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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the main part
of the conventional headphone, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the main part of the
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. is there. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 '... dry har
unit, 11.11' ... permanent magnet, 13 ... vibrating film | membrane, 14 ... conductor, 15, 16 '...
flame | frame, 17' ... ジ ン グ ン ジ ン グCase, 18 ... Iapat, 21 ... Step. Fig.2-75 One open plate
5212530 (2) Fig. 3 (dB)? Shoulders and shoulders (Hz)-76-
[Detailed description of the invention] This force industry is a flat Tainami consisting of a
vibrator, a single pattern, a vibrating tee, and a magnetic demagnetization for producing a
magnetic field on the conductor. The present invention relates to the improvement of
headphones worn by Nokutri Hauninot '2 and aims at falsification of area characteristics and
reduction of j-pieces. (1) FIG. 1 shows an essential part of a conventional headphone, and 10 is a
driver unit housed in a housing case 17 and covers the vibrating membrane 13. The vibration /
mystery 13 is stretched on the frame 15 and provided on one side of the pattern of the
conductor 14. In the illustrated second 1, the pattern of the conductor E 114 has a shape in
which straight lines extending in a direction perpendicular to the direction a (11-1 are alternately
connected at both ends thereof, that is, a meander shape. A plurality of permanent magnets 11,
l1 'are arranged opposite to each other on the vibrating membrane 13). These permanent
magnets 11 and 11 'are formed in a rod shape that is fixed in a direction perpendicular to the
earth, and are fixed to the magnetic short plates 12 and 12'. The magnetic shorting plate 12i 'is
fixed to the frame 15) and the magnetic short plate 12' is self-added directly to the frame 15.
Both magnetic shorting plates 12, 12 'are provided with a large number of holes so as to be
acoustically transparent. The permanent magnets 11 and 11 'are tsLm such that the same poles
face each other, the failure is adjacent, and the part between the conductors 14 faces. (2)> Since
the magnetic field generated by the permanent magnets 11 and 11 'acts perpendicular to the
conductor 14 and parallel to the vibration @ A * ta, the current flows in the conductor 14 And,
the vibrating rod 13 receives a vertical force on the membrane surface. Once, the 搗 u1 film 13 is
oscillated 81 / l in accordance with the signal current flowing to the conductor 14 to convert it
into sound. The driver unit configured as described above is firmly attached to the bottom W 19
of the housing case 17. The bottom wall 19 cuts a sound outlet 20, and an ear pad 18 is attached
to the outside thereof. By the way, in the above-mentioned conventional headphone, a circular
hollow having a diameter of 20 mm formed by the sound release port 20 provided on the bottom
wall 19 of the housing case 17 and a thick cylindrical turtle is formed by the opening of the ear
pad 18 With a diameter V, 1 early t 'added to the cylindrical air direction. It will intervene in the
song with the ear. The stiffness failure due to these spaces degrades the high frequency
characteristics, so it needs to be as small as possible. Therefore, it is also considered that the
thickness of the ear pad 18 is reduced (3).
Assuming that the inner diameter Di of the sound outlet 20 and the inner diameter Di of the
sound outlet 20 are 7 (the volume Wc of the space leading to it is about 6 cc, and the inner
diameter D 'of the ear pad 18 is 3211 Il and the thickness t' is 8111 + The answer of% V = is
approximately 64 (C). Therefore, if the valley iWc can be made zero, it can be expected that the
frequency characteristic is about 17 times as large. From the viewpoint of the manual, this device
makes the above-mentioned volume Wc zero, and the shoe 2 shows its contract hAj 9:12, lO 'is a
driver unit, and its = tyx is the above-mentioned conventional Things \ almost identical to driver
unit 10, but outside frame 16 'I? The point is that the sword and frame 15 are also large. 17 'is a
housing case, which, unlike the Mf 18 m housing case 17, does not have a bottom wall 19.
Instead, the frame 15 of the driver unit 10 'is fitted to the side wall (the two-step portion 21 is
provided, thereby forming a small-sized space), and the end face thereof is the end face of the
housing case 17' Times are in one plane. The driver unit 10 'is in a state where the frame 16' is
in contact with the step 21 of the housing case 17 '. It is fixed to the housing case 17 '. The ear
pad 18 is attached to the end face of the housing case 17 '. According to the above configuration,
since the ear pad 18 contacts the end face of the driver unit 10 ', it is possible to remove the
space of the conventional volume We. In addition, the thickness of the headphones is less than
half of the thickness of the driver unino 10 ', resulting in about 20% reduction in the overall
stagnation. FIG. 3 shows a comparison of the frequency characteristics of the conventional
headphone and the headphone according to the present invention, in which the measurement
results obtained by means of the IEC pseudo-earm are shown in FIG. It is taken and shown. As is
clear from this figure, the frequency characteristics in the high band Il are improved due to the
above four conditions. In the embodiment of “Si”, the stepped portion is provided at the
connecting portion of the frames 151 and 16 ′. Zero (5) other parts (91i may form the outer
peripheral surface itself of the frame 16 'in a step shape) K may be used. -As described above,
since the end face of the driver unit and the end face of the housing are in the same half, as
described above, the extra space formed in the inside n +: l of the ear pad is It is possible to
remove it, to alter the frequency characteristics of the high region, and to reduce the thickness of
the headphones.
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