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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 t-4 is a cross-sectional view of a main portion
showing a conventional sound path-like squica, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view a of a main
portion showing an embodiment of a loudspeaker according to the present invention and a crosssectional perspective view Fig. B1 Fig. 3 is a sectional view of an essential part showing another
embodiment of the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... diaphragm, 2 ... damper, 3
... flange, 4 ... packing, 5 ... hole. 6 ... plate, 7 ... magnet, 8 ... pole, 9 ... voice coil, 10 ... incision. Fig.
1 Fig. 3-59-real opening 52-14430 (2) Fig. 2-60-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In this invention, the rear face of the diaphragm is
placed over a nine-speaker. In this type of loudspeaker, when the amplitude is large around the
lowest resonance frequency ? f иии, an imbalance occurs in the pressure when the diaphragm
comes out and when it lasts, and distortion increases. O impedance increases in the vicinity of the
stage 9 f0, which causes an obstacle when crossing with other O speakers in the networker. For
the above O problem, the conventional O speaker ignores the negative effect of (:) rear surface t)
@ WIIAK, or rounds (does not have holes on the dynamic edge (a (2) or damper) or ( )) Holes in
the packing and damper as shown in Fig. 1! Was provided. In addition, 1 is a diaphragm, 3 is a
flange, 6 is a plate, is a magnet, t is a ball, and t is a voice pail. (In the case of (R), since the edge is
thin, the sound path is short, and the length of the sound path can not be set appropriately.
Therefore, if the sound of the latter part of the diaphragm leaves the sound path even if the
frequency is sufficiently high at the lowest resonance frequency f, there is a disadvantage that
deep valleys occur in the frequency characteristics and the level in the low band falls. The On the
other hand, in the case of (d), when the packing is simply provided with a hole, the length of the
sound path is determined by the thickness of the ginseng), and the degree of freedom of the
length of the sound path is lost. In addition, since it is necessary to make the thickness of the
pachinko in the portion of the expanded hole S thinner than the other parts in order to set the
length of the sound path shorter than the thickness of the pachinko, the production of pachinko
gins by injection etc. There is a drawback that the structure is complicated and the cost is high.
Therefore, this device can set the above-mentioned intermittent point K11t sound path, 0 length
appropriately, and can solve the problem of the speaker with the diaphragm O placed behind the
rear face of the diaphragm O (2) is there. Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part
showing an embodiment of a loudspeaker according to the present invention (a weir and a crosssectional perspective view). OKA indicates the dome lid speaker according to the present
invention applied to the present invention, and a different portion from the one shown in FIG. 1
is provided with a cut 10 in the part of the pachinko's forage, and its thickness is uniform as in
the conventional pachinko It is in the point that it is assumed. In addition, the hole of damper 1!
And holes! There are a plurality of cuttings 10 corresponding to 1 or more companies. With the
above structure, the length of the sound path can be set by the length of the cut 10 regardless of
the length of the patch. That is, if the depth of the notch 10 is such that the amplitude of the
diaphragm 10 is large at a low frequency and the influence of the chamber on the rear surface of
the diaphragm can not be ignored, the pressure balance before and after the vibration 1 / is Set #
to decrease.
It is self-evident that the increase in the impedance O in the vicinity of F). On the other hand, the
sound pressure level 0IIiI11 can be set by setting the number of infeed and (2) incisions. A third
@ l is a cross-sectional view of an essential part showing an embodiment of ? Bica O and others
according to the present invention, which is the case where the present invention is applied to a
frame chamber type cone speaker. Also in the case of the same figure, setting of the sound path
is self-examined by setting by the length, the number, and the number of cuttings of the
patisserie. In addition to the above embodiment, it is needless to say that the invention of the
present invention can be applied to a speaker such as a horn / speaker having a sound path in a
patkin part. As described above, according to the speaker according to the present invention, the
setting of the sound path does not require rounding of the depth, width and number of cuts of
the patch, and there is no need to manufacture the patch by special processing. It is possible to
set the 9th sound path appropriately by setting the impedance as well as the peripheral fluid
number band of the speaker, and applying this type of speaker to reduce distortion and
impedance around f0.? It has various excellent effects such as improvement of sound pressure
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