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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of a
conventional skier 1 to 4 are a cross-sectional view of a main part showing an embodiment of the
skier according to the present invention. 1・・・・・・センターポール,2・・・・・・プレー
},3・・・・Cスコイル。 Fig. 1-65-real opening 50 = 5.6132 (2) Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6-1 66 1
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a loudspeaker
using an external magnetic field unit (in particular, a combined configuration of a field unit and a
frame f) a modified JIc), workability, in terms of mechanical strength. Excellent f) trying to
manipulate t). As a one-piece 1c) L beaker, it is configured as shown in the first place. That is, a
ring-shaped V body car, a ring 3, a ring-shaped upper plate 41) is placed on the plate 2 provided
on the 7 o'clock w 1 V t, and these 2 are adhered with an adhesive. Magnetic field I 6 is
constructed, this field ssc frame et-joined, frame 60 peripheral part (with gasket C and #C
decelerating plate 80 one shoulder edge part, central sc voice coil 9 of this diaphragm 8 is
attached The wound coil bobbin 10 is lowered, supported by the intermediate portion tube
damper 11, and the upper surface central portion of the diaphragm 8 (a dust cage 12 is
mounted). In such a speaker Icm, conventional field aSS and frame 61F] coupling is performed as
shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. Also in f) shown in FIG. 1, the JE ij of the frame 6 is joined to the top
plate 4 of the field 116 # by an III contact. In this S configuration IC, frame 6g) JIIIK-In order to
efficiently perform welding, welding dowels need to be provided with p or To, and field group 6
is falsely attached (according to assembly Considering from the point of productivity f) to put the
process into 1st welder machine, it feels the working efficiency, and it requires space for the
IIIIjIc process f2), and the production equipment also increases. , 3 is preferable. Further, in FIG.
2, the frame 6 is partially connected to the center hole of the top plate 4 of the field section 6 by
partially inserting the frame 6). Also in this configuration and in t) C, it is necessary to obtain a
press for applying t-rolling, and the workability is felt. It is not preferable because a large nupene
is required for the production process. Furthermore, due to mechanical processing, the upper
plate 41C stress is applied, and depending on the stress, sometimes the upper plate 14 bonded to
the magneto 3 is peeled off and the bond f: possibility of breakage Q) It is not preferable for the
producer to produce The present invention seeks to remove the conventional drawbacks of f) J.
Hereinafter, the present invention will be described with reference to one embodiment V) with
reference to FIG. The present invention C) is characterized in that the assembly work of the c7
frame 6 is carried out during the assembly process by bonding is 5 g).
First of all, the frame 6Q and the base plate I 'will be bonded to the upper plate 4 or the upper
plate 40 area is the smallest among the components of the booster 6. Magne at the back of this
component. 317) Focus on the area or the first dog, and attach the surface of the lil # 5 of this
magnet 8 and attach it to the 7th spot. FIG. 4 shows an example in which a field ff1 i 5 is
constructed by bonding the upper surface 1 frame 11 of the magne $ and the frame 11 of the
frame 1 with an adhesive and bonding the upper part 7 'v-) 4 on the bottom of the frame 601 is
there. The fifth factor is to improve the frame 4 shown in FIG. 4 by providing a bent piece 13
downward at the central portion of the frame 6 and fitting it into the inner hole of the magnet
3σ so as to restrict the attachment position of the frame 6 It is Further, FIG. 6 shows a play 2U
crotch 14 is provided to control the attachment position of the frame 6 and this gray) frame 60
point face f: screwed between one face of this 2) and magne and grate 3. It is. As described
above, the nuhika according to the present invention is a magne-to-dough adhesive (composed
by bonding from 6) of the l1 ESt-field StS of the frame (the lip side 1) is an assembly process!
I! Since the starting point of the construction can be combined with the frame, it is extremely
advantageous in terms of workability, and the bonding of the frame is the largest area. In
addition, since the frame is inserted into the field portion cil by 411, no damage is caused to the
joint portion, and no dust is found as compared with a horizontal joint such as welding or
strangling. It does not occur, and benefits such as high quality can be obtained for a large value.
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