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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a rear view showing an essential part of a
speaker device according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional
view taken along line A-A of FIG. ... magnetic circuit 2 ...... yoke, 3 ...... magnet, 4 ...... plate, 5E
bobbin, E tubular member, 9b ...... Plate-like portion, 9c... ・・・・・ボルト。 Fig.1-55 Fig.2Fig.5-56.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
apparatus improved to eliminate the disadvantage due to heat generation of the voice coil when a
large input is applied. When a large input is continuously applied to the speaker device, the
current flowing in the voice coil ( A voice coil and a temperature rise force such as a ring close to
this occur. This temperature rise causes deterioration of the characteristics due to the change in
impedance of the voice coil, which in turn causes disconnection. The object of the present
invention is to effectively reduce the heat generation of the voice coil (by suppressing the
temperature to It is to provide. An embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to the drawing FC. In FIG. 21 and FIG. 2, reference numeral / indicates
the magnetic path of the speaker device. The magnetic circuit 1 comprises a yoke 4 ', a
cylindrical magnet 3 fixed to the center of the yoke 4', and a plate 41 fixed to the tip of the yoke
4 '. The plate 4I has a central hole whose diameter is slightly larger than the outer diameter of
the magnet 3, and is disposed at the same position as the axial center of the axial crab magnet 3
of this central hole. This makes a% gap between magnet 3 and the plate gauze! f is constructed.
In the gap, the winding frame 7 having the voice film 6; the winding r-1 is pressed into the outer
peripheral surface. This winding frame 7 Vi, i 74 is supported movably only in the axial direction
with respect to the magnetic circuit / by a proper damper (not shown)! ,ing. I: Both the
diaphragm r (not shown) are fixed. Therefore, when the fake coil current (2) 49-28426-03 is
supplied to the voice coil coil, the one frame moves in the axial direction according to the
waveform of the signal current, and is acoustically introduced into the air through the
diaphragm. Emit the output. Note that a dustproof camp attached to a tip ff1K of a guh winding
frame is shown. A through hole is formed at the center 8 of the yoke 3 and magnet 3 from the n's
I * I of the magnet 3 through the 'fWIK 1 of Zeek co, and -S of the heat dissipating member 9 is
inserted into this through hole. There is. The heat dissipating member zo is continuous with a
cylindrical portion qa inserted into the yoke and the central hole of the magnet 3 and the
cylindrical portion 91 and extends along a plane perpendicular to the axis of the cylindrical
portion qa. Plate-like part? A plurality of fins 9c are provided on the inner surface of the
cylindrical portion 9m and on one surface of the plate-like liquid b.
Preferably, this heat dissipation member? Is made of a material with high thermal conductivity
such as aluminum or copper, and is fixed to Zikko by a plurality of ports) 10 so as to make tight
contact with the yoke and magnet 3 in the largest possible area. I am sorry. 49-28426-04 In a
loudspeaker device configured in this way. When the winding frame 7 is moved in the axial
direction by the iJ signal mudflow supplied to the voice coil weir, the cap g attached to one end
of this winding frame also performs the same movement, thereby the pressure in the winding
frame 7 Rise and fall occur. Due to the fluctuation of the pressure, the heat dissipating member tf
flows into the winding frame 7 through the center hole of the fII-like portion 9a. Alternatively, a
flow of air flowing out of the winding frame 7 is generated. The heat dissipating member q is
made of a material with high thermal conductivity, and is it a large number of fins? Because it
has C, it is maintained at a low humidity on the skin by the lack of air flowing through the 11+
core of the tubular part 1a. Therefore, the heat generated from the voice j jil b 'i. The voice coil is
released to the atmosphere through the magnet 3 and the heat dissipating member 9 or through
the yoke and the heat dissipating member 9, and the voice coil does not have a high temperature.
If the voice coil 6 is maintained at a temperature slightly higher than the ambient temperature,
the change in the characteristics due to the temperature rise is prevented, and even if the large
input is continuously supplied a) 49-28426-05 There are few cases such as failure. Therefore,
the speaker device of the present invention is particularly effective as a large-sized speaker for a
theater requiring a large output in i4tM, or a low-efficiency speaker requiring a large input. In
addition, the heat radiation member 9 mark, magnet,? Alternatively, it may be integrally coupled
with the casting of the ti yoke, or the separate heat dissipating member 9 may be omitted by
forming fins on the magnet 3 and the yoke 9. Further, since the plate-like 81S portion 9b # 'i is
supplementary, it may be omitted when the calorific value is relatively small.
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