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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory side view of a conventional
magnetic circuit, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of a magnetic circuit according to the
present invention, FIG. 3 is a developed view of a cap material, and FIG. Of the 3 ... center pole, 4
... plate, 5 ... cap material, 51 ... circumferential side material, 52 ... locking material.
Detailed Description of the Invention A more detailed description of the invented lamp magnetic
circuit. The magnetic path of the peristaltic part in a loudspeaker system. The air passage has a
plate supported by the yoke around the center ball, a magnet, and a voice coil in the air gap
between the contact pole and the plate. そ し て And, to suppress the impedance rising tube of
the voice coil Yt As a purpose of holding down the cap, ring with good conductivity, nonmagnetic material 1 such as steel etc. It is done. That is, II! In the conventional magnetic circuit
shown in FIG. 1 as a factor I, a steel cap coo formed of an extremely thin steel foil is attached to
the senota ball. This kind of configuration f! Not only is the task of applying a 1% circuit, a center
pole 1 Kg, and an island steel cap λ very difficult, but also precision pressing for steel cans 1
forming ζ]! -It is important. Therefore, the present invention is intended to improve the
workability of the magnetic circuit assembly 7 by obtaining a cap f which is easy to apply to a
golf ball and which does not require the conventional steel cap manufacturing-K> and requires a
pressing step. It is a thing. The details of this invention will be described below with reference to
FIG. 1 attached. First of all, in FIG. 2 and the following figures, reference numeral 3 denotes a
long pole and 蓼 nibrate, and a cap material i made of metal foil of non-fi + magnetic material is
used to make it conductive well represented by center ball JIKu steel. It is done. This cap material
5σ 113 is shown in the developed view as L5, in the form of a bowl with a thin perimeter 11
face material 1/1 having a length sufficient for the director of the center ball, and this perimeter
t1gInltst at both ends along the length direction -It is comprised by the locking material octopus
and octopus which were formed by collapsing to N edge. Then, put K in the cap ball on the center
ball 3 and wrap it around # 11 surface of the scrap noble surface sl tube center ball 3 and
temporarily fix with adhesive tape etc. Bend along the edge of 3 (iqj / K, this K! Since the IJ two
locking members octopus ak are mated, they are joined by means such as the double pipe part
welding W, etc., and the camp material is fitted and coupled to the center ball 3. As apparent
from the above description, according to the magnetic circuit r of this invention, when the center
ball is covered with the cap material, the camp material is a circumferential W-face material
having a length sufficient for the director of the center ball and this scrap 111 face material
Because it is configured to use -1111114 [the locking material provided at both ends of the
frame, wrap it around the R ball of the center ball and die only after locking% the locking
material (3) to each other ↓ 、 <, cap There is no need to press processing when manufacturing
materials, and it is possible to easily assemble 2 <, * acid form of YAP materials, and further Ktl
foundation pneumatic circuit assembly simply by cutting processing.
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