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1 Title of the Invention 3 Patent Applicant Representative Masaharu Matsushita 4 Agent 〒 571
[Contact Telephone (Tokyo) 453-3111 Patent Part Ball]. 5 List of attached documents (1) 1
specification (2) 1 drawing (3) 1 letter of attorney, (4) application form 1 copy, specification · 1,
title of the invention · 1, name of the invention speaker · 2. An iron alloy having a content of 2 to
6 carbon and 1 to 8 bulk of carbon which constitutes the ms magnetic circuit claimed and at
least one of the coil and the center pole facing the Zeiss coil! Subi characterized by having
Speaker (#t or 2 people)
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of the
magnetic circuit of a speaker. Magnetic circuit lines of conventional dynamic speakers, nearness
of die coil, soft iron etc. fH- as magnetic material and center pole KI! I was using it. However, in
the speaker having such a structure, an AC magnetic flux is generated by the lito electric charge
flowing through the voice coil, and this magnetic flux generates eddy currents passing through
the blowout near the die coil and the center pole. The eddy currents generated at the 1-ri and the
center pole near the coil also cause the current KM flowing through the voice coil to be radiated
from the diaphragm as a sound pressure distortion, which significantly lowers the performance
for Dynabi-Tswinica. Huh. The present invention is intended to reduce the current distortion
generated in the voice coil of the speaker as described above as much as possible. First, the
magnetic surface 1 & t of the conventional speaker will be described together with the wedge 1
dA. The center pole 3, 3 is a car-like magnet, 4 is a horizontal 1-d, and the magnet 3 is held
between the lower plate 2 and the 1--4. A voice coil 6 is disposed in the magnetic gap between
the space 4 and the center pole 1 '. In addition, the upper target 7 and the secondary 4 are
generally formed of a material such as soft iron. In the above-described conventional Seeker, the
AC magnetic field J1 [6 generated by the voice current of the voice coil 6 generates a eddy
current until it passes through the center pole 1 and the blow 4. This eddy current causes
distortion to the voice coil 50, R. Also, K appears as distortion of the sound pressure when nonlinear EndPage: 1 interlocking is added to the operation of the diaphragm. ,-. The present
invention provides a speaker capable of removing the above-mentioned sound pressure
distortion, and in the following, one embodiment of the present invention will be described with
reference to FIG. This will be described together with 21. In Fig. 1g2, 7 is a P13 m-shaped iron
alloy which is inserted on the outer peripheral part of the center pole 1-fixed in a large size-and
an annular iron alloy formed by inserting and fixing 8 also on the inner peripheral part of the
practice 4 It is. These toroidal iron alloys 7, 8 are. Each magnetic coil is constructed opposite to
the voice coil 6 in order to pass the DC main magnetic flux. In the above embodiment, the ringshaped iron alloy 7.8 has a content of at least carbon or 2 to 5% silicon 1 to 8%, and even if it
contains some nickel, aluminum and manganese. Missed f! The effect by i4 is not the same as II,
and there is mouse #S iron as its representative iron alloy.
Further, in the above embodiment, the center pole 1 in the vicinity of the voice coil 6 and one
ring of the ring 4 are replaced with the ring-shaped iron alloy 7.8, and the center pole 1 and the
lower plate 2 and The effect can be further enhanced by replacing all of the sodium hydroxide 4
with the above-mentioned iron alloy. Further describing the embodiment shown in FIG. 2, the AC
magnetic flux 6 generated by the voice type fiK flowing through the voice coil 6 is used as a
magnetic substance close to the voice coil 6 to the m-of the center pole 1 and the yoke 4 It
passes through an annular iron alloy 7 ° 8 which is inserted and fixed. At this time, the iron
alloys 7 and 8 in the form of iPl each contain at least 2 to 6 carbon, and # 11 to 8 carbon, and
have an electrical resistivity 7 to 25 times the value of that of soft iron. Therefore, almost no
eddy current X flows through the passage of the AC magnetic flux 6, and the current distortion of
the voice coil 6 is drastically reduced, and the distortion is extremely small even as the sound
pressure. とどまるものである。 The following table shows the electrical resistances of iron
alloys and soft irons that can be used with the inventive loudspeaker "K4. The margin in FIG. 3
below shows the voice coil current and its distortion, and in FIG. 8, the arrow in the figure shows
the voice coil current Q frequency layer property, and the third example of the magnetic circuit
of the random example shown in FIG. Harmonic distortion characteristics, C shows the third
harmonic distortion characteristics of the magnetic circuit of the invention tracker. As apparent
from FIG. 3, the magnetic circuit of the speaker according to the present invention should be
reduced by about aB by about aB in the middle region (aside from z) compared to the
conventional example. This contributes to the removal of the eddy currents in the magnetic path.
, A brief description of the FiIJ side · 1. The figure shows the main part of the conventional Ibi l
power lll lthi Figure, s 2 m 2 one embodiment of the present invention A part of the main part of
the speaker C Figure 3 shows the voice of the speaker of the present invention and the
conventional Sbee It is a echogram showing coil distortion! . 000. センターポール、2
00. ′6. ″Vグネット4.4.、、’、、w−り、5.、、。 」イスコイル。 Name of the
agent-Toshio Nakao et al. Name EndPage: 2 milm II 2 II '31st! 1-m 撞 (Hz) 6 Inventors and agents
other than the above EndPage: 3
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