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Patent Office Secretary Mr. L1 Inventions nomenclature No vibration speaker 2, inventor The
same applicant as the following 3 patent applicants 7 Rigana Address Kyoto Prefecture
Nagaokakyo City Kami-Ashigaki-Kara Outside Address No. 3-5 4 Agent Postal Code 605. (5)
Application examination request letter 1 ■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application
Publication No. 52-45324 Office serial number specification 1, Title of the invention
No vibration speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present application relates to a vibrationless speaker
comprising a shock absorber inside the tube filled with air for preventing vibration between the
frame of the speaker and the cabinet case. Conventionally, the peripheral frame of the speaker is
directly Jll attached to the front of the cabinet case (hereinafter referred to as the case), so the
vibration of the speaker cone is transmitted to the case directly or through the frame to generate
unpleasant vibration and faithful reproduction I can not enjoy the sound. And, such vibration has
a disadvantage that it is transmitted to an object in contact with the case, such as a floor, a wall, a
weir, etc. to generate howling. The present application, on the other hand, eliminates the
disadvantages of the above-mentioned conventional loudspeakers. Hereinafter, the structure of
the present invention will be described with reference to the drawings with reference to an
embodiment. 1 is a front view of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a rear view of the same with the
back cover removed, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken along the line A-A in FIG. In these
figures, 1 is a case for housing and holding a beaker, 2 is a speaker hole made on the front 3 of
the case, 4 is a speaker one body, 5 is a central base of the speaker, 6 is a cone, 7 is a It is a
frame of a speaker. 8 is a holding band for fastening and holding the speaker holding metal
frame 9 to the outside of the center base 5 and 2 for fastening the base 11 of the frame 9 by
fastening with a screw 10 at the circumference with a cylindrical band as shown 2 is there.
Further, the metal frame 9 is formed of a support plate of four metal plates extending from the
cylindrical base 11 to the front EndPage of the case: to the surface 6 and the tip 12 thereof is
fixed to the front face 6 of the case by the screw 16 of the fixture. It is rigidly attached, and thus
the speaker main body 4 is held and attached to the case 1. At this time, a partially enlarged
explanatory view is shown in FIG. 4-=, as is the center base 5 of the speaker and the frame!
Between the 90 base 11 is covered with reinforced rubber 14 inside; space K) t? ! -Qi degree. One
is connected by a cushioning member 16 consisting of air, an eight-packed air bag 15.
Furthermore, between the frame edge 17 of the front end edge of the speaker cone 6 and the
inner surface 18 of the hole 2 of the front surface 6 of the case, a cushioning member 19
composed of the same reinforced rubber, tube or the like is also provided. Reference numeral 20
denotes a bonding adhesive for mounting the buffer members 16 and 19. As described above,
the present invention is to attach the speaker to the case through the cushioning members 16
and 19 having the air-filled space, and the speaker is in a state where the air pressure of the tube
is insulated from the case. It is held and this vibration does not transmit an unpleasant and
unnecessary vibration to the other object which contacts this application 1) this application.
2) When the conventional speaker is directly attached to the case, the vibration is directly
applied to the cabinet of the case itself, which causes the secondary vibration of the cabinet while
the present invention does not transmit the vibration to the case, so the cabinet case is also It
may be a thin plate material, and has the advantage of generating high fidelity reproduction from
the speaker. 3) The cushioning member has a simple configuration in which the outside of the
tube filled with air at approximately-atmospheric pressure is covered with reinforced rubber, and
if necessary except for the case, that is, the cushioning member 16 The cost is low and it is
suitable for mass production if a combination of 19 and the metal frame 9 is manufactured as
one unit. Widely used in any field where speakers are used with the advantage of etc., its
industriality is really great.
4. Brief description of the drawings Fig. 1 is a front view of the present invention, Fig. 2 is a rear
view of the same with the back cover removed, and Fig. 3 is an 11 · · · cabinet case in Fig. 1;・ ・
・ Speaker hole, 6 ・ ・ ・ 1 front, 4 ・ ・ ・ Speaker one body. 5: Center base of the speaker, 6:
Cone. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 7 ... Frame, 8 ... Retaining band, 9 ... Metal frame for holding a
speaker, 10 ... Screw, 11 ... 9 cylindrical cylindrical base, The tip of 12 ... 9 16 ... screw, 14 ...
reinforced rubber, 15 ... tube, 16 ... buffer member, frame edge of the tip edge of 17 ... 6, 18 ... 2
inner surface, 19 ... Buffer member 20: bonding adhesive. Patent Application Artificial Kenji
Igarashi EndPage: 2
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