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DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Diaphragm 3 of 6 祢 moving coil type
acoustic transducer according to the invention, detailed description of the invention The present
invention relates to axial reciprocation of so-called voice coil iso-cho movement coil and current
flowing in the coil The present invention relates to a diaphragm used for conversion between
sound and current using the relationship between change and. More specifically, it is a
diaphragm that reciprocates integrally with the movable coil. (4) A thin disk-shaped diaphragm
that covers the end face open portion of the bobbin holding the movable coil entirely and has
radial ribs, and the disk itself The thickness of the outer peripheral portion of the central portion
(a direction which is gradually reduced), and a radial annular rib with a thin annular plate ICL
which extends in a row with the outer peripheral portion of the diaphragm, the annular plate It is
a total provision of a synthetic diaphragm which is formed by integrally combining one having a
thickness which is gradually reduced from the inner peripheral portion to the outer peripheral
portion and integrally formed by the mll disc-like diaphragm. The disc-shaped diaphragm mainly
exhibits high sound quality with a high fidelity, EndPage: 17 ′ ′ ′ ′ in high and middle
range, and a synthetic diaphragm including an annular plate includes bass. It exhibits excellent
acoustic effects such as high fidelity sound conversion in the entire sound range and the function
of a large-capacity diaphragm with a relatively small external dimension plate. In the case of
unknown Iv @, the disc is not only a flat circular plate but also a circular plate with a slightly
curved conical or dome shape, and the outer shape is a circle. Of course, it also includes a frustoconical thin-walled toroidal plate having a frusto-conical-shaped ocean-shape or frusto-shape
inward or outward. In addition, as a target of the moving coil type acoustic transducer of the
present invention, a speaker (cone type, horn type etc.) loudspeaker, headphone, microphone etc.
is included. Next, one example of a conventional dynamic speaker is shown in FIG. This is a 40inch dome-sco-poly 53-s7 o 22 (2) power for the midrange. Magnen to cut the magnetic field line
by M (L, axial piston movement is possible in the gap between the plate P and the center bow / L
/ C 1 '(there is a voice coil V supported, carp / L / V is integrally i / rC bonded to the domeshaped diaphragm by an adhesive or the like, and 材 47. ('C and is attached to the frame F
through the edge portion E. A is a dust cutter which prevents dust, iron powder and the like from
entering the gap of the magnetic circuit. This type of diaphragm is usually made of a uniform
metal plate and is often dome-shaped as shown.
These diaphragms are coupled to the bobbin end face of the voice coil so that the voice coil
vibrates in the axial direction according to the change of its current (5 according to the Fleming's
left-hand rule, so-called piston movement system Although the sound by the compression wave
of air is generated by this, the conventional metal diaphragm made of this kind of metal has a
relatively small outer diameter and division vibration easily occurs when the frequency becomes
high. Efforts have been made to affix damping materials such as foamed plastic to reduce this,
but it can not be an essential improvement. There are other improvements to the fidelity
associated with sound conversion (although many improvements have been made, but it still
does not go beyond trial and error. The second one shown in FIG. 1 c is an example of a
conventionally known horn type “■ moving coil speaker, but a phase equalizer (Eco-Fisher) EQ
is provided outside the diaphragm, and the entrance of the horn H is At the same time the
pressure of each part of the diaphragm passes through the horn inlet in the same phase while
reducing the area and increasing the velocity of the air molecules. Loudspeakers etc. which do
not make the voice quality intermittent (・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・
It is only keeping As measures to improve the fidelity of these diaphragms, conventionally, basic
measures such as reducing the weight by 0 weight k, increasing rigidity, eliminating unnecessary
vibration, allowing a certain amount of internal energy loss, etc. Even if the idea is known, if the
actual diaphragm is to be produced, these conditions often contradict each other, and it is a very
difficult task because it is a matter of how to match them all together. For example, in the case of
a metal diaphragm, the rigidity (.. If the paper is made of lightweight paper, the internal loss can
be properly obtained, but it is hard to make it hard. For this reason, the vibration transmission
part has a time lag in transmission of vibration between the excitation part and the enon part,
and vC (q also causes positive movement when both are completely different). The present
invention substantially solves many of the difficult problems associated with these conventional
diaphragms. The gist places the weight on the increase in stiffness rather than the reduction in
mass, and the stiffness is directed to the far part by maximum VC of the exciter so that the
exciter and the part far from it vibrate integrally. Weight reduction, weight is placed more on the
distribution than its total weight, and total weight distribution is given so as to contribute to the
direction of rigidity F suitable for the purpose of integral vibration of the whole plate, and its
distribution Are not in the same state at adjacent places (Cl, EndPage: 2- '姐,.
Therefore, in the diaphragm covering the end face of the movable coil bobbin (in the case of the
first invention), a feature common to the diaphragm of the present invention is the center from
the outer peripheral portion of the diaphragm inward from the vibration part. By forming a
plurality of radial ribs toward the center integrally and reducing the thickness of the diaphragm
toward the center with the excitation maximum at the maximum, the center apart from the
exciter In the case of this diaphragm (the first invention), it is an integral reciprocation (it is
successful in performing vibration without any delay in time and suppressing generation of
unnecessary vibration such as divided vibration). The annular diaphragm is integrally connected
to the outer peripheral portion, and the annular diaphragm is also added to the annular
diaphragm by a radial lip from the vibration portion toward the outer peripheral portion and a
thickness which decreases. The vibration part and the outer peripheral edge away from it also
perform integral vibration. And that the split vibration unnecessary vibration integrally
composite vibration plate adapted to cover a relatively lightweight wide range obtained occurred
Zenson'e of (in which was obtained the second invention Nwo. Hereinafter, the present invention
will be described in detail with reference to the drawings showing an example of the first
invention, Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 53-57022f3). 3 (shows a cross-sectional
view of the main part of the main part of the main part of the movable coil type speaker, and the
disk-like vibration / moving plate l is attached to the end face of the bobbin 2a of pois-coy zlz 2
with adhesive 3iC It shows a state of being integrally coupled. The diaphragm l is a disc having a
high bending stiffness (curved to be slightly convex outward) by injection molding of a
thermoplastic synthetic resin (F'RTP) reinforced with glass fiber, but the thickness t is the outer
periphery The part (excitation part If) y 11y becomes thinner gradually in the central part 1c,
and the thickness of the central part is 0.3 酊 (・ in general less than 05)). A plurality (12 in the
present embodiment) of radial ribs lr are arranged at equal intervals in the radial direction. The
cross-sectional shape of the lip lr (r: r, a nearly rectangular shape, and the height of the lip shows
an example in the case where the central portion (C + C is gradually decreased), but the
important thing about the lip is the disc body In relation to the thickness of the main body, the
cross-sectional shape is determined so that the mass and the rigidity (second moment of area)
decrease toward the central portion. Therefore, if the cross-sectional thickness decreases toward
the outer peripheral direction, the width of the lip -5? The cross-sectional shape of the barb may
be constant in one radial direction V. However, this! Reference to the distribution of mass and
stiffness in the following shall mean mass and stiffness where dr is a unit length in an annulus
sandwiched between the radius r and (r +, dr). As the diaphragm of this example, the high
bending elastic modulus (155, 1100 Kg) of FRTP (for example, 4 parts of Lidon of Fillegs
Petroleum, USA, ie, 40% of glass fiber added) reinforced with polyphenylene sulfide resin with
glass fiber. / CIW) The material is cast and molded. Weight: 1.1 g OD: 50 Ilar thickness: 0.3 u at
the center part Lip: cross-sectional shape is rectangular, height of outer rim 3 rib = 11 pieces,
equidistantly spaced, in the conventional toya, the equalizer and the poissoy / vf = f diaphragm
are removed, and the above-mentioned non-invention diaphragm is fixed to the voice coil and the
sun 17 is obtained. Although I did not attach it, I obtained a speaker with a much higher fidelity
than before.
Moreover, the voice was extremely clear, and it was clearly demonstrated that the diaphragm of
the present invention was superior in terms of hearing. In consideration of the fact that the
attempt to remove the equalizer in this conventional speaker as a trial was not acceptable at all
for use as a speaker, it is considered that the entire function of the diaphragm of the invention of
the present invention is sufficiently achieved. It was proved. Furthermore, it was also known that
the diaphragm of the invention was not only high-pitched, but also its fidelity was expanded to a
lower pitch L 'than conventional lighters. Next, another embodiment (a second invention (for C))
of the invention will be described. Fig. 6 shows 21 new ones including the axis. An annular plate
4 having a truncated circle 5 shape is integrally fixed to the outer peripheral portion of the
diaphragm 1 shown in FIG. 3 of AiJ by an adhesive. The ring plate 4 to be combined with the
disk-shaped diaphragm 1 is essentially a thin truncated cone-like thin body, the thickness of
which is as the center-to-center [1 part EndPage: As it goes outward in 3 directions), the wall
thickness gradually diminishes and becomes smaller as the fire becomes dusk. In addition, a large
number of the ribs 4ri in the radial direction are provided at equal intervals. When such a ringshaped plate-shaped diaphragm 4 and the disk-shaped plate 1 are combined and adopted as the
speaker cone 5, it is confirmed that there is an extremely excellent acoustic effect. In the first
place, the annular plate 4 connected to the outside is a frusto-conical shape injection-molded
from the same material as that of the first embodiment, and it is slightly curved in a morning
glory shape. Outer diameter: 115 mg inner diameter: 50 朋 height: 20 shoulder weight: 9.5 g
thickness: 0.4 m r ++ of the minimum diameter of the outer peripheral portion, increasing toward
the central portion. Ribs: Width Q, 5 shoulders 1 + 1, height Q, 4 MM 120 evenly spaced.
According to JP-A-53-57022 (41, the bonding with the disk-shaped diaphragm of the first
embodiment is based on an epoxy adhesive, but one dynamic (C (Of course, it is possible to
integrally mold both in one injection molding). This coupled diaphragm was incorporated into a
speaker to conduct an actual hearing experiment. As a result, this coupled diaphragm has an
extremely excellent effect. That is, the effect of the second embodiment: between 7 JI] + 6 part
and a part at a position n apart from it (C deflection is small, there is no delay in time, both the
inner and outer diaphragms have voice coils and Integrally vibrating, (1) the internal and
external diaphragms 1 and 4 are integrally coupled to produce an effect of enhancing each
other's rigidity, and the coupling portion is an end face of the voice coil bobbin (excitation
portion The effect of contributing to internal vibration is large, the increase in weight is small,
and the effect of increasing rigidity is large. ■ The sound effects such as extremely high
repeatability are enhanced over a wide range of high sound, medium sound, and low sound And
the whole range is a single cone (corresponding to the center cap In), and the conventional plural
speakers (3 to 4 pieces combination.
-A sound range that is equivalent to-Set-up,-(1) An output with an outer diameter of about 12 ffi,
which is equivalent to that of a conventional 301-class speaker, is sufficient for output. The
effects of the present invention can be comprehensively summarized through the first and
second embodiments as far as the many amazing effects are produced. (1) The S moving plate is
integral with the movable coil in the entire area Vibration close to. (2) The fidelity of sound
conversion is extremely high. (3) An area of high fidelity of sound conversion covers a broad
band. Therefore, the reproduction that corresponds to the conventional use of three or four
nupies together is also possible with the wedge-diaphragm. (4) A large output can be obtained as
compared to the size of the diaphragm.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIGS. 1 and 2 each show a side wall (a partial cross-sectional
view) showing a typical example of a conventional dynamic speaker. FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional
view including an axial center in a main part of a speaker to which a disk-shaped diaphragm as
an embodiment of the present invention is applied, and FIG. 4 and FIG. Diaphragm plate 2: Voice
coil 4: Annular diaphragm 4r: Rib 5: Combination diaphragm (cone) r: Radius of disc-shaped
diaphragm R: radius of two-annular diaphragm ring (others for two people ) EndPage: 4
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