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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a right half longitudinal sectional view
showing two embodiments of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a partially cutaway perspective
view showing assembly of the bonding tool and the bobbin of FIG. FIG. 3 is a right half
longitudinal sectional view showing another embodiment of this invention. In the drawings, the
same reference numerals indicate the same or corresponding parts, 1 is a lower plate, 2 is an
upper plate, 3 is a magnet, 4 is a yoke, 5 is an outer frame, 8 is an inner frame, 10 is a voice coil,
11 is a bobbin, 12 14 is a diaphragm, 15 is an outer edge, 16 is an inner edge, 19 is an adhesive,
and 20 is a lead wire.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a flat panel speaker using
a diaphragm as a diaphragm, and in particular to a structure for fixing a diaphragm and a bobbin
of a voice coil (1)-/ Boo V'2Ci, , "" I /-! である。 The flat plate speaker has a narrower piston
vibration area than a cone type speaker, but the diaphragm is a flat plate, so the peak and dip on
the sound pressure-frequency characteristics, which is a problem of the cone type speaker, do
not appear There is an advantage that the phase-frequency characteristic can be obtained as well.
Furthermore, a honeycomb structure having a light piston vibration region and a large thickness
can be used as a diaphragm. It is possible to make it similar to a cone type speaker by improving
the structural aspect such as obtaining a material having a large Young's modulus, and is
recently reviewed. However, since a thin paper material is used for the weight reduction of the
bobbin, the contact area with the diaphragm can not be sufficiently obtained, and it is difficult to
completely fix the bobbin and the diaphragm. This invention is made in view of the above point,
and uses a ring in order to completely fix the bobbin and the diaphragm. The details of the
present invention will be described below in accordance with the illustrated embodiment as
follows. That is, right in Fig. 1 (the lower plate (2) of the hollow disk shape is the same as the
upper plate (3) of the hollow disk shape and the upper plate (2) and the lower plate (1). A
cylindrical magnet (4) in contact with and fixed between them has a gap that is appropriate for
the upper inner peripheral side or the outer peripheral side of the upper plate (2), and the lower
part is in contact with the lower plate fll The magnetic circuit is constituted by these yokes. C) an
outer frame comprising a hollow disk-like support (6) and a plurality of angled portions (7)
integrated with this support portion and whose ends are fixed to the outer peripheral side of the
yoke (4) by screws; (8) is a cylindrical inner frame 19 whose one end is fixed to the
circumferential end of the upper plate (2)) is fixed to the inner frame and the frame 6 of the high
sound speaker is the upper plate (2) A yoke (a voice coil aυ provided in a gap of 4) has a
cylindrical shape with a bobbin of the voice coil a 呻. 0 is a hollow disk shape for fixing the voice
coil a · and the spider ■ whose cross-sectional shape is corrugated has a ring shape which is
fixed to the outer frame (5). It is fixed to a support 0 of the end of the above-mentioned spider α
by a bider support.
α- is a hollow middle plate-shaped flat diaphragm, the outer peripheral end thereof is fixed to
the outer frame (5) by the outer peripheral edge, and the inner peripheral end is fixed to the
inner frame (8) by the inner peripheral edge αe There is. (2) (2) is a gasket for fixing the outer
peripheral edge 11s and the inner peripheral edge αe to the outer frame (5) and the inner frame
(8), respectively. (Su) is the gist of this invention, and is an adhesive for making the adhesion
between the above-mentioned bobbin gauze and the above-mentioned diaphragm αΦ more
complete, the cross-sectional shape of which is a rectangular shape and the outer shape is a ring
shape. The upper surface is bonded to the back surface of the diaphragm aa, and the outer
peripheral side surface is bonded to the inner peripheral side surface of the bobbin wholesaler.
Also, the bonding tool of the gauze is made of aluminum in this embodiment. Note that 儲 is a
lead さ せ る for inputting a sound signal to the voice coil a. In the flat-plate speaker configured
as described above, the adhesive I 'X-shaped bonding tool a- of the bobbin αυ and the
diaphragm α- is used, and vibration 1, 9 and (4) Since the inner peripheral side of the bobbin Ql
is fixed to the outer peripheral side of the back of the plate, the bonding area becomes larger,
and the diaphragm α · and the bobbin 0 can be completely fixed. The piston movement of the
scissors can be faithfully transmitted to the diaphragm α−. In addition, it becomes easy to fix
the diaphragm αI and the bobbin gauze. In the above embodiment, although the adhesive a- is
fixed to the inner peripheral side surface of the bobbin α ° C., the adhesive outer peripheral
side surface of the bobbin 0υ is as shown in FIG. The same effect can be obtained even if fixed.
In this case, a voice coil Q0 and a bobbin 0 are positioned and inserted by a jig into a gap of a
magnetic circuit as a method of assembling a flat plate speaker. Since the voice coil aS is fixed to
the outer frame (5) and then the diaphragm tI- is adhered to the bobbin (IIl) in a procedure of
bonding the diaphragm tI- to the bobbin 111+, the outer frame Since the bonding tool (] 9 and
the diaphragm 141 can be bonded while viewing from between the angle portions (7) of 5),
further, (5)-, ',. Elephants' work is easier. Moreover, the material of the adhesive [+ 9 is not limited
to aluminum, but any light material may be used, and paper can be used as light as compared to
aluminum, and therefore the efficiency as a speaker is further enhanced. As mentioned above,
since the invention of Jin is using a ring-shaped bonding tool to fix the flat diaphragm and the
bobbin, the fixing is completely done, and the diaphragm of the voice coil is faithfully driven. And
improve the workability at the time of fixing.
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