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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of an essential part showing
an embodiment of a loudspeaker according to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS
1 ... diaphragm, 2 ... voice coil, 3 ... tamper, 4 ... pole, 5 ... yoke, 6 ... edge, 7 ... frame, 8 ... cap.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker, and
relates to a speaker diaphragm and a diaphragm peripheral support 411. Conventionally, an edge
or a damper for supporting the diaphragm 1 of the speaker or the periphery of the diaphragm is
based. A material having a dumping effect on cotton cloth, which is a cloth, is impregnated to
obtain predetermined properties. In this case, since the cotton cloth itself does not have the
shape-retaining property after molding, it is necessary to dip the heat-cured am fat into the
cotton cloth to maintain the molded shape. However, for example, in a diaphragm peripheral
support, vibration 1 [# <support in the direction of vibration @ <(1), '. Since the properties such
as soot and the like require softness, the impregnation concentration of thermosetting W * must
be extremely low, and 41 K II of moisture resistance and heat resistance for holding shape 6 are
inevitable. Not enough for the speaker to be Therefore, this invention is intended to provide a
speaker in which the thermosetting resin O impregnation is unnecessary, and in addition,
sufficient moisture resistance and heat resistance can be obtained. The figure is a sectional view
of an essential part showing one embodiment of a loudspeaker according to the present
invention, showing a cone-shaped loudspeaker. In the figure, / # il! Diaphragm that vibrates by
the driving force of the voice coil that has been worn, 3 has a voice coil-a ball-and a yoke! The
damper 1 is supported in the magnetic gap between the two, 1 is an edge for supporting the
periphery of the vibration fin / on the frame, t is a cap for preventing deformation of the
diaphragm 10 and dust around the voice coil 2. Here, the diaphragm l, the edge 4 and the
damper J are based on a fabric woven with an aromatic polyamide resin JII JII (for example, trade
name Ko-Netx under the name II), and this fabric is used as a base fabric (2). After being heat-
formed into a diaphragm shape or the like, the material is coated or impregnated with a material
(such as Fretan rubber) which prevents air permeability and has a dump effect. As described
above, the diaphragm 11 edge 6 and the damper 3 are based on the fabric of the aromatic
polyamide resin fiber, so that the fabric itself has shape retentivity, and the heat and temperature
control of the shape itself As a result, there is no need to impregnate a resin for supporting shape
during thermoforming, and the performance does not deteriorate even in a speaker placed in a
high temperature / high temperature atmosphere. In addition, it is possible not to impregnate the
shape-retaining resin) and to remove the blackening effect exerted by this resin. That is, in
general, a material having high heat resistance and hot water resistance is 0411 after molding in
that the molded shape is maintained. The internal S loss at k is small and the rigidity is large, but
there is no difference in physical properties before and after molding of the aromatic polyamide
resin fiber 1 1 lO fabric company, and the material which impregnates or coats the fabric to
obtain a dumping effect after molding When the internal loss of the material is obtained, the
physical properties of the material are not inhibited.
伽)-1 Furthermore, as a cloth based diaphragm of the above-mentioned aromatic polyamide resin
fiber, as a heat and moisture resistance test of X bee with an edge, even in an atmosphere with
90 to 95% humidity and a temperature of 4000 for 10 days There was almost no difference in
performance before and after the test. In the heat resistance and moisture resistance test), the
durability is more than 20 times that of the cotton-based fabric 40. As clarified above, according
to the speaker according to the present invention, the diaphragm and the diaphragm support are
based on the fabric of the aromatic polyamide resin fiber, and after the thermoforming of the
base fabric, the air permeability is prevented. And rounding by coating or impregnating a
material with dump effect, thermosetting resin O impregnation is not required, temperature
resistance and heat resistance are enhanced, and K has a predetermined dump effect. And other
effects. Simple I of 4 IE1! (1) The male figure is a cross-sectional view of a watch section showing
an embodiment of the loudspeaker according to the invention of Hi. l · · · m **, λ · · · voice coil, 3
· · · damper, ball · · ·! ・・・ヨーク、4・・・エツジ、? ・・・7しく4)−ム、t・・・キャッ
プ。 Utility model registration f1 Pioneer Corporation Representative attorney Attorney Kohashi
Shinsuke · · · · Okado Murai Susumu (5) this 4 no? j♂、。 ・ (Senior patent attorney Shingo
Ohashi 1 □ 97. 2'1 French agent other than the agent East East new rights section new $ 1 Ding
@ No. 12 O Taisho Building 4th floor attorneys Murai Doi, 1-hi 1, '-: ,,' ly ,, , 1 (Ri 9 telephone
Tokyo (,? 4I Co) Da IIK (representative)
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