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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the material of the paper box
according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a state in which left and right picture frames are
formed and attached to a bottom plate and connecting pieces are attached to an outer end plate.
Fig. 3 is a perspective view with a part cut away, Fig. 3 is a slope with the front and rear frames
formed and attached to the bottom plate, and Fig. 4 is a partial cutaway of the box with the front,
rear, left and right frames raised. It is a slope view. 1 ... rectangular bottom plate, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, IL
12, 16, 18, 20, 23 ... fold, 6 ... outer plate, 7 ... upper edge plate, 8 · · ·・ Inside plate, 9 ・ ・ ・
glued plate, 13 ・ ・ ・ outer edge plate, 14 · · · upper edge plate, 15 · · · inner edge plate, 17 · ·
glued plate, 19 · · · connection piece, 21 ... cut, 22 ... glued portion, 24 ... tongue, 25 ... tongue
insertion hole. 87-real opening 4728433 (2) feather one
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the speaker's magnetic circuit, and more particularly to the speaker's magnetic circuit
designed to prevent the adverse effect of the flow magnetic field caused by the AC current of the
voice coil. In the am magnetic field, a voice coil is placed in a magnetic field called a voice coil,
and a voice current is supplied to the voice coil KLD 皺 voice coil tNA recommendation and cone
Kamakura vibration to emit sound 2 but 0 Well, conventional (F? The cone type speaker is I'll 矧
1 like a clove paper, a cone paper (1), a voice film f 'combined with the cone paper + i + (2 ダ ン
パ ー damper (3) for correctly holding the voice coil in a magnetic field, And said corn paper (II?
A magnetic system consisting of an imaging system consisting of an edge (4) for holding, a center
pole (5), a yoke (6) and a permanent bee stone (7), a magnetic path (1), a frame (8) 9) It has n
construction K construction. Such ',' 'y, e-ka, b, 3 i / u + 211' i 'f'. Y, Y, Father 1's magnetic field is
generated at Kh in J1 zone, and a part of center pole + 5 Vn and yoke Ba + -f;:! To excite. So the
poor accompaniment of ■ 諏 magnetic field in the agile Eq1 road? In order to improve the
efficiency of the speaker, increase the # bundle denseness # to carry out the missing air gap if
the history of the body which causes stop to the sound emitted from the は 1 speaker 止 体 体 体
体The magnetic pole is made of a ferromagnetic substance such as Qτ, a center pole (5) and a
yoke 161t, soft iron, etc., and when the ferromagnetic substance is excited n, it has a hysteresis
time characteristic (r). The relationship between the magnetic field strength and the magnetic
flux density in the case of the speaker magnetic circuit is shown at the eighth point. In Fig. 518, if
the solid line is a part of the magnetization curve of the permanent 8 magnet (7) and the
operating point is AaK, the point a is the center j / r (, and the magnetization curve is broken by
the countercurrent magnetic field It occurs like C. これにヒステリシスI! It becomes an lI line.
The countercurrent magnetic field ΔH is proportional to the voice current, and the time
derivative of the corresponding magnetic flux density ΔB is proportional to the pressure G′1 ′
at both ends of the voice coil. Therefore, f-! If the relationship between the field strength and the
magnetic flux density is non-linear, the relationship between the pressure and the current at both
ends of the voice coil C is also non- one. part! It becomes type I, and a niece grows brother to the
playback sound. In the present invention, the father as described above is configured to prevent
distortion from the speaker due to the L magnetic field, and it is fL. Is an example of X system t
and Z, and an example of a Yamaki circuit, and if it is the same part as FIG.
In the second factor, in the center ball (51 V) body K, the recess head is nipped over the entire
circumference, and the thickness of the @yoke (6) is one which is characteristic of the present
invention. t Center ball (Set the thickness of the head of 51 and U approximately equal, !! 011
(The distance in the lengthwise direction of the IG is magnetic from the head of the center 4 pole
(5) to the leg soda of the center ball (6) !! lIJ'F "t-so much leakage flux does not occur through II!
Since the distance m of the concave IBQQ is related to the depth of the concave light and the
magnetic field strength of the permanent magnet (7), it usually originates from the permanent
magnet (7), and the yoke m The magnetic flux 通過, which passes through vt, is less than 2 in the
center ball (the magnetic flux which 61 can pass through ◎ However, as in the present
invention, the center ball (the body of K 61! OWIMl jk is set up, and a quadruple is provided. ] メ
ー (S S 磁 束 磁 束 磁 束 − 磁 束!!! 、 、 、 、 、! Phase □. In other words, C and t-m used in a
magnetic circuit in 1 m air saturation as a means to prevent distortion due to a * a # I '[in the
present invention, the entire body of the center ball (5) The purpose is achieved by providing a
concave St- over the circumference. Center ball + 51 '(If you consider the simplicity of making rffi
a sum-like, center ball (AJ cross section tI) 1 or you can do center ball (6 cross section sIt is a
voice coil In order to reduce the diameter of (2) 1, this is a disadvantage in 6 for speakers.
Especially in the structure where standardization is progressing, the size of 11 existing products
etc. Is extremely unconventional .tau ..-According to the present invention, it is possible to
process seven square balls (6) in a similar manner or coupled with one another. The advantage of
tJ @ t speakers can be easily obtained! For the formation of ill @ l, center pole (μl may be used
simultaneously with molding of Sl μ center pole (57t) formed and after Tc, 1 center pole (5) 2
processed by a lathe etc. The characteristics of the magnetic U path shown in FIG. 2 to 1 ml of
the single-point chain shown in FIG. In spite of the increase of the O1 magnetic field (2), the
magnetic flux density is known despite the increase of the O1 magnetic field (2); As described
above, the magnetic path of the speaker according to the present invention TIi is generated by
the voice current of the voice coil Kjtfi 51.
R11 l field C + a The t can completely prevent the negative effect on the air circuit, so that the
distortion t no faithful tW can be obtained from the speaker from its f 'LV c. Because the same
parts as the existing speakers can be used, they are suitable for large and medium volumes, and
the processing of the center pole is simple, and they have many advantages such as h. l! ! Ming
5111 shows the nausea theory of the conventional speaker AOI 2 Figure showing the magnetic
device of the present invention according to the present invention Fig. 1 shows an example of the
magnetic path of the speaker and the Ba drawing is the theory of the present invention) Meiwa
Characteristics for providing-by-O-7 explanation of the main figure numbers (2 J ... voice coil, (5 I
... center pole, (6) ... w-1, (71 = permanent magnet, QQ-rJ! Jll。 Utility model model at Gento
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. λ representative Iekei “”-, 1 outside 1 person @ 1 figure 41 · Mu. □!
t1, 1) 5 old [Utility model registration applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Kai-4 representative Iei
Keipa 28433: yF one person Figure 2 270 Figure 3, 1 East AB /) Associate (8) Bridge 1 oldUtility model registration applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. 1) -9 representative Ige Kei, ~ 7 · 1 · 1 ·
L · · · · r other 15 other 8 drafter l address Gunma Prefecture Juraku-gun Dai Izumicho bold bold
Sakata address 180;-Tokyo Ohyo Electric Co., Ltd. inner layer qu η jr 9 Tsuya name #! ll1l 巖) ·
Expense 2 pino fangs. ソ″〒″:″11;
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