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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a speaker magnetic
circuit according to the present invention, FIG. 1 is a sectional view of the magnetic circuit with
the ring embedded in the plate, and FIG. 2 is the ring embedded in the yoke FIG. 6 is a crosssectional view of the magnetic circuit in a dead state. In the figure, 1 is a yoke, 2 is a magnet, 3 is
a center pole, 4 is a plate, and 5 is a ring. 7l 譚 72M) 1 73-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the air flow around a speaker. In order to reduce the wrinkles generated from shadow IIIK of
the voice coil inductance recently, the center pole is plated with Cl0K steel, and adjoins the south
ring to the voice coil center position a11 of the seven pole pole Or there are vertical ones. (1)
However, in the above method, it is difficult to apply a uniform plating layer under the name of
South Plated (Suka Turtle will have enough name, jI! The magnetic gap widens somewhat. Also, in
the case of steel rings vertically aligned, it is necessary to increase the processing dimensional
accuracy and also to increase the size n of scraps piled up on the voice coil, and the magnetic
gear-toe between the center pole and the plate becomes wider. There is a disadvantage that
fIulLWim is low), and in the case of bonding it is necessary to perform the layering process! And,
that mourning had disadvantages such as the reduction of production lIi ability. The present
invention was made to make up for the shortcomings of the station, and its purpose is to create a
yoke, plate, ball, etc., which constitutes the magnet 1121 M, and a ring in nine aircraft. I will give
a magnetic coil circuit for i speaker, which is essential for putting on and making a metal sheet
from K, making a metal sheet from K, Oh. (Also, the other object of the present invention is to
install the yoke, plate, ball, etc. that make up the ventilation circuit by inserting the knocking
ring, etc., the dimensional accuracy of the ring 2) There is a K providing path. J! Another
object of the present invention is to provide an air cell channel for an i speaker in which the
magnetic flux density is reduced due to the wide magnetic gap between the ball and the plate.
Next, the fourth embodiment of the present invention will be described in the eleventh and
eighth embodiments, where (IJ is 、, 昧) is a magnet fixed at the center of the sodium-black), (6)
is the magnet ( 2) upper surface) K fixed center pole, +41 is shoulder-ilJ's, .... upper surface Kla
fixed G L /-) Kl, at casting · steel · good conductor such as wood al-ar The ring 15 I that has been
formed is being crushed. An electric short ring such as a cut of a pipe made of a good conductor
or a punched plate of a plate, or a ring of a play is relatively short (6) is a voice coil, and ff) is a
coil bobbin on which the voice coil 16J is mounted, a working coil bobbin 17) K fixed imaging
rod, (9 n envelope). In the case of 1 and 2 shown in FIG. 2, two rings 151, 151 are shown at 段 階
112.1 (t1k%) at the stage where they are assembled.
Although there is no figure illustrated in the history, there is a center boo scream 13 JK ring four
t- licking%. Also in the above embodiment, although the ring I was separately salted in each of
the plate I season and the plate pole I and the center pole (3), the two plates such as the yoke and
plate were described. The ring 141 may be tightened on 141, and the ring 15+ may be tightened
on all three members. As a result, by adding testicular sex district タ ン ス into the air, it is
possible that the voice coil for the actactor will be canceled by the whole child and the east
distribution will not be disturbed either, so You can reduce the position of the speaker well. As
described above, the present invention incorporates an a41 IC-like ring in the manufacturing
process (M construction time) K during the manufacturing process (M construction time) on the
S-, the plate, and the ball which constitute the air passage. Change in inductance of the voice coil
is reduced and synthetic corrosion is reduced J, as well as station buildings, no need for work
racks such as plating, etc. jlK special to the magnetic circuit of the rope ring Since it is possible to
improve the workability and the ring is concentrated in the members of the magnetic circuit, the
dimensional accuracy of the ring itself is not high if it is not necessary. In addition, the magnetic
gap between the pole and the plate is increased by the ring, so that the magnetic flux density
does not decrease.
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