroscopic woven fabric is a heat p1f polymerizable resin such as phenolic
resin 杓-(impregnated and dried after 1.2oo @. It heat-formed by the suruga S / w type push Wi
heated to the high temperature of J00 @ a. したがつ ア、よみよ。 よ^オ1. 5 -6 ° ts = t = 6
· One direction tends to be structurally weak. Sosité, such as korge vw ndamper with a large
number of concentric corrugations with 冒 形 形 加熱 形 は 加熱 加熱 後 加熱 加熱 x 、 x m m Y
Y − Y 崇 大 1 Since differences occur in the equality, after the dynamics beaker / IcJI is
embedded, deformation occurs due to changes in high temperature and S degree, and verticalhigh (; EIJI ,, r; c χ deer 軸 axis and I 纏It has a tendency to produce a layer oppositely. When
this deformation occurs, the voice carp Nl supported by the korge y-damper j1c is distorted in
the radial direction, so that the distortion or the vibration can not be axially symmetrical, and the
voice cary A / Yu is a narrow magnetic sky Jiko contact Jiko I look at one person 9 Yap Rubbing
and one failure and when 3 J ボ イ ス ボ イ ス voice coil 44 loss (does not lead. ~ Tribute 1 · This
device eliminated such a defect W! , Near wet 1 ko ~ Goeun dumba-! As in the third section, at the
time of heat molding, the longitudinal direction +7 ', the oblique direction of the weft t' (X-X
direction, .tau.-! Orientation) Thermoplastic synthetic resin with a concentration of 1 degree of
conventional /, j-co, /, '-ゝ 0 @' Mi degree is molded by impregnating it with a large cloth ☆ U,
large cloth . In this way, the warp yarn 7 against the strong stress remaining in the yarn
direction. The oblique direction (X-X direction, Y-Y direction) h with which weft l intersects can
be compensated for, and deformation due to ripening or 1 pC ¥ knee can be prevented.
In addition, the assembly work is also advantageous in great points, and there are few defects #!
A moisture resistant dynamic beaker product can be obtained.
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